Money Heist WhatsApp Sticker Pops Up

Money heist WhatsApp sticker outdoor to facilitate WhatsApp convo about the much trendy fictional crime drama.

The money heist WhatsApp sticker features all the actors and actresses in the movie.

Whatsapp is not staying out of the race for only Money Heist Lovers but has joined to make the ruckus that will follow more enjoyable by introducing the Money heist WhatsApp sticker.

In celebrating the highly patronised movie, WhatsApp made the sticker pack and titled it the Sticker Heist.
Obviously, WhatsApp does double task itself, though they have a tone of new features under development across their tech family platforms, they had to jump on this Money Heist and make it more real for the movie lovers.


The pack of stickers has been released and it is available for all android and IOS versions of phones. If you want to have It installed on your phone, all you have to do is to hit this link. This link is faster and opens the pack within your WhatsApp. I think I saved you the hustle of scrolling through some pirated version on the play store.

WhatsApp Reaction Stickers Launched.