Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 11

Two months after the prophecy, Sade and Kola had another heated argument over something he wanted her to do which she refused.

Coupled with the accumulated anger he had bottled up in his heart over the weeks for seeing her in Kehinde’s car on two occasions, he out bursted when she refused to do what he wanted her to do while they were drafting out their wedding programme in his house.

He raised his voice at her and accused her again of not being faithful and Sade defended herself, stating that Kehinde was only going to introduce her to a team of singers who would back her up at the studio, but Kola would not hear of it.

He threatened to confront Kehinde and warn him to stay far away from his woman and Sade dared him never to try it. As they were both in the heat of the argument, she felt a sharp piercing headache, held her forehead as her eyes became blurry and clasped on the floor.

Kola saw her falling like an old,weak building and he rushed her before she reached the floor and held her into his arms. She wasn’t breathing so he began to fan her with his shirt and when he saw that she was not getting revived, he dashed out of the room in search of his next door neighbor who owns a car and they rushed her to the nearest private hospital.

The nurses fixed a drip on her after they had revived her back to her consciousness and waited for the test results to come out before they can commence treatment properly.

Kola stayed with her at the hospital and called the church mummy to inform her that Sade was hospitalized. Since he was the one holding Sade’s phone, he used that opportunity and went through her inbox and WhatsApp chats with Kehinde and was boiling in anger at some of their conversations.

The church mummy and daddy whom Sade and Kola had taken as mentors arrived the hospital just when the results of the tests came out from the lab. They rushed over to the bed where she was lying on and found her sleeping, but the noises in the ward woke her up.

“Mummy,” she called and on seeing the daddy, she greeted trying to sit up but a slight head headache nudged her and she rested back her head on the pillow.

“Don’t worry, just rest your head ” the church mummy said, and massaged her hands. A dark handsome young man suspected to be the doctor entered the ward and walked towards Kola.

“Are you the one that brought in this patient?” He asked him with a professional tone and Kola nodded his head in the affirmative as the church mummy and daddy drew closer to them.

“Are you her husband or a relation?” He asked again but before Kola could tell him that she’s his fiancée, the Pastor interrupted.
“What exactly is wrong with her ?” The church daddy asked, supposing him to be the doctor.

“Uhm.. Nothing really bad” the supposed doctor said, then continued.
“I guess you are her parents” he said facing them and they both nodded in the affirmative looking intently at his lips to reveal what the sickness is.

“The test results shows that she is medically okay, but we found out that she is four weeks pregnant and must have gone through some emotional stress.

I will advice…” He was still talking when Kola gave a shocking unbelieving scream at the same time with the church mummy and daddy.

Sade jumped up from the bed on hearing the doctor’s report and made to talk as the church mummy and daddy with Kola all turned to look at her in disbelief but she couldn’t find words….

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