Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 27

“Ewo brother Kenny, She is not picking her calls…” The church mummy said worriedly searching Kehinde’s eyes for the next action.

“I feel restless in my spirit mummy, I can’t really place my finger on what it is but my spirit tells me that Sade is with that man and I won’t…” Kehinde was still talking when she cut in and stopped him from completing his statement.

“Ah! Brother Kehinde don’t think in that direction yet. You men can be jealous over nothing, maybe she’s not with her phone or probably she might be busy; you know village life is not easy.” She defended Sade and Kehinde smiled sadly,

“I know my instinct don’t lie to me mummy, I know that things always go wrong when I feel this way. Well, maybe we should just say a word of prayer for Sade…” He said suggestively and she agreed immediately.
“Yes! yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to say” the church mummy said and straight away, she began to lead in the prayer.

As Olori brought his mouth close to hers again after the first attempt was stopped by Sade because of the cramp she felt in her abdomen, she pushed him back gently and carefully told him that she was not feeling alright but he wasn’t ready to hear stories, he wanted them to go down to action so he became a little violent with her and tried to pull off her clothes forcefully.

“Ah! Wait! Let me check something in the bathroom,” she said and stood up to run into the bathroom but she was taken unaware by Olori’s next action. He pulled her to the bed from behind and she fell on her back to the bed, then he turned around and climbed over her body and began to pull down her pants.

“I’ve been begging you for this thing since but you keep playing me around, saying today, tomorrow. Let’s do this thing Sade mi, you will enjoy it o, hehehe…” He said and laughed ridiculously when he saw that Sade was no longer struggling with him over her body.

“I promise you will enjoy it, am a strong man o…” He was still talking when he saw a thick blood stain on Sade’s pant which he had succeeded in pulling down.

“Yeeey!!! He screamed and moved back in a haste. Sade saw the shock on his face and sat up properly on the bed to see what was scaring him away then saw her white pant heavily stained with b l o o d.

” Sade do you want to kill me before my time? You know you are seeing your woman something and you tricked me here to come into you and incur the wrath of the gods of our land. Ah! Sade! Is this how you want to pay me back for everything I’ve been doing for you?” Olori queried, feeling very upset and disappointed as the man in him which had risen got shrunk instantly.

“Olori, it’s not what you are thinking please. I have already seen my period for this month and am not even expecting to see it again this month. I’m surprised seeing this too, Olori mi don’t be annoyed please. Ewo, I was ready to do it o, didn’t you see I was not struggling with you?” Sade explained carefully, trying to appease the angry Olori who was not ready to look at her nor the blood stained pant the second time.

“Ermm… See I have to leave this place immediately, you know the tradition of our land forbids a man seeing or having bodily contact with a woman in her sacred period. We can keep your explanations for now, let me go and wash my eyes off the sight of a woman’s sacred blood which I have seen.”

He said as he wore his shoe and hurried out of the hotel room leaving Sade alone.
Sade stood up and entered the bathroom to check herself very well maybe she would find a wound somewhere but couldn’t find any cut on her body. She was very sure she saw her period about two weeks back and had never experienced it twice all her life.

She hurriedly pulled down her cloths and wrapped up the stained pant in her bag and rushed back home to avoid being messed up. She arrived home and washed her body, fixed in a sanitary pad and waited for the outcome of the sudden menstrual flow but no blood came out again till night fall.

She brought out the pad in the night when she wanted to take her night bath and was shocked to the bone to find out that even a line of blood did not drop on the pad.

Sade stood in their local bathroom made with palm fronts lost in thoughts as she couldn’t understand the strange flow of blood from her body just when she and Olori were about having a fling..

“Iya mi! Iya mi!, ” Toyin called from outside,
“Your phone is ringing o!” She informed her mother with the phone in her hand. On hearing that her phone was ringing, Sade remembered that she had missed the church mummy’s calls and was yet to return the calls.

“Toyin, if you pick that call I will k i l l you this night. Keep it on the bed, am coming.” She threatened her daughter. She had warned Toyin never to touch her phone or answer her calls since the last time she informed Kehinde that Olori bought her a new phone. She hurried her bath and rushed back into the room to answer her calls.

It was Kehinde that was calling, so she hissed and dropped the phone.
“This brother should stop disturbing me na, let him leave me to live my life. After all, am matured enough to enter relationship with whoever I want and do whatever I like with the person. Kehinde should go and marry and leave me to live my own life the way I want o” she murmured angrily as she creamed her body.

She planned calling the church mummy back after wearing her clothes but later forgot and called Olori instead.
“It’s alright I have forgiven you. Maybe we can arrange for another meeting in few days time. But for now, let’s wait and see if the blood will come out again. I don’t want to die yet o, I want to live longer to enjoy you oo.” Olori replied jokingly after Sade had explained and apologized over what happened at the hotel room.

Both of them laughed at the last words of Olori then Sade felt that someone was eavesdropping at their conversation, she turned around and saw Toyin sitting behind her listening to everything she and Olori were discussing. Her heart jumped into her mouth immediately and she forgot she was speaking with someone on the phone.
“Toyin!!!” Sade screamed…

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