Best Apps You Must Use As TikToK For Kids

Is TikTok for kids, is it safe for kids? Well, there is no kids’ TikTok but the platform has regulations and settings for kids under 13, it requires them to pass the age gate to use the app, and for users between 13 to 15, TikTok defaults their accounts to private.

But to me, l see that as kids seminar happenings right in the middle of adult parties. They will get distracted as kids are naturally curious and eager to know everything happening around them, and in the era of smartphones, every spec of information and data is just a search away.

It is the same as Youtube creating the kids’ version after making the mature version the headliner of the business which everyone is very much aware of.

And TikTok has no filter to prevent kids from using the ‘adult version’. Kids can decide to input false age and details just to pass and access 18+ content on the platform, and the system will gracefully grant them. Then they fall victim to all predators the platform has.

So what do you do to make sure your kids have the right ‘TikTok for kids’? The answer is by using apps that have similar features as TikTok. Then you can say you have your TikTok for kids.

Apps You Can Use As TikTok For Kids

1. Zigazoo

2. Kidoodle

3. ABC Mouse / Adventure Academy

I believe you are familiar with some of these apps, some have been in existence for long before the emergence of TikTok. While few were created to combat the forgotten side of TikTok – for kids.

I will talk about the first 3 as they are the most recommended replacement [ by me ] for TikTok for kids. They are built with features that are kid-friendly and more kid content creators for your kid’s sound mental health.


Best Apps You Must Use As TikToK For Kids

Zak Ringeilstein, the founder of Zigazoo got more worried about the screen time fo his kids when COVID-19 pushed schooling out of the classroom walls to homes and private online classes. The only way to embrace the too much screen time which has come to stay is to make te good out of it by finding means to sneak more education and entertainment into the kids’ screen time.

He launched the Zigazoo where kids can answer short exercises in video form, and upload and share them with their friends on the app. There are exercises in all subjects such as Maths, Science, Arts & Music, Literature and more. And the challenges are simple investigative, educative and creative projects like; ‘Can you find something in your home that is symmetrical’, Can you teach me how to play for favourite sports game’. etc coming from third-party creates such as zoos, certified kid-friendly creators, children’s museums etc.

To enforce the security of kids on the app, Zak uses an API through SightEngine to moderate content and also, encourages parents and guardians to be the primary users of the app. This helps parents to review the friend list of their kids, and remove and accept friend requests. Thus keeping their wards from potential predators.

Google Playstore ranks the app the best and number one on the list of social media for kids and among the top 200 apps for education. And it is also awarded the KidSAFE COPPA Certification.

Features Of Zigazoo

1. Human moderations – only contents that passed the moderation make it t the child’s feed. This ensures that nothing unfriendly gets to the young users of the platform. This process reviews the language state, sound and visuals, personally identifiable information, clothing and relevance to the prompt.

2. Every single account of the platform is backed by parental consent. In other words, the accounts are created by parents.

These features are enough to tell you how secure and kid-friendly this platform is and more helpful when it comes to educating your kids because it fuses the fun with the education making it more mentally digestible for kids, unlike TikTok.

ABC Mouse Adventure Academy 

Best Apps You Must Use As TikToK For Kids

This is one of the oldest learning platforms for kids on the internet that doubled as a fan zone. The fun is equally mixed with the education on this platform. They have the ABC Mouse for kids between 2 – 8 years and the adventure class for kids between 8 – 13 years.

Aside from Zigazoo, which is more of likeness to TikTok, this is the platform you will love to have your kids safe from all forms of mature content and predators and inappropriate materials. This is the best TikTok for school going kids, the TikTok for kids two-in-one. The only difference is, that ABC Mouse and Adventure academy doesn’t have the upload of content feature on its platform.

They let your kids take assessment quizzes to figure out what your need, so they don’t have to throw him between classes depending on his age.

They have lessons and assignments in Reading And Language Arts, Maths, Science, social studies and other activities that engage your kids mentally and psychologically while impacting the with knowledge.

However, you will have to pay a fee after subscribing to your first month of free class. The $12.99 per month can take up to 3 sign ups on one account after your one-month free welcome package.

Do Not Use These Apps As TikTok For Kids

During my research on finding apps that are good for kids instead of TikTok, l came across lists with names such as Triller, Likee, Lomotif and others being recommended for kids. As a parent before you allow your ward to use any of these social media apps, make sure you check the kid-friendliness of the app on

Type the name of the app in the search box on the site and you will know if the app or the platform is certified for kids or not.

To allow your kid to face the pros and cons of TikTok on mental health is a great risk no parent must take because kids are more volatile and can easily get carried away by what they see and see people do.