Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 40


Sade cried in fear all through the journey and Kehinde allowed her to have a good cry. They arrived the parsonage few minutes past nine, and he offloaded the luggage and rushed to the office as his attention was already needed at the hospital.

Sade and Toyin were shown their room which had been neatly swept and given a clean touch under the church mummy’s instruction and they settled down after arranging some of their things. She sent Kehinde an SMS to apologise for the embarrassment he got from Olori and also pleaded with him not to give up on her.

He called her immediately and assured her of his unwavering support, then promised to speak with her later in the evening because he was busy with so much work on his desk. On dropping the call, a nurse ushered in a patient for medical consultation and on lifting his head was Jumoke standing before his desk.
“Jumo!” He said in shock, and quickly put himself together.

“Wasn’t expecting you here.” He said, trying to act serious.
“Why? Are they patients you expect and those you are not expecting?” She said smiling but he looked away maintaining a straight face.
“Can I at least sit down? Kenny I paid for the consultation.” She said, searching for his face.
“But Jumo, you and I know very well that you are not here for any consultation. Please, this is an office, can we discuss whatever it is you want outside official duties?” He said with a mean face.

“Are you asking me out of your office?” Jumoke asked and broke down in tears. The Kenny she knew even when he was an unbeliever cannot bear to see a woman cry, so she felt that crying was the only tactic powerful enough to get him to give her attention.
” hey! Jumo stop that. You know I hate to see you cry.” He said sitting up uneasily on his seat.

“You know what? Let’s hang out by 4pm today so we can talk properly. I’m not comfortable discussing…” He was trying to talk but she cut him short.
“No! Kenny no, you just want to dispose me..” She cried the more and he became more embarrassed when a female nurse entered the office and found Jumoke crying profusely.

“Please, leave!” He ordered the nurse out with out looking at her or bothering to know what she had to say and she ran out immediately.
“You see what I’m saying? You just embarrassed me and your self before this student nurse now. We can’t talk here Jumo.” He explained but she would have none of it.
“Alright, what is it you want us to talk about? Go ahead and talk about it.” He said and relaxed back on his chair.
“Kenny, you ditched me with the excuse that you were born again and needed to build your new found faith. You told me that we can’t continue for the time being and I understood with you and gave you time to build.

But you abandoned me totally, you left after graduation without leaving a trace and took a part of me along with you. Kenny you shattered my world, if not that I met Mummy who spoke to me in a counseling and led me to Christ, I don’t know what would have become of me.
Ever since you left my life, I’ve been unable to love any other man let alone start a relationship. I kept having this feeling within me that I would still find you, I traveled home several times and visited Oba and your mother, and they welcomed me with open heart thinking we were still together and it further convinced me that God had been keeping you for me.

But hearing you the other day telling me that you already have a woman in your life you are considering to marry, is even a heavier blow.
Kenny, I gave you my virginity to prove my love for you! You are the only man I’ve ever known and loved since I was born. Please, don’t leave me… ” she broke down in tears and went down on her knees begging him.
“Jumo, stop this. You are embarrassing me, get up to your feet!” He said and rushed over to help her get up to her feet.
“Just get up first, let me talk to you.

I said get up first Jumo..” He said, trying hard to lift her and get her to sit down on the seat; but instead, she stood up and faced him with a pitiful expression on her face, looking intently and pleadingly into his eyes, bringing her mouth closer to his and in a twinkle of an eye, they were both locked up in a kiss…

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