Sequence 4: The Day To Divorce Tony

New Story: The Day To Divorce Tony

Sequence 4 The judge who was going to preside over the case was Justice Ivy Asante Darteh. They were to meet her at ten in the morning at the Divorce Court private chambers with their lawyers. Tony Siaw arrived at exactly half-past nine dressed in black slacks, black shoes, and a beautiful hand-woven smock. The … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 40


Sade cried in fear all through the journey and Kehinde allowed her to have a good cry. They arrived the parsonage few minutes past nine, and he offloaded the luggage and rushed to the office as his attention was already needed at the hospital. Sade and Toyin were shown their room which had been neatly … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 39


“Ah! ah! The Olori of a man want to die abi? He should not near my daughter o.” The church mummy shouted over the phone looking at her husband who was also listening to their conversation because the phone was on loud speaker when Kehinde called to inform her of the latest development. “I think … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 38


” Tell me about it.” He said calmly and gently loosened himself from the tight and held her hand to seat down on the wooden chair, then her mother entered inside the house and came out with a bowl of water for him. ” ese ma.” He said, stood up and collected the bowl of … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 37


“I will sleep in my car please.” Kehinde whispered into Sade’s ear and her parents decided to give them space. “Why? Brother Kehinde, we have a spare room where you can sleep comfortably” she said pleadingly. “Sister Sade, I’m sorry I didn’t plan to sleep over. I only agreed to sleep over because you insisted … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin: Ep 36


Sade remained in the room for over three hours praying in tongues while the birthday celebration continued in the parlor. Kehinde, Jumoke and Toyin arrived just when Temi was about cutting the birthday cake. They quickly joined in singing the birthday song for the celebrant with others while Toyin ran over to meet her mother … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin: Ep 35


“Kenny, is she alright?” Jumoke asked on sighting him squatting down and talking to Toyin. He turned and saw her standing behind with a worried look. “Yeah. Maybe you can join us, I want to drive down the Sheraton down town and buy her ice cream and…” Kehinde was still talking when she leaped in … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep:33


‘Kenny I don’t know why you like hurting me, I was talking to you and you ignored me and as if that was not enough, you walked out on me..” Jumoke complained bitterly, standing before Kehinde and Toyin with a sad face. “Jumo I’m deeply sorry, I was thinking about something very serious and forgot … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep: 32


The hug between Kehinde and Jumoke lasted for some minutes as she clung tightly to him with her eyes closed, but Kehinde quickly came back to his consciousness and loosened the grip. Just when he had loosened himself from the hug, Toyin and another little girl who were doing chase game came running from the … Read more

Novels: Technical Virgin Ep: 31


“Yes, the city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendour into it. On no day will its gates ever be shut, for … Read more