13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students

The importance and benefits of TikTok have been underrated: the only thing we hear parents and guardians say about it is how the app affects our mental health negatively, get us exposed to hackers and predators and consume the precious time that we can use in doing other ‘meaningful’ things like reading, exercising or taking a nap.

It is a high time we educate them on the benefits of TikTok in general as well as its benefit for students or young ones who use the platform. Depending on the amount of tutelage and supervision under which you can keep your kids [ 13 – 18 ], you will have to allow them to enjoy this TikTok space and explore for themselves.

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Benefits Of TikTok In Everyday Life

This list doesn’t filter on age, sex and other modus operandi, we are just considering the general benefits a user can derive from TikTok every single day or overtime.

1.  It entertains you – Entertainment is a very integral part of human well-being – mentally and psychologically. It brings you back to life when it seems all empty due to stress and hectic daily activities. That is what TikTok does. And the depth of good that does to you can only be explained well enough by a psychologist.

2. Gradual Exposure – TikTik has and still having a staggering growth rate. Putting yourself out there gives you that exposure. But this works best if you have something to do on the platform than watching and commenting on other people’s content. This exposure grows by the day as you post content and then becomes a brand or business avenue for you.

3. Ready Customers & Consumers – Another daily benefit of TikTok is the readily available audience waiting to feed on your content. In case you don’t know, TikTok algorithms are set to reach more consumers with fresh content than any other social media platform.

What this means is that TikTok algorithms allow your content to go more viral than any other social media platform. That is why fame is very cheap and quick on the platform. And l think it is a smart strategy regarding those they are in contest with – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

4. Learning New Things Every Passing Moment, including cultures and lifestyles – TikTok has people from almost every part of the world posting content about their culture, language, food, lifestyle and many more. Even there are vlogs on TikTok dedicated to this type of content where you will learn and probably plan a visit.

5. You Feel Belonged – TikTok bring that feeling of belonging to you as soon as you have people following you, liking, commenting and sharing your posts. This is because the remote interaction between users – helps create a bond – a community. You will wake up every day with that internal feeling that there is a huge number of people waiting to hear from you.

I bet there is no feeling special than that. You are thinking about them just as they are about you. And TikTok plays the merger role between your pool of followers and you. This is a great benefit.

Benefits Of TikTok Of TikTok For Students

Now let us look at the benefits of TikTok in the life of school-going people or young adults. These are the main points one can use to educate his or her parent about the goodness of TikTok. These points show that TikTok is great contrary to popular beliefs.

1. Learning valuable information and skills

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students

You can pick and learn skills that people go to school, and pay to learn on TikTok. I am talking about learning how to bake, cooking some continental cuisines and even education on how to treat your skin or make skincare products with basic materials. For example, this account 

What makes TikTok a place more healthy to learn these skills is that, these tutorials and skill training are very entertaining to follow and execute on your own. You learn with fun.

2. TikTok Unleash The Creativity In You

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students

Every TikTok content creator knows what it takes to create outstanding content – a lot of creativity. This is one of the greatest benefits of TikTok, and it expands to our real world where people discover their advertisement skills, digital marketing skills and more.

TikTok has taught us that we can absorb and learn better with TikTok that the traditional lecture-based lessons and homework all the time. This is because teachers and lecturers around the world are becoming tech-savvy by using videography features to develop creative assignments.

3. You Learn Editing And Directing Skills 

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students

This falls under creativity again. As a TikTok content creator know how to do basic video editings like cutting, audio precisions, transitions and many others. And even if you can’t do it, collaborating with a fellow TikTok content creator helps you in learning.

So, in short, creating TikTok content forces you to be the director, writer and producer of your profile until you grow big enough for the service of professionals.

4.  TikTok Help Improve On Your Listening Skills 

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students

As a lip-syncing app, you can be only outstanding when you make your content look more real during challenges in mimicking lyrics and words. And what demands is for you to listen attentively, and get the words right. Some people even copy these lyrics and words and memorise them just to have their videos look more real.

And that, over time, improves your listening and understanding due to the fun that comes with doing it.

 5. TikTok Instill Discipline. 

Benefits Of TikTok For Students

Just as the point above, you will feel very accomplished and satisfied when you execute your TikTok tasks successfully. Just as content production for other video platforms requires great effort, commitment and determination to accomplish, the same is TikTok.

After harnessing these qualities from TikTok, we apply them to areas of our lives such as passion and interests, This is another benefit of TikTok you can educate your strict and overprotecting parent or guardians on.

6. TikTok Build On Our Self-Esteem 

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students 2 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

By practising pronunciation and speaking before your camera, you are building your confidence and self-esteem and this can help you in school or the workplace where you are asked to present project work, address your new clients or deliver a speech at school.

7. TikTok Gives You A Bigger Platform To Showcase Your Talent 

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students 3 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

When you get creative on TikTok, you are presenting your creativity to the entire 1 billion + audience on the platform. This year alone, more than 4 friends of mine got fame through TikTok. It all started with mimicking words and getting into viral challenges and boom! brands started contacting them for adverts and promotions. And this leads us to the last point of the list of the benefits of TikTok for students.

8. Earning Residual Income

13 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students 4 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

How to make money and how much money you make on TikTok varies depending on the number of followers you have, your interaction rate and which type of product coming your way or you accept. According to research, with at least 100k followers on TikTok, you can make up to $1,500 or more in a week.

Now, gather these points and educate your parent, and wait for the outcome. I believe they will buy you a better phone with a quality camera for your videos or better still become your cheerleaders in the shortest possible time. Despite these benefits of TikTok discussed here, it is just not convincing enough to allow your below 10 years to access this platform. Consider using the TikTok for kids

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