MTN Zone Bundle : Best Way To Get 1GB Data For 50 Pesewas

MTN Zone bundle, a data bundle aspect of the popular MTN Zone or free after 1 is here to alleviate the cost of data from the shoulders of its cherished users. Just as the name in relation to free after 1, this bundle of data offers you a better package at a cheaper price compared to the usual offer.

Having had the report from a friend, I decided to try this new way of getting a bundle from MTN at a very cheap price and it is working like magic – the mtn zone bundle.

The new model of getting data with very little airtime compared to their usual data packages is called MTN Zone Bundle or snapi bundle. Perhaps, it is affiliated with MTN Zone [ former name for what is currently known as MTN Free After 1 ]. This data package gives a minimum of 1GB of data to a maximum of 5GB of data and the price of 0.50GHC to 3GHC.

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This data package, I think, has been changing in price as the first person who drew my attention to this claimed to have gotten 1GB at 0.50GHC [ 50 pesewas ]. But at the time l checked, it was 1GHC for the same data package. Some also say it is per your geographical location.


Now to get this MTN Zone Bundle, make sure you are subscribed to the MTN Zone [ free after 1 ]. And also, you should make sure there is some amount of airtime worth the bundle you will be going in for. Now let’s get to it.

  • Dial the short code *135*55*1#. Note: You will have to have an active data bundle to access the service.
  • Use the option that says activate
  • Now dial *135*2*1# to see the offer being offered to you.
  • Select the option you can afford if it is made available to you by entering the number of the option.
  • And the final step will be notified via SMS that, you have received the package. Voila!! You are good to go.

At the time of writing this article, these are the offers that were offered to me. And yes it worked and it is still working

1GB 24 hours 1.50
2GB 24 hours 2.39
5GB 24 hours 3


MTN Zone Bundle

If it worked for you, then do us a favour and give us a share. And drop your comment below if you have a challenge or something to say about it.

What You Must Know: MTN Free After 1 and MTN Zone Bundle are two exclusive offers, you are allowed to be enjoying the two at the same time. That is to say, as soon as you activate this offer, your Free After 1 offer will be deactivated.

And if you chose to go by the Free After 1, it means you cannot have the MTN Zone bundle. The two don’t go together.

It is also speculated to be an 80% discount on the data bundle offered to the users of the MTN users. And that, will not last for long. So you will have to make hay while the ‘data’ sun shines.

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