Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 23

The Pastor sat Sade’s parents down and explained to them all that happened and admonished them not to lay blames on Sade for getting pregnant out of wedlock but that they should accommodate her in love and accept the newly born child as theirs.

“We are all humans and are prone to temptations of life. Sade is going through her own tempting time and we all should join hands to strengthen her in love” the Pastor told them and they agreed.

When they were about going back to the city, Sade began to cry and clung her hands around the church mummy who cried along with her.

“Don’t worry, we will keep checking on you from time to time. And don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything” the church mummy consoled her as she wiped off the tears on her face while Kehinde and the Pastor walked up to the car and waited for the church mummy to join them in the car.

Sade and her parents waved at them as the Pastor drove out of the compound and finally out of sight.

Kehinde entered his room struggling over the thought that has long been disturbing his heart. He knew he truly loved Sade and had wished he was the lucky one when Sade told him she was engaged. He did hoped that things work out for her and Kolade before the tragedy that struck the two of them.

He had planned remaining Sade’s friend even after marriage, little did he know that Kola and Sade would end up the way they did.

The thoughts that have been troubling his mind was the possibility of still marrying Sade as a single mother, though he still loved her and wouldn’t mind marrying her regardless of her condition, he was afraid his royal parents won’t support him to marry a woman who already has a child.

He was confused and didn’t know whether he should keep Sade’s condition of being a single mother a secret from them or let them know about it. But his heart didn’t accept keeping secrets from his parents, so the matter began to give him sleepless nights from that day.

Sade quickly adjusted to the village way of life, as she joined her parents in going to farm, fetching of water and doing other strenuous house chores along with taking care of her daughter Toyin .

Kehinde took it upon himself to visit her and her daughter once every month and he usually bought baby wears and foods with other things along with himself for Sade and her baby. Before leaving them, he would give her money and also urge her to call him if she needs anything.

The Pastor and his wife also kept to their promise and gave Sade a surprise visit on Toyin’s one year birthday and she couldn’t contain her joy.

In less than three years, Sade had exhausted her life savings due to the fact that she supported her parents financially and also fend for herself and the baby. As if Olori Ade, a village titled man knew that Sade was in need of money and friendship, he began to make advances at her and as he woo her with money and gifts, Sade’s parents who held the Olori in high esteem began to pressurize her to accept his proposal.

“I can’t befriend a married man. That man already has three wives” Sade objected in a heated argument with her parents.
“But you couldn’t keep your self to marryproperly abi?. Listen, you are already in the same class with Olori Ade because you are a single mother without a husband.

Befriending him which will later turn into marriage is even to your own advantage, because you can never find a young man to marry you o” her mother lashed at her to her consternation.

“Mammi!” She called her mother in dismay.
“Yes, your mother is right. Olori Ade is rich and and capable of taking care of you and your child. Can’t you see that all his wives are living comfortably? You will even be treated more special because you are educated and younger than his old wives. Give him a chance Sade” her father chipped in too.

The pressure from her parents and Olori continued for months until she began to give it a thought when things began to get so tough with her and her aged parents. Her father was down with sickness and only the little she and her mother were able to gather was what was sustaining them.

Finally she accepted Olori’s friendship proposal and he began to spoil her silly with money and gifts which her parents also enjoyed. He released a huge amount of money to Sade for the treatment of her father on the condition that once her father gets well, Sade will in turn give him a kind treatment in bed and she agreed.

During one of Kehinde’s monthly visit ,he observed a great change in Sade’s physical look and approach which he knew were not part of her life before. As he was trying to get her to talk about her challenges and other things, Olori Ade showed up in Sade’s house and tickled Sade on her waist playfully from behind which got her embarrassed before Kehinde.

” Olori please stop!” She shouted standing up to her feet.
“Ah! Oremi kilode?( My friend what is it?)” The surprised Olori queried because he had done the same thing to her several times, and she never reacted that way.
” please Olori, I have a visitor now. Can you come back later?” Sade said feeling uncomfortable.
“Sade mi, have you forgotten our appointment today?” The surprised Olori queried looking suspiciously from Sade to Kehinde who was looking him, then turned around and left. When he left, silence followed.

” Is he your uncle? ” Kehinde broke the silence. He knew Olori was not her uncle but he wanted his suspicions to be confirmed by her.

“Uhm… Not really… He he is my frie..nd” she stammered in response.
“So this is what you are doing in the village Sade? Flirting around with an old man?.” Kehinde flared up in anger.
“Brother Kehinde what do you expect me to do? I have to survive, he has been the one helping my family… Besides, I need a man in my life..” Sade blurted out before realizing that she had spoken too much.

“Yeah, that’s it! You need a man in your life that’s why you are flirting with an old man, not really because of money” Kehinde spoke up and stood up to leave.
“Brother Kehinde, I’m a single mother already and no responsible young man is going to marry me. Are you expecting me to remain like this for…” She was talking but he shut her up.

“Sade you lie. Being a single mother cannot stop God from bringing you a godly young man. Sade how come you suddenly forgot you are a child of God? How could you stoop so low to the extent of flirting with an old man?” Kehinde fired at her and she broke down in tears. He left her in anger and drove back to the city ignoring her pleas to hear her out.

Kehinde who had become so dedicated to his profession as a Gynaecologist met so many women, both married and unmarried and attended to their health issues so humanely that women became so fond of him and were always looking out for opportunities to build a more intimate relationship with him.

It was during one of such times that he met Toyosi, a beautiful young girl who just graduated from law school. She had visited the hospital to see the doctor as regards her menstrual disorder and Kehinde was the doctor who attended to her.

From the way he attended to her, coupled with the fact that he was handsome and seemingly generous, she developed instant attraction for him and began to build constant communication with him through calls and chats. Kehinde on his own part liked visionary women and he saw one in Toyosi and as a result, he made himself accessible for her anytime she needed to see or speak with him and from there they both became inseparable as they even go for jogging exercises together weekly .

“I like your spirit” he will always tell her whenever they were together on phone or in person discussing career matters.

” I’ve found the woman to marry ” Kehinde told his parents in an unannounced visit and his mother jumped up in excitement and began to dance different dancing styles….

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