Pros And Cons Of TikTok For Business

Let us talk about the pros and cons of TikTok for business that you hardly see or easily overlook. Who you are and what you are on this new buzzing social media platform has its positive and negative sides. However, the catchy contents keep your mind rolling and looking for more until the reality catches up with us – whether positive or negative.

The pros and cons of TikTok for business or advertisement. In this article, we will look at these two sides of TikTok in our ‘little’ business or advertising world of TikTok.

Now that you have it, a billion and more people from all walks of life are readily available to consume and with content to be consumed. How do you go about it business-wise? If you use this video sharing platform for business, these are the points you must weigh before taking the big shots at it.

Pros And Cons Of TikTok For Business

  1. Pros Of Using TikTok For Business

• Exposure To Billions Of Potential Customers For Free – As of the time of this article, TikTok charges no penny for signing up and posting content and just being consistent on the platform gives you the chance of building huge followership and your content is bound to be seen by a lot of people without spending a dollar.

• Breaking Into New Ready Markets – The TikTok culture overlooks language and geographical barriers. As soon as it starts doing well locally, TikTok will organically blow it over borders for you. With over 75 languages and 155 countries reach, the diversity gives you the lead into new markets and if you ever run a TikTok ad, the chances are you are hitting a more targeted audience than any other platform.

• Authenticity Counts – Every successful business has its brand and that makes it unique. And TikTok algorithms organically favour the unique ones. So keeping it authentic on TikTok to impress and generate leads breeds in you that etiquette you need to survive in a clumsy business ecosystem. And if you can handle that yourself, there are content creators you can leverage for that.

• Mobile-Friendly –  Mobile phones are the most used devices of this century. No doubt about that. And TikTok has seized the advantage of that to make its aims easy to reach. Contents on TikTok are optimised for mobile, after 30 secs, you are done with one and moving to another before it gets boring. So literally, your business is exposed to every smartphone user

• TikTok Saves Time – I am yet to see a TikTok content creator with cameras and lights and directors with executive producers on stage scripting how things should go and what to say in a particular scene. Though all those specs are visible in every TikTok video, the most expensive thing you need is around light with a good camera phone.

In your h0use or bedroom or even washroom, put the focus on making the video very personal and relatable and you are good to go big at TikTok by posting at the right times.

           2. Cons Of Using TikTok For Business

• Expensive Ads – You may be tempted to ask, why run an ad on TikTok when I can just leverage their favourable algorithms and numbers to make my post hit its target. Well, you have to know that, your TikTok content can easily and is more likely to get lost in the pool of content than go viral. This is when creators with huge followers cash out on those trying to put their business before more eyes.

And when you think of making the budget, be ready to make it bigger because TikTok ad is among the most expensive ads aside from LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Its ads are more expensive compared to Facebook and Instagram. But it is highly worth it because the majority of the millennials and the Generation Z are likely to come across your ad which will generate leads depending on what you are selling.

• No Past Data or No Performance Tracking – TikTok might be pulling the numbers but that is just what every company needs to get going. While the Facebook data library can track back to the previous decade, TikTok data-keeping lasts for only 28 days. They are not yet a name in data keeping so you will have to do yourself that favour for future reference.

• Only Video Contents – For the algos, every social media platform allows photos but TikTok does not, only videos. This at times can discourage advertisers if what they have to advertise is a form to fill or a simple call to action that can be done with a canvas template. You will have to put in other r3siuces like time and money to convert a line message into a video to align with the platform’s algorithms.

• Not A Place For Adults – Like l said in the few paragraphs, TikTok is made up of more than 80% of the generation Z  and the millennials – the Gen Z are people between their teenage to their mid-twenties and the millennials are getting to their late 40s. So before you enter TikTok as an advertiser, be aware of those who will be your potential leads. Depending on what you are selling, it can soil your brand or grow it.

This coupled with the 90% comic content on the platform, you must be extra careful in jumping into trends with your brand and business as that can easily ruin your brand reputation.

Pros And Cons Of TikTok For Business
By US TikTok Data

• Risking Censorship – TikTok is a Chinese owned business and with the strict one-party communist dictatorship type of governance in the country, some content that they don’t find appropriate for their platforms gets censored with no explanation. Your content can fall victim anytime costing you a  lot of money and time invested.

These are the pros and cons of TikTok for business to help you make an informed decision when going for TikTok aside from all other social media platforms for your advertisement or to give your business and brand a ‘shot’.  That notwithstanding, l think TikTok for business and brand growth is worth it.

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