Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 14

Kehinde perused over the text message Sade sent to him the previous night and wondered what she wanted them to discuss in privacy after she refused to answer his questions before her pastor and his wife.

He glanced through his wristwatch, got dressed and picked up his car keys and began to drive down to the junction where he would pick Sade up to the mountain where they agreed stay for their private meeting.

Sade told the church mummy she was going to the school, and insisted on going even when the church mummy asked her to call the school and informed them that she’s sick.

She refused, went to the school and obtained a permission before going to the junction where Kehinde would pick her up.

Before she arrived the junction, Kehinde was already there waiting for her. She arrived there covering her face with a long veil to hide her identity and entered the car immediately, greeted him and they drove to the mountain in silence.

Kehinde searched for a quiet place and they both sat down while she avoided his eyes.
“You sent me a text that you want to discuss something with me. Can we talk about it now?” He asked calmly and he observed her keenly.

“Yes,” she said, “and thank you for honouring me even at this dishonourable period of my life” she continued still looking away from him.
“Brother Kehinde, I know I have disappointed you and…and.. I don’t even know what to say but am sorry.

I didn’t want to answer your questions yesterday because everyone already believe you are responsible for the pregnancy and you are not” she said and kept quiet.

“So you have been sleeping with Kola?” Kehinde asked with displeasure in his eyes.
“No, I didn’t sleep with hi…” She was trying to explain but he cut her short.
“Then who is responsible?” he asked almost losing his temper.
“You told me you were a virgin, how come you are pregnant Sade?” He continued.

“I don’t know how it happened, am still a virgin. I didn’t have sex with any man!” She bursted into tears.
“You can’t continue to lie Sade, nobody would believe you. Even though I want to believe you but I can’t.

No I can’t! There’s something you are not telling us!” Kehinde bursted out in anger ignoring her tears.

“The only virgin that got pregnant without knowing a man was virgin Mary who was privileged to carry the saviour of the world. Sister Sade, we aren’t expecting another saviour.

You are pregnant because you had intercourse with a man. Who is the man?” He asked boiling inside.

” I don’t know. Brother kehinde please believe me, you are the only person that can help me right now. Please believe me,I’m not lying, am a ” she knelt down before him crying and he paused.

“Help you to do what? I hope you are not trying to ask me to accept responsibility for another man’s child?… If that’s what you are asking me to do, then you are joking…” He said in annoyance, but she interrupted him.

“No!… No.., that’s not what am saying” she cut in trying to explain.
” First,I need you to believe me that I didn’t sleep with any man because I didn’t” she said and breathed down heavily, then continued.

“Then secondly, I want you to stand in with me in prayers. I strongly believe that God will reveal the mystery behind this pregnancy to us. Please help me” she said helplessly and he bursted out in a provocative laughter.

” prayer? Where is that done?” He asked in disbelief.
” just tell me you are looking for an opportunity to implicate me, but I assure you that you won’t succeed.” He said and stood up to leave. But Sade rushed to him and held unto his legs crying.

“Don’t leave me please, my parents and everyone are already against me for a pregnancy I can’t explain how it came into being, Kola has abandoned me.

I feel suicidal, please don’t leave me…” She begged still clinging to his legs as her tears wet his trouser. He was touched to the bone marrows, but still he didn’t know how to stay close to help or pray with a woman he is being accused of impregnating.

“Holy Spirit please help me to help her if she is indeed saying the truth” he whispered a short prayer, searched his mind for the next direction before instructing her to take her seat and he helped her to stand from her kneeling position.

“You have to stop crying because of your condition. I will try my best to believe you but you have to also help me to believe you” he said calmly.

“Sade, I have tasted the other side of life very well before I repented. I did so many unthinkable things which today am not proud to talk about. I slept with countless women both Christian girls and none Christians and had many of them aborted for me.

I defiled many young virgins on campus and lured many girls from good Christian homes into formication with money and material things. Anything that has to do with man and woman I did them all before God arrested me in my final year in the university.

So there’s nothing I’ve not seen or heard in this life.” He narrated looking at the surprised Sade who opened her mouth staring at him.

“Sade, a thought came to my mind right now and I believe the Holy Spirit is trying to give us a clue to the mystery behind this pregnancy” he said, looking straight into her eyes and he saw life returning back to her as she readjusted herself well on the seat and gave him her undivided attention.

“I want you to answer the questions I want to ask you now without any form of shyness or cover up. Don’t hide anything, tell me exactly what you know about it” he said and she nodded her head with readiness to do as he said.

“Number one question” he said and looked intently into her eyes,
“Have you ever visited a man’s house and you were alone with him in his room?” He asked still looking into her eyes as she tried to recollect…

To be continued