Novels: I Don’t Need Popularity – Short Story I

Shin Park’s POV ( Point Of View )

I carried my backpack and walked out of the house, I took my bicycle and rode to school.

Most people still wonder how I managed to get to this school, I mean the way I’m always dressed. I don’t act or look like a rich person but I’m very intelligent.

My name is Myun Shin Park, but I’m known as Kang Shin Park in school. I’m hiding my identity for a reason best known to me.
I parked my bicycle at the usual spot.
I walked inside the school, a lot of students are going up and down the hallway.

I dropped my backpack in my locker and go to the class, some of my classmates are already there.
I don’t have much friends, except for my best friend Jimin who knows my secret.
I sat down on my seat expecting the teacher, they’re making fun of me.
I don’t care, I’m only here to learn.

Sun Nim walked in, she’s very popular in this class. I heard she’s a student on scholarship, yet she’s so nosy.
She’s very beautiful but she’s trouble to be with, she and her quiet but fierce friend Lucy came in together.

Our eyes met and I looked away, Jimin came in after and sits beside me.
‘Hey Park… How are you doing?’ He asked.
‘I’m good Jimmy’ I call him Jimmy sometimes.
‘So have you done your assignment?’ He asked checking my books.
‘You’re so l a z y Jimin get a life’ I said.
‘Yeah after this’ he started copying my assignment, I rolled my eyes.

He’s a smart guy but he’s so l a z y sometimes when it comes to homework.
I heard Sun Nim giggling, I looked back and saw her whispering something to her friend while they giggled together.
That girl is something else, I wonder who her boyfriend will be. Who will date a troublemaker like her?

The math teacher came in, he smiled at me before starting to talk. All teachers do, did I forget to say they know my identity? Yeah they all do know me.

#Sun_Nim’s POV

‘Unnie!’ I called my big sister as I got to the living room, I need my transport money.
I’m a little late for school, I attend Heaven Hill. One of the most prestigious school in South Korea and even Asia, I’m on scholarship there.

My name is Hyun Sun Nim, daughter of a fish trader and fisherman.
We live in a small house in a very poor area,although we’re not rich but we don’t beg.
I am very smart, that’s why I passed the scholarship exam to Heaven Hill.

Most people except my friend Lucy Wang doesn’t know where I live, I always make sure of it.
I’m a troublemaker and people call me nosy, I just like investigating strange things.
Lucy is from a rich family, her father is a minister and a businessman also.
We became friends on my first day, she warned me not to tell anyone where I live after I told her. I might become an object of mockery and bully.

I took a cab to her house, we went to school together in her car. The driver dropped us off and went back.
We entered the school and went straight to class, I sighted the nerd Shin Park.
I swear he’s so strange.

I feel like following him to his house one day, we don’t know if he’s rich or poor.
He’s so intelligent but not really good looking, at least not enough to wow me.
What do I care about him?
We sat down at our seat.

‘That Shin Park is an alien’ I whispered to Lucy giggling.
‘Look at he’s hair not different from a milking goat’ I added and we both giggle.
The teacher came in, aish the boredom begins. Jimin is busy copying something from a book, that guy.
He’s so handsome yet he moves with a weirdo, I wonder why.

I’m always wondering why, I always wanna know things.
I can’t help my curiosity, it’s my nature.
I once destroyed a marriage for saying the truth, I caught the husband cheating and quickly called the wife.

They separated, my neighbors said I did a wrong thing. They say I’m nosy because the couple fought a lot before separating.
Call me a gossip.
I don’t care.
After classes we went to the cafeteria, we collected our food and sit down at a table close to the entrance.

Jimin and Shin Park entered and sat at a table discussing, I wonder what they’re talking about.
Yum and his gang walked in the cafeteria, I wonder what his parents were thinking when they named him that. Yum .

They went to Shin Park and Jimin.
‘Scram loser’ he said to Shin Park who didn’t answer.
‘Oh proving you’re tough’
‘Leave him alone Yum’ Jimin said.
A girl passed with her tray, Yum took her juice and poured on Shin Park.
The whole cafeteria laughed except Jimin and us, Yum is so annoying but cute.

Shin Park brought out his hankie and cleaned his face, but something is strange.
His hankies covered in color, it seems like he had make up on.
What? Make up?
He stood up and walked out.
Something is wrong? His face seems a little rough.
I must get to the bottom of this, I must ease my curiosity.

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