Monetize Your TikTok Account [ 7 Best Ways To Make $1000 ]

When it comes to Tiktok, many still don’t believe that it is a source of making a living and building a fortune by monetising their accounts through a lot of easy ways that require you to do just what you do with less stress.

You can monetize your TikTok account and be walking to the bank or hitting the ATM every single month. It is a huge money-making cheap avenues with this simple steps

So the intention of this article is to present you with the most valuable impactful ways and means to transfer your Tiktok fame likes and views into cash in your pocket – the best ways to making millions from the viral video sharing platform.

On this subject of how to monetise your TikTok account, some of the points are never heard for you. Of course, Tiktok is running ads like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc and also has a budget of $1B as Creators Fund Support to splash on its users who have been able to gather some good numbers on the platform.

The following ways are TikTok internally centred, what that means is that you will have to apply them to work on your active Tiktok account and reap it there. About cross-pollinating your audience to other platforms for monetisation, that will be a topic for another day.


Oh, hold up! Do you know Tiktok has a threshold of followership that you have to reach to have your account monetise? Yes, they do. But it is not a threshold ball game – between 50K – 100K followers, you can have our account granted access to monetisation.

And until you reach that point [ threshold ], all you really have to do is to be consistent within engaging your followers with more and more content in your feed of speciality – that is to help build the right audience for you, figuring out what is the best package for your own unique creative personality, and analysing best-performing themes. With that being said, let’s hop into TikTok monetisation.


Do you know companies and individuals who want to be heard are paying Tiktokers to use their gingles or soundtrack as the background sound for their videos on Tiktok? Yes, TikTok is a very easy get going platform where whenever a new sound or a piece of music or something goes viral, every single person will like to have a video done using the sound by his / herself on the platform.

You would bear with me that, nowadays, most of you hear of some hit songs on TikTok before the radio. After discovering it in Tiktok, then you go looking for it on Youtube for the original video. That is how powerful the platform has become.

With that, if you are having a good amount of viewership, you can get paid to help blow up songs. Because as soon as you upload it, many of your followers are going to download it, extract the sound and mimic the act or words on it.

However, it is very advisable to be specific on what your account is about on Tiktok because obviously, no one will give an ad or commercial about adult education to someone who posts everything trendy on his / her page. You will get the views but the percentage of people that will follow up won’t tally.

Also, one technique for standing out in this category is being able to expand your awareness calls to other platforms like Fiverr or Facebook groups altring music / audio promoters who are always looking for those crop of tiktokers to locate you easier than hiding only on Tiktok account.

Be reminded to use your leading number if you found yourself in this category of inviting agencies and bodies to hire your service. Your most views, most liked most followers and many more. Also, be briefly descriptive of who your audience is.


This is the biggest means through which tiktokers are bringing in revenue on the content that they post on TikTok and also the most cliche means. 90% of the millions that creators generating on and off TikTok comes from major deals and sponsorship. Established creators like ZachKing who is now the second most followed male on the platform easily makes $100,000 per sponsored post.

To have these types of deals coming your way, you need to have a clearly defined audience, do they like finance, cooking skills, comedy, painting etc. You can easily land a brand deal or ambassadorial deal base on the personality of the account or base your own personality. However, you must have some good followers in those fields to have big names coming with big bucks at your door. It is a kind of quantity to quality approach.

You can have small followership and still land these deals but you must have very specific with a single style of content.

You can google those niches in your circle with smaller followership and hit upcoming brands that are yet to make it huge on the platform and let them know you are available for promotion and deals at affordable prices.

Shoot a DM like this; ‘ Hi [ recipient brand ], I have got a [ niche name  ] TikTok account  [ @your TikTok handle link ] that currently stands at [ number of followers you have]. And I am interested in promoting your [ the product line ]. I am an avid user of your products and l have some interesting content ideas I”d love to run by you. Thanks for considering’ 

Something like that can easily get the ball rolling if they love to and replied your DM. This is no rocket science, just smarting up to the system to make ends meet.

One thing you must keep in mind is that most brands are still yet to get used to the power of TikTok. Due to how most stuff from their look comic or entertaining. It is still a new landscape to some big firms. So don’t feel bad to shoot your shot at that company that lives around your niche. You may just become their doorway to success and that will put some huge amount of dollars in your pocket. And far as social media continues to live, these will gradually become part of survival means for some big firms. So keep building your special niche on TikTok and keep shooting DMs at some companies. Opportunities are bound to happen.

Note: Facebook, Instagram and other platforms are now ‘buying’ creators to use their platforms just as they use Tiktok. Yes, TikTok is the new yardstick in content making apart from Youtube.

