ABSA Launches WhatsApp Banking

The easiest and safest way to get things done in this computer era is to let the innovations handle it for you while you tackle other things and that is what ABSA is doing.

Amalgamated Banks of South Africa originally known as ABSA has introduced WhatsApp Banking – an innovative and stress-free way of banking.


WhatsApp banking by ABSA is a new wave of banking in which a dedicated functionality always-online banking assistant named Abby has been given the mandate to help ABSA bankers a 100% assistant in some of the most popular digital transactions such as an account to mobile money wallets, inter-accounts transfers, bill payments, balance enquiries and many more on WhatsApp.

Simply put, ABSA Banking is banking through WhatsApp by Absa bankers.


ABSA whatsaApp banking is through chatting as we do on dailY basis with friends and families . First you will have to save Ms. Abby’s which is 0501644644 in your phone book and send ‘hi’ to her on WhatsApp. Ms Abby will reply with 3 options but as a new comer on Ms Abby’s chat room. You will have to select option two  and register by entering your details.

Speaking at the official launch of the service on Tuesday, Managing Director Jeremy Awori said the move is a demonstration of the bank’s commitment to continue investing in digitally led innovative solutions.

He said the bank has committed to invest at least Sh1.6 billion this year towards digitsation, automation and innovation.

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“Essentially, we are transforming banking from being a series of complex transactions into a simple conversation on WhatsApp,” he said.

“We have shaped a rich history as a bank of many firsts and today we are excited to continue on this streak of innovation.”

With than half the population of elites Africans and those who have accounts on WhatsApp, the introduction of WhatsApp banking ushers the sector into the new age of banking which integrates transactional, conversational and personalized banking services in a seamless, fast and reliable way.

“With this solution, each of our customers gets access to a 24/7 digital personal banker who can help them perform transactions upon receiving simple instructions on chat.,” he said.

“So, the same way one would call their Relationship Manager or go to the branch to initiate a transaction, now you will just need to issue instructions by chatting on WhatsApp.”


Awori said they have installed a multi-layered approach from a security perspective.

He said traffic between the phone, WhatsApp and the back end are fully encrypted.

“The second layer of security is around registration. When we register a customer, we look at the cellphone number, we analyze whether it has been SIM-swapped or not and make sure that the registered cellphone number is tied to the customer’s profile at Absa,” he said.

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