5 Top Apps To Be Awarded At MTN Ayoba Hackathon Grand Finale

Om Friday 1oth September, the MTN Ayoba Hackathon fair was held in Accra to select the finalist for the finale on the 17th of this month.

Out of the 171 participants that participated in the fair since the announcement, 26 of them were shortlisted to be battle it out for the funding support of 50,000ghc.

Assigned mentors and coaches groomed the participants before the presentation about how Ayoba Super App is meant to provide a platform that hosts micro apps that will leverage on MTN database to reach a wider range of audience.

On the presentation day, participants shared anxiety and excitement about their pitch – a missed feeling of what they have prepared and what the judges are expecting to see from them.

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A participant shared his anxiety; ‘I am just focused on doing my best, to live an impression beyond my application, hoping my application be something that they will find pleasing and something that they think it’s worth getting on board with. So I am very hopeful and l hope things will turn out in my favour’.

5 top apps to be awarded at mtn ayoba hackathon grand finale

All the 26 teams of participants were able to share their presentations generally to the satisfaction of the judges. The competition seems keen when the organisers were challenged with mind-blowing sustainable solutions in the tech world.

The grand finale of the MTN Ayoba Hackathon project will be held virtually to award the top 3 apps with cash prizes. With two others making 5 to be counted as winners of the project. According to the organisers, all participants apps will be hosted on the Ayoba Super App.

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