One means you can advertise your availability is to use ads spots in your videos, an inscription or a banner with a caption like ‘ advertise here’. This will bring awareness to anyone watching your video that you are available for the job. Or do an ad break in the middle of your TikTok videos calling for sponsored ads or page and brand shoutouts.


This type of monetization primarily applies to those that showcase a skill on TikTok.  Skills like coding, photography, graphic designing, video editing, cooking and many more. If you make contents that people can learn from, start telling your followers how they can leverage what you have to offer.

For example. about photography, you can put up videos that demonstrate the before and after using your lightroom precepts can actually hype up interest in those digital products. There is this belief and it is true that you can’t make the money from TikTok by just uploading videos on the platform but if you add an inscription to it describing what you, your level of speciality in that field, you will definitely have people sliding unto your DM for lessons, and that is the source of the cash.

According to popular vlogger Joseph Todd, a graphic designer friend of his is now a 5 figure earning thumbnail designer for a company after displaying his creativity on a TikTok video which got the attention of the company and got him employed on 5 million subs Youtube Channel – a side hustle that is paying him more than his main skill.


This means has been shunned off the platform or let me say, doesn’t occur to many. But it is one of the unique ways of making money. With this, you must be a creator who is very connected to his / her followers because without that sweet relationship they may not even call for the tutorial or attend the virtual class.

Let us take a TikTok magician like Chris Ramsey, with his mind-boggling magic tricks, there must be a few die-hard fans that will be willing to pay a few dollars to learn the tricks and also become social media magicians. They will request custom tutorials.

After creating these custom tutorials, you can charge a few dollars to access them. Yes, don’t make it for free. The die-hard fans will do everything to learn the tricks. On where to host those virtual classes, you can use Patreon or buy me a coffee 

And about driving content to the gated content, a lot of creators only leave comments under their posts and pin it up to the top of the comment or mention at the last 3 seconds of their videos. But there is a better idea: mentioning your ‘gated exclusive content, during a live video works like magic. As you are on live, drop the link to your Patreon or buy me a coffee account in the bio and hint them about the benefits if they make it to the platforms or pay and access the content.


Now, this requires you to have a decent amount of followers to make it worth your time. You are a creator who believes you have too much to offer but TikTok doesn’t give you enough ‘long’ 3 or 5 minutes for you to put all those knowledge together.

You can host a live workshop for your followers and charge them a few dollars to access it. In whatever niche you find yourself, this technique can help you make some cool cash, but as said earlier, you must have good followership to have this worth the time you will invest.

The online shows or workshops must strictly be about teaching or entertaining your followers in exchange for some bucks. No advertisements whether sponsored or not, no break for marketing etc. A typical example is Designer Tom, he has successfully built the hype for his online education which he does on selected days throughout the week in the tech space for a cool few dollars

Creating awareness for these live workshops must come from you in a more direct way, like using the TikTok videos to announce the date ahead of the event. Use the 4th step to announce these events – make sure you have the numbers that will make your time worth it.

However, to have success at this fall back to the trust you build with your followers as a creator, how much you respond to their comments, how they respond to your post and how many shares they give on average.


This is one of those cliche means of getting money on TikTok that most users ignore. An affiliate partnership is just another word for affiliate marketing where you are paid a commission based on someone clicking and making a purchase via a referral affiliate link in your content.

You can do this without losing any money, all you have is your video and then go fetch an affiliate link of the product you want to advertise from your affiliate marketing account of the said product. But it helps to have a vested interest in the product,  for example, if you are into gaming, you can make a review of the newest gaming keyboard and drop the referral link to the product on Amason in your bio.

The key to successful affiliate marketing on TikTok is to give yourself as much creative flexibility so you can and work your products into your videos organically with your unique style.

Secondly, make your affiliate offer actually aligns with your niche. In case you watching a video about how to make money on Twitter and an ad about clothes pops up, there is obviously no connection between what you are watching and what you are being asked to click. So make sure you insert the right affiliate links for the higher clicks and commission.

And note: TikTok will only get better and better as they are in beta testing the ability to add a custom URL to a video on the platform – this is very similar to adding Wikipedia links to videos. And this when finally enrolled, will help affiliate marketing by keeping it just a click away. So now is the time for you to learn and master the TikTok techniques and ground yourself in affiliate marketing while you wait for the bright days.


The last must idea must have snd some clicks down your brain already- it is self-explanatory. This section is a collection of avenues or sites TikTok users are using to generate money from their content on TikTok.

Those are the few ways you can monetize your TikTok account and make some cool amount of money by doing what you know to do.

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