Novels: Technical Virgin Ep 25

Kehinde dropped the phone and held his forehead which had started aching.

“What exactly is wrong with her? Why is Sade finding it so difficult to rise up after falling. Lord please speak to her heart, revive her love and fear for you. Open her eyes to see and know that you’ve got better plans for her life and that her mess can be turned into a message that will mend and mould other broken young people.

Don’t let her fall the second time again lord, let your mighty strength and grace be made manifest in her weakness for it’s obvious her own strength can no longer carry her. Please Lord, I can’t bear it if Sade sleep with that old man…” Kehinde prayed and suddenly became too emotional as he couldn’t bear the thought of Olori Ade sleeping with Sade.

Tears dropped down his eyes immediately and he quickly wiped it off as a feeling of jealousy and anger sprang up in his heart when he remembered how bad he used to be before God arrested him. His phone rang and he thought that Sade was the one calling back to explain things to him or better still tell him that Toyin was wrong, he picked up his phone with high expectations and was about sliding the green button aside when he found out that Toyosi was the one calling, he looked up at the wall clock and saw it was already past eleven pm and he became more angry.

“What exactly is wrong with Toyo, why is she calling me by this time of the night? Please I don’t need any disturbance.” He soliloquise and switched off his phone, entered the bathroom and poured water on his head to calm before going to bed. He rolled from one side of the bed to the other unable to sleep as his mind kept wandering around from one thing to another and it continued till some minutes past one midnight.

He decided to pray since sleep had deserted him also, climbed down from his bed and knelt down close his bed and began to commit his parents hearts into God’s hands, but he didn’t pray about that for long as he switched over and began to pray for Sade.
The race started and the athletes who were about six girls took off, among them was Sade who was already taking the lead as she ran skillfully ahead of the other athletes and spectators were cheering her up to keep up the pace,so she ran with her head high but suddenly became distracted and missed her footings and fell headlong on the ground.

The commentator cheered at her to rise and finish the race while the spectators expected her to rise and win the race because they so much believed she can still win regardless of her fall, but Sade remained on the ground crying and complaining.

“I can’t run to finish, I’ve missed the track and can’t find my footings anymore. Besides, I have disappointed everyone so there’s no point rising to make a fool of myself.” She gave reasons while the other athletes kept running, and they were only but two of them who had ran past her while others were still running towards the spot where she had fallen.

“Rise up! You are not off the track yet, you can still win the race!” A man urged her from the crowd but she broke down in tears and shouted back at the man
“I can’t rise, can’t you see am already exhausted?” She cried still sitting on the floor so the disappointed spectators became angry and began to jeer at her as she cried.

She cried the more as they taunted her with words then she woke up and found out that it was a dream. She looked around and saw her daughter sleeping peacefully beside her, then murmured some words in her Yoruba dialect and slept back.

“Sade! Sister Sade! Wake up I want to discuss something with you” the church mummy tapped Sade who was who was still feeling sleepy ,
“Open your eyes Sade and wake up from your slumber. You can’t keep sleeping like this, your lantern will soon go off if you don’t wake up. I want to tell you a story about my life that is very familiar with yours …” The church mummy was still talking to her when Sade’s mother tapped her.

“Sade wake up! Wake up and get ready for today’s farm work. It’s getting late already” Sade’s mother woke her and in the process interrupted her dream.
“Oooooh! Maami you just interrupted my dream now.” Sade shouted in annoyance and her aged mother looked back at her with a mean face.

“Will you get up from that bed? Do you think that you are in the city where you live your life lazily, sleep and wake up anytime you want and then go about misbehaving with young men? Since you couldn’t keep your self in the city after all that your father and I did to train you through school, you better buckle up because you must sweat it out in the village.

Even if Olori ends up marrying you, you must still join his wives to farm in his various large masses of land. Get up Jaree!” Her mother jeered at her as if they were quarrelling and Sade felt humiliated again. Since she joined her parents in the village,her mother suddenly changed and became very used to taunting her with negative remarks each time she didn’t do what she likes. She swallowed hard and climbed down from the bed, checked the time on her phone and it was ten minutes to 5am.

She wiped off the tears dropping from her eyes with the back of her hands and picked up her tooth brush and paste to brush as her mother continued nagging at her.

Kehinde woke up by few minutes past five in the morning to find out that he was sleeping on the floor in his room and not on the bed,then he remembered that he was actually praying on his knees but when his knees began to ache, he lay down on his tummy and continued his prayers then probably dozed off from there. He rubbed his eyes and felt a sharp piercing head ache indicating that he didn’t sleep very well in the night, but he managed and got up to his study table for his devotion.

All through the work on the farm, Sade kept ruminating over the dreams she had in the night but couldn’t make any meaning out of them. She wished her mother didn’t wake her up, so that she could at least hear the story the church mummy wanted to tell her. She sighed sadly as she felt exhausted but couldn’t stop the work in order to avoid another round of insult from her mother’s venomous tongue.

She thought about her appointment with Olori Ade later in the day, and smiled to herself. She promised to sleep with him for the first time that very day and Olori had made arrangement for their meeting in a local village hotel where the act would take place in the evening. She had a brief reflection over whom she used to be before Kolade came into her life, a firebrand for God who loved and reverenced God with her body.

“All that are in the past now. I just have to survive anyway anyhow” she said silently and waved the thought aside as she waited anxiously for the evening with Olori to taste what real s e x feels like…

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