Best Undergraduate Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2022/2023

Pursue your bachelor’s degree studies at any university in Nigeria or abroad with this international list of undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students. Most of these scholarships are open to applications, and will soon be awarding successful applicants.

Undergraduate Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Below is the full list of easy-to-get, fully funded, grants and financial aids for the year 2022/2023 which Nigerian students, African students, or every eligible candidate worldwide can get with ease.

Slovakia Government Scholarship For Developing Countries

The Slovakia Government through the ministries of health, education, research, and sport have implemented the Slovakia Government Scholarship for developing countries to fund higher education for those who aspire to study in Slovakia.

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institutions: All public institutions in Slovakia
Availability: The usual term of study

Keele University Article 26 Sanctuary Scholarship

Keele University in the UK admits article 26 of the Declaration Of Human Rights which states that: Everyone has the right to education hence article 26 sanctuary scholarship aimed at supporting asylum seekers and students from forced migrants background to access higher education. Apply here

Level Of Study: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Institution: Keele University [UK]
Availability: All years of study

Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology [MEXT] or Monbukagakusho scholarship helps students from developing countries that are World Bank members to undertake development-related studies at a number of universities in Japan.

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institution: Japanese Universities
Availability: Course duration plus one year of preparation.

Scholarships for African Students at the University of Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa University in Canada is opening applications for candidates who would love to pursue their undergraduate courses in English at more than 80% reduced tuition fees. The scholarship for African students studying English at Ottawa University is of two types: The Entrance Scholarship and the Excellence Scholarship.

And you are eligible for these scholarships when you enroll in one of these programs: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences, or Faculty of Science. Apply Here

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institution: Ottawa University
Availability: 4 years

University Of British Columbia Leaders Of Tomorrow Award

The Leaders Of Tomorrow Award is one of the four international awards at the UBC offering 4 distinct awards to support international undergraduate applicants who demonstrate superior academic achievement. leadership skills, involvement in student affairs, and community service. Apply here

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institution:  UBC
Availability: Years of study depending on academic performance.

Destination Australia Scholarship 2022.

The Destination Australia scholarship under the Commonwealth government’s Destination Australia Program provides funding for eligible tertiary education providers to offer scholarships to domestic and international students to study and live in regional Australia. Apply here

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institutions: List Of Eligible Providers
Availability: Years Of Study

The Gates Scholarship 2023 USA

This is a highly competitive scholarship that funds higher education for exceptionally outstanding students from low-income and minority households each year with the aim of fully realizing their academic potential. This scholarship is for USA citizens or permanent residents, hence to qualify as a Nigerian or as any African student, you must acquire US citizenship or permanent stay. Apply here

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institutions: Eligible Institutions in The US
Availability:  Years Of Study

Josephus Foundation 2022-2023 Scholarship for Nigerians at First Technical University (Tech-U)

This is one of the partially funded undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students in Nigeria willing to pursue their first bachelor’s degree studies in entrepreneurial practices, innovations, and sustainability. The scholarship. The First Technical University is strategically positioned to pilot a sound technical educational system anchored on innovations and technologies towards driving development in Oyo State in particular and Nigeria at large. Apply here

Level Of Study: Undergraduate
Institution: First Technical University in Nigeria
Availability: Renewable depending on the beneficiary’s academic performance.

What Are Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships?

A fully-funded undergraduate scholarship must at least covers the tuition fees, living expenses, and stipend for other study aids or upkeep for the beneficiary who is pursuing his first bachelor’s degree. Most government-funded fully-funded undergraduate scholarships provide at least tuition fees, monthly stipends, health insurance, flight ticket, research allowance fees, Language Classes, etc.

Who Is Qualified For A Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarship?

The eligibility group for any fully-funded scholarship is set by the scholarship sponsors of offerers. Nonetheless, it is always targeted academically fits, including students from underdeveloped countries, brilliant but needy students, students from low-income backgrounds, warzones [ migrants ], and athletics students.

What you have to do as an applicant is to read the requirements ad the eligibilities of the scholarship before sending out your application. TIP: Apply for more than one scholarship at a time. Read our list of Top 15 Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships For African Students 2022-2023

What Are The General Requirements Of Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships?

1. A CGPA of above 3.5 on a scale of 5.0

2. High TOEFL/IELTS score [ international students ]. Check out the checklist of scholarship applicants

3. Letter of acceptance

4. Letter of reccomendation

5. Proof of low income. Official financial statements

6. Letter of motivation

7. Proof of extra-ordinary academics

Take note, that scholarship requirements and documentation differ depending on the sponsoring organizations and institutions.

Steps To Applying For Fully-funded Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Find out about the scholarship and read a lot about it. Go to the main scholarship page if found. However, note, that some minute information may be on blogs that research these scholarships. Hence, just do general research but don’t get scammed

2. Write an application letter 

3. Obtain official documentation of your academic, athletic, or artistic achievements.

4. Translate all paperwork if necessary or stated

5. Check all documents for problems before sending them to the scholarship provider

6. Check your inbox to ensure you got the confirmation email.

7. Submit the university’s admission letter (or an authentic university document showing your acceptance). You will not be eligible for the scholarship unless you certify that you will commence your studies.

There you have the list of undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students, African students, and any other international students seeking to pursue higher education outside or in their country. Check out this list of Top 15 Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships For African Students 2022-2023