Checklist For Scholarships Applicants: 10 Things To Do To Stand A Chance.

Before you start applying for a scholarship, there are some documents and details you must get in place to stand a higher chance of being awarded the said scholarship. I call them a checklist for scholarships.

Checklist For Scholarships Applicants

I present to you the ten must-do on this listing checklist for scholarships.

1. International Passport

The first thing is your international passport. This must still be valid at least six months after your departure. And just the main page of your passport where your image and details are is enough.


These tests depend on the study program you chose to apply for as they will be used as the medium of instruction.  For English: TOEFL or GRE or IELTS.  German: DSH, TestDaF, OSD, telc. Spanish: DELE. French: DELF or DALF.

3. Get Recommendation Letters

This is the hardest part of getting you with your checklist for scholarships. With this, the earlier you start, the better. You don’t have to wait until the last minute.

Start contacting your lecturers, bosses, etc. Just somebody who has had a tutelage over you. Volunteers supervisors too can help, that is if you’ve ever volunteered in something.

Some schools require 2 letters of recommendation. So just get two ready to be ready for the unknown.

4. Get Transcripts

The transcript is a copy of all your courses and grades and credits achieved in each course at your previous school from your counselor or registrar.

This must have an official signature and stamp on it from your school.

5. List Schools That Offer Your Preferred Courses.

Let me show you how to look for schools that are offering your preferred courses and are ready to accept new students.

Practical Steps On How To Search for Schools That Offer Your Course.

Read on the steps here and follow them accurately in your school search

6. Write A CV

At this point, even if you don’t have any working experience, you will have to add your study experiences, hobbies, interests, achievements, and social skills and interests. Add languages you can speak with their certificates, computer skills, and even short courses.

7. Send Emails

I have explained the best way to send emails to your faculty professor here.

8. WES Evaluation For HND or 2 2.

WES Evaluation: WES (World Education Service) is one of the most widely used education services that help to convert your HND or Bsc Transcripts to the USA standard. Firstly, contact your targeted school to know which evaluator they accept.

Here are points to note:

-Do a course-by-course evaluation instead of document-by-document evaluation: This way, only important courses in your transcript will be calculated while others are neglected because you won’t need them for your postgraduate studies. This may boost your CGPA. Most times, irrelevant courses always spoil CGPA.

Checklist For Scholarships Applicants: 10 Things To Do To Stand A Chance

This means that even if your CGPA is low, you can have more than 3.0/4 when converted to the USA system. This is the minimum required for most average schools.

-You will need to send your transcript from your school to WES. Hence, you have to pay twice: To your school and to WES (about 205 USD).

You can now tell WES to send it to your proposed school after evaluation. Of course, you must have informed your proposed school that you are doing WES evaluation. Read on. evaluation and evaluators here. 

Note this is for HND or 2 2.

9. Write an SOP or Motivational Letter.

This Statement Of Purpose ( SOP )  should contain only one page, around 400 words in which you explain your reasons why you applied to the chosen degree course and how it relates to your future studies and career goals.

In this statement/letter of motivation, it is important, to be honest, and not inflate anything. You should also briefly present your qualities and how they would fit with the degree you selected.

10. Secure A Supervisor

Make sure to secure a supervisor before submitting your application or you meet all admissions requirements.

Apply to as many universities as you can.

Other Forms On Checklist For Scholarship

  • Portfolio – Required of art and design applicants. In terms of degree, the portfolio is much more equally relevant compared to your GPA score.
  • Parents financial reports including tax returns
  • A medical report.

Before you submit your application, check for grammatical errors and correct them, make sure you don’t exceed word limits specified, only submit requested documents and finally make sure you are on date. Don’t miss the deadline, not even by a hour.

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