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IPhone 13 Launch Date Announced With Specs

This is the set date of the iPhone 13 launch, all you have to do is to be ready to pre order.



IPhone 13 Launch Date Announced With Specs

A day in September is definitely going to be the iPhone 13 launch date and its specs wholly uncovered. That is a must.

The iPh0ne 13 launch date is just around the corner and Apple will be taking pre-orders sooner than expected.

Apple has fixed the iPhone 13 launch date already but since they are not fans of marketing their products with a lot of noise, buyers are left wondering about the date. And that is obvious in every apple product lover except the workers and the board of the Apple company.

The iPhone 13 will be launched in September and l used ‘must’ because that is the traditional launch month of the tech giants. iPhone 11 was launched on September, 20th 2019, iPhone 8 was launched in the same month 2017, the same way the 7th. On aggregate, 60%  of their products are launched in September as compared to other months.

That is not the only green light, the usual release calendar of Apple clearly points to September as the month the world will witness the new package from apple – the iPhone 13 launch date

Also, the leaks and rumours [ which always has an iota of truth ] speculate that tech giants are well set with the newbies but are running feature tests on them.


With no date fixed or released from the tech giants, it has been calculated by some insiders and apple products addicts to be the third week in September. And no other calculation has overthrown that one yet.

With the specs and models in which the world should expect the iPhone 13, it is believed that is coming in four different models with different specs and qualities. Before we move to the specs, let’s check the speculated prices and the name.

iPhone 13 launch date


iPhone 13 as the name must and is called has been on its way and you must get used to surprises
The price of the iPhone 13, is not far from what you imagine though Apple is doing its best to keep it affordable for everybody.

With the connotations that surround the number 13, many have been shocked beyond repair as the continuous naming of the apple generation continues with iPhone 13.

Do you want me to stop so you can recall some negative superstitious beliefs or connotations about the number? The reason some storey buildings don’t have 13th floor, why some airlines don’t have 13th row.


With this, some batch of people were expecting the numbering of the apple gadgets to jump from iPhone 12XMR or s to IPhone something before they will have the delight to patronise it. Well, apparently, Apple has no belief in number 13 negative connotations or superstitions. Therefore get your grips ready to grab an iPhone 13 and 13s soon because MacRumors has confidentially reported that the name iPhone 13 was seen printed on the finished products.


As if that is not shocking enough to many, the iPhone 13 apple price is another surprise. There is a high chance of raising the price of the iPhone 13 as compared to the iPhone 12 and earlier. This is greatly influenced by the shortage of semiconductors on a global market.

According to DigiTimes, the global shortage of semiconductors which mostly formed 70% of the iPhone’s components has greatly affected the market price, that is the law of demand and supply.
Apple is known for having veto control over its manufacturing companies hence buying most of their shares but apple can not own every company. And that has taken a toe on the price of iPhone 13 and will be felt by the consumer market.

Meanwhile, lately, Apple has increased the price of iPhone 12 compared to 11 and if you should expect something, it is the act of compassion towards its customers by absorbing some price increase but this is just a suggestion. Let’s wait and see how it goes.


As many expect the iPhone 13 launch date in the coming month, Apple is making it more special by presenting the package in four-folds. Yes, the iPhone 13 four models have leaked alongside its specs before the launch.


The hunt for which is the most affordable, pretty, and advanced by the millions of its expectant have pushed for a leak of information from an insider and that, we must feed you with before the day arrives.

As stated earlier, the models are iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Among a lot of features, the most demanded specs and hence the leaked ones about this iPhone 13 models are the display technologies, processors, camera, sensors, and the batteries. Now let’s get into the models or the variants you must expect soon from Apple.

iPhone 13 launch date

iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 mini

Before we get to the individual specifications of this pretty gadget from Apple. It has also been leaked that iPhone 13 mini will be the most compact among the four models while iPhone 13 pro and pro max will be the most sophisticated ones with new features that may blow your head away.

The parent iPhone 13 features a 6.1 AMOLED screen but with a 60Hz refresh rate and it is expected to be powered by Apple A15 Bionic chip. The notch is expected to be shorter and the battery ( most people’s cry ) bigger than the standard iPhone 12 with a 3,095 mAh battery instead of the 2,815.


And the most compact and cutest iPhone 13 will feature a 5.4 Inch with no higher refresh display rate. But the apple 15 bionic chip processor and the improved camera quality will be part of it.

The market is also hoping for a bigger battery at 2,406 mAh according to the leaks instead of the 2,227 mAh on the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 13 Pro And The 13 Pro Max.

This model ( iPhone 13 Pro ) of the iPhone 13 will feature a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with an LTPO panel that supports the ProMotion 120Hz dynamic refresh rate. The panel will be capable of switching refresh rate from 1Hz to 13Hz depending on the task at hand with smooth visual and less draining of the battery.

Still, on the iPhone 13 Pro, it will feature the new chipset and the new higher quality camera with improved ultra-wide f/1.8 lens as well as Apple’s sensor shirt new tech introduced in iPhone 12 Pro Max.

All Pros of iPhone 13 four models are expected to carry LiDAR scanners this year. It will also feature a 3095 mAh battery while the Pro Max is expected to come with a larger 4,352 mAh battery.


Also, according to the leak, all iPhone 13 four models are equipped with a 5G network and wifi 6 ready as the iPhone 13 series is expected to improve almost all areas like smaller notch and improved wireless charging, compared to the 12 series.

As the almighty iPhone 13 launch date lingers near, we hope and expect more information leaks about the phone before its release so rush buyers will be informed on what they are going in for.

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