Novels: Technical Virgin Ep 26

A thought dropped in Kehinde’s mind when he was less busy at the office and he was meditating over it when Toyosi knocked and walked into his office. He wasn’t surprised that the health assistants allowed her in because he was the one who gave them the instruction to allow her in whenever she wanted to see him.

She observed his face as she entered and suspected that he was probably going through some emotional stress.

“Welcome Toyo” he managed to say as he tried to force out a smile, though he wasn’t happy that she came in when an important matter that demanded urgent attention was rising in his mind.

“Kenny I’ve been calling you, all through yesterday I was worried sick because I thought you were in trouble. Why didn’t you pick your call or even returned my calls?”

She asked pointing at his phone which was on the table. He scratched his head roughly and searched for the right words to calm her with. He wasn’t in the mood to talk to her, but it wasn’t in his nature to hurt people who care about him, and women are the last set of people he would hurt.

“By all means, treat women with love and care. They needs it more than any other creatures God created.” He always tell himself when dealing with both married and unmarried women.

“Toyo please sit down first,” he said still scratching his head. She swallowed hard and sat down trying hard to hide her anger.
“maybe I should just let her know I have no feelings for her. No, that would be too harsh.” He thought within him, then looked up at her.

“Toyo dear, am so sorry I didn’t pick nor returned your calls yesterday. My relationship is going through some troubles and am not really in the right frame of mind to talk to anyone. I just needed some solitude to think right and sought things out with my woman..” He began to express himself as if he was already in a relationship in order to discourage her from pushing further on whatever she might be thinking in terms of building a relationship with him but stopped when he saw her cheeks fall like a park of cards.

“Toyo please I need your prayers, I love my woman so much I don’t want anything to happen to my relationship..” he said cunningly and placed his head on his office desk as if he was crying and it got Toyosi more jealous.

“Do you need my help in any way?” She said with a soft tone, trying to feign concern.
“I just need your prayers, pray for my relationship” he said, rubbing his palms as he lifted his head and avoided her eyes because he wouldn’t want to see her hurt.
“You can now bring me the folders” he made a fake call in order to dismiss her.

“Toyo, let me quickly attend to some patients’ folders. I will call you later in the evening, I promise. ” he said and she understood that he wanted her to leave. She stood up in anger and walked out of his office without a word and he breathed down a heavy sigh of relief.

” Good afternoon Mummy, are you at home?” He asked Sade’s church mummy over the phone.
“Yes my brother. How are you?” She replied at the other end.
“Am fine mummy but not too fine. Can I come over to the house and have a word or two with you?” He asked carefully.
“Ah! Oya start coming now. Am at home,” she said in a hurry as if Kehinde was already in a serious trouble.

“Alright mummy, I will be in the house in a jiffy,” he said and picked up his car keys and hurried out of the office. Kehinde became very close to the Pastor and his wife ever since the Kolade- Sade incident so much that the Pastor wanted him to join his own parish but he politely refused, stating that he was very committed in his own parish.

The Pastor once introduced him to a group of his pastor friends thus,
“Meet my spiritual son, Dr Kenny. He is a son God used to console me after the death of Kolade.” He introduced Kehinde to them during one of his visit to the pastor’s house, so Kehinde became very relaxed with the Pastor and his wife and took their home as his second home.

Kehinde arrived the parsonage and shared his struggles with the church mummy, starting from his desire to marry Sade to his parents refusal and finally to the Sade’s relationship with an old man in the village.

“Yeeey!!!” The church mummy screamed on hearing that Sade was in a relationship.
“Sade in a relationship with an old man in the village? No Wonder I have been having the burden to speak with her, but all these church programs kept making me to forget.” She began to lament.

“But why didn’t you tell me since that this is what she is doing in that village?” The pastor’s wife said and started looking around, trying to locate her phone.
“Mummy, I thought I would be able to speak sense into her but she continued with him still…” He explained and watched her pick her phone up from the single cushion close to her and began to dial a number.

Sade and the Olori were drinking and eating roasted chicken in the hotel room and getting ready for the act when her phone started ringing. She loosened herself a bit from Olori’s arm to see who the caller was and her heart skipped on seeing the caller’s I’d.

“Sade mi, kilode?” Olori queried on seeing her reaction, drew closer to her and pulled her closer to himself.
“Who is calling my baby?” He asked rhetorically as he caressed her hair. She quickly put the phone on silent when the first round of call finished ringing and pushed it aside to concentrate on Olori who was already h a rd and was all over her.

Her heart began to beat faster as Olori brought his mouth closer to hers for a k i ss, she felt a cramp on her lower abdomen down to her pelvic parts in the process and …

Sister Sade!!! Ermmm.. I’m short of words sef

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