Buying A Second-Hand iPhone – Best Points To Check 2022

If you value your hard-earned money, you must get gisted about buying a second-hand iPhone before going for it. So you won't have regrets

Buying a second-hand iPhone comes with the risk of losing your money and also getting something worth less than your money.

Especially in Ghana, some zones and locations are not advisable to buy second-hand iPhones. And if you are ready from Ghana, you can give me a handful of those.

iPhones have been the most sought after hand portables since their launch in late 2007 and are still among the top market phones. While they have good quality, buying a second-hand iPhone may be one of the regrets you will have if you fall into the wrong market zone.

This is because having an iPhone with no Touch or Face ID, a strong battery, a good camera, and big memory storage is just like using an android phone but this time, the android is better.


BATTERY –  Naturally, iPhone batteries are made to last long and are very durable due to operations the natural multi-tasking that they have any time it is being operated. If the phone has a good life history with its former user, you will see a battery life check-up around 80% and above.

When the former user charges the phone to 100% before unplugging it, there is a high probability of having higher battery health even up to 90% [ though that is very scarce ] and that depends on how long the former user used the phone.

You can check that by going to settings of the phone >>>> battery >>> battery heath. And the battery life will be indicated there. iPhone displays information about the battery’s capacity, peak performance and whether your battery needs servicing.

Obviously, a used iPhone can not have a 100% battery life, so above 80% battery life is enough, but below 80% is not advisable to purchase.


iPhones are naturally anti-theft phones. This helps the rightful users to have their information protected if the phone is stolen. They come in factory unlocked phones, temporarily unlocked phones and locked phones. Though there are ways iPhones can be used even if they are locked you have to be certain the phone you are buying is factory unlocked.

To check this, you can reset the phone and if after the reset you still have access to all features of the iPhone, then you are set to have something worth your money.


The storage capacity of an iPhone is one of the best in the world. iPhone has a storage capacity ranging from 16GB to 512GB and depending on the model and the cash you have to purchase a second-hand iPhone, you have the memory it comes with. However, with that, you must be very certain.

With this, you can go to the settings of the phone, check the storage capacity after specifying the storage capacity you want or tell the seller to check it up for you, in case you don’t know how that is done.

There are also some features that work in correlation to this, these are the face ID or touch ID. To check this, you have to go to the setting >> passwords >> and tap add a face or fingerprint each for phones with face or fingerprints.

Check the mouthpiece by making calls and make sure you heard the correspondent and he/she hears you, test the speaker by playing any sound and also check the charging ports by the charger that may be provided with the phone for you.


As l said earlier on. most second-hand iPhone zones in Ghana are not very trustworthy. If you are a Ghanaian reading this, you will know this and can give me a handful of places that are not safe to buy phones. Some sell fully refurbished phones and some also sell totally fake phones.

The great news, iPhone has a way of checking if the phone is original or fake and that, if not confirmed, doesn’t allow the seller to convince you into buying the phone.

Quickly rush into the settings of the iPhone, >> general >> about. Over there, you will see everything about the handset you are about to purchase. If it is iPhone 12Pro Max, you will see the name, serial number and model number. Now, copy the serial number and the model number and paste them on google to confirm. If you see the names and the model as the same on the phone, you are good to go.

These lists must be able to safeguard you from buying a quack phone from a quick seller. If you know you are not very good with iPhones and their complexity, take a person who is more knowledgeable about them along to avoid wasting your money.