Novels: I Don’t Want Popularity III

#Shin_Park’s POV

I woke up with a light headache, with what I even went through yesterday what am I expecting?
I took my bath and rubbed lotion on my perfectly white skin, I checked myself in the mirror.
I’m still the same Myun Shin Park, son of President Myun Do Kyung.
Yes I’m the president’s son, most people don’t know I’m in Korea now.

The reason why I’m hiding myself is complicated, but now I am coming out of hiding except in school.
I have this strong aura, no girl wouldn’t take a second look at me. I’m not bragging but that’s the truth.
I know I’m very cute and s3xy like most Korean idols and stuff, I’m just different from them.

I wouldn’t call it a gift, once a girl crushes on me, it’s hard to stop it.
I lost the love of my life because of this, she killed herself.
I don’t want to talk about that now, I’ve been in Heaven’s Hill for a while now and no one knows.
My parents had me live in this mansion without people knowing I’m the one, I don’t want popularity. I just want a normal life, one free of trouble and sorrows.
I wore my clothes and covered my head with my hoodie, there’s no school today so I’m going out for a jog..

I put my headphones on and started *playing a song, I started jogging. I jogged really far* , feels so good to be free once.
I stopped at a nearby park, I sit on a bench to catch my breath. Only for a girl to come sit beside me, she looked at me and almost screamed. I quickly covered her mouth with my hands, Oh no it’s the troublesome Sun Nim.

‘Please don’t scream I’m begging you, please I’ll do anything you want’ I said calmly.
‘Myun Shin Park! President’s son and biggest dancer. I’m a great fan!’ She said happily, she doesn’t recognize me with my real face.
‘Thanks I have to go now’ I said trying to leave.
‘Wait… I want a picture and your number or I’ll scream’ she threatened.
I looked around, there are so many people here. If she screams, I’m dead.
‘Okay’ we took a few pictures, I gave her my number. I will just block her later.

‘Thanks…oh my God! I just took a picture with Myun Shin Park! The president’s son!’ she screamed loudly as she posted on her social media accounts and she forgot she’s in a park.
Everyone turned their attention to me, I always knew Sun Nim will kill me one day.
‘Its really Myun Shin Park!’ a girl pointed.
‘Oppa is in Korea! We love you Oppa!’
She shrugged, ‘I’m sorry’

‘Thanks a million’ I took to my heels and started running.
It’s not like they all wanna date me, it’s just that if I should wait for autographs or pictures there will be trouble.
A fight might break out and I don’t want that to happen, I called my driver to come pick me up.
I hid at a corner, after a while he found me. I jumped into the car and he drove off, I sighed in relief.

Sun Nim is one hell of a person, I entered the mansion.
A maid removed my jacket to wash, I went upstairs for a shower.
After showering, I switched on my TV while taking a coffee a maid brought me.
And the first thing I saw was called Myun Shin Park, me.
I hardly dance or act anymore, why are they so… Annoying?
‘I can’t believe Oppa is in Korea! We miss him so much! Come back to entertainment Oppa!’

‘I saw him… We even took a lot pictures and I have his number too!’ I heard Sun Nim say.
A lot of people crowded her asking for my number, gosh this girl is killing me.
I received a call from my dad immediately, more trouble.
‘What is this I’m hearing Shin Park?!’ he yelled.
‘Dad I only went for a jog’ I explained.
‘How can you go out alone without your bodyguards or maids??! Do you want to kill yourself!’

‘I’m sorry dad’
‘Hope none of your school mates recognized you?’
‘No dad… I wasn’t wearing makeup remember?’
‘You need to be very careful, this must never repeat itself. I have to go now so many calls are coming in, Minister Wang is calling and you know what it means’
‘Yes dad… It won’t happen again’ I said and he hung up.
Another call came in from Jimin, he started laughing as soon as I picked the call.
‘What’s so funny Jimin!’ I asked.

‘Sun Nim has finally landed you in trouble as usual, I can’t believe you had to go out alone with your real face’
‘I only went for a jog, I never knew she’d be there’
‘I’m coming over now… We have to talk’ he laughed and hung up.
I sighed and thought about Minister Wang, Lucy Wang’s father.
He wants me to marry his daughter, Eva Wang who is Lucy’s older sister.
Now he knows I’m here, I can’t have a good sleep anymore. All thanks to Sun Nim.

#Sun Nim’s POV
I woke up this morning feeling better, I forgot there’s no school today. I can’t wait to go so I can begin my investigation on Shin Park.
I Hyun Sun Nim will find out whatever Shin Park is hiding.
I decided to go to the park today, I hope to find another issue to look into. I quickly dressed up and went to the park.

I went to sit on a bench, someone is already there with a hoodie.
My curiosity made me look up to see the president’s son.
But I’ve got him in trouble, and I even told everyone about his number that I have now.
I had to run away too, Shin Park is every girls dream. I can’t believe I met him in real life.
I’m going to show this to Lucy right now, although I have something in mind.
His voice sounds exactly like Shin Park in school, or is it what I’m thinking?.
No they can’t be related.
I am so crushing on this one!

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