Novels: Technical Virgin Ep: 20

“Hello daddy!” Kehinde said at the other end immediately the Pastor picked his call.

“Hello brother Kenny” the Pastor replied and on noticing how fast he was breathing, he asked
“Is everything alright? You are not sounding fine” he asked Kehinde over the phone.
“Daddy, where are you, something terrible has happened. Are you at home?” Kehinde said in a hurry.

“Yes…am home. Can you…” The Pastor was still trying to talk when Kehinde interrupted him.
“Alright, I’m coming to the house right away!” He said and ended the call.
In less than 45minutes, he arrived at the parsonage and met the Pastor and his wife already waiting for him. He entered the parlor in tears and suddenly, words failed him to convey the message he came with to them.

“Daddy… Kola, Kolade!” He bursted into a loud cry as the confused Pastor and his wife watched him perplexedly.
“What about Kolade? Is he okay?” The Pastor queried,stood up and walked towards him. Unable to talk as he cried, he handed his phone to the Pastor to see the picture sent to him on WhatsApp. It was the picture of the accident scene and the sight of it was so disgusting, so the Pastor on recognizing the very clothes and body stature of Kola gave a heartbreaking scream and fell back to the cushion closest to him .

As his wife was going over to him to see what was in the phone, Sade came out from the quest room having heard the Pastor screamed so loud.
On entering the parlor, she saw Kehinde in tears and the Pastor holding his chest due to shock, then she observed the pastor’s wife looking into the phone in her husband’s hand who later joined in the cry.

She had the urge to go over to the Pastor and have a glance at the sight in the phone that’s making everyone cry but she had been taught by her parents as a child never to peep into elders affairs,so she decided to stand back and give the Pastor his due respect.

“Daddy,mummy” she said after some minutes of standing at a spot without a clue of what was happening.
“Can someone please explain to me what’s happening?” She said focusing her attention on Kehinde but no one answered her. The Pastor glanced through the WhatsApp messages and pictures again and found out that the accident scenes were actually posted to the WhatsApp group of the past University of Ibadan students Set 2010/2011 in which both Kolade, Kehinde and the young man Kola was going to meet in Onitsha were members.

“Breaking News!
We lost one of our own in a ghastly motto accident early this morning in Onitsha. Kolade Ayorinde was actually relocating to Onitsha from the western part of the country but couldn’t make it to his destination as a trailer collided with the bus conveying him and other passengers. I personally mourn his death with a heavy heart.

Please, if you know any member of his family, please contact them to come and claim his body which have been deposited in the mortuary. Call this number for more enquiry… 080*.” Ayo , the young man whom Kola was going to meet in Onitsha wrote in the group chat beneath the pictures…. “Ah!!! Brother Kola! He impacted my life so much on campus. God why?”

A girl named Queen in the group commented:“This is unbelievable! It can’t be bro Kola.

I called him last week on phone to invite him to minister in a 1day youth program in my church and he agreed to honour my invitation. Ah! Don’t tell me that brother Kola is dead o!” Someone commented in the group chat.

“This is really a painful death, I can’t hold my tears. But my joy is that brother Kola died in the Lord. Brother Kola, rest in peace till we meet in heaven to part no more” a lady commented and posted a crying emoji.

“RIP ” someone whose name was Jazzy commented and posted an internet business advert.

“Guy, you are wicked, so you have the heart to post your useless scheme abi scam advert for here when we are mourning the death of a young person. You dey mad for brain o” someone attacked Jazzy.

“See me see wahala o! Person wey don die don die o. We wey still dey alive need to make money o. With just 1k, you go get 5k in less than 20minutes o. Hurry now as e dey hot oo 😂😂!” Jazzy replied his attacker.

“Crying…. Brother Kola was the one that led me to Christ on campus. God why? Why?
Rest in peace” Another member commented.

“Guys, we need to attend this guy burial o! Please update us here when the date of the burial is fixed” a guy named Balogun commented.

“Yoruba people and party! You wan go chop owambe rice abi …lol..” Another guy whose name was abbreviated as CJ commented, referring to Balogun.

“Jesu!!!! Well, I know bother Kola is with the Lord. It’s not about the number of years lived, but the level of impact made. Bother Kola made great impact while he lived, so rest on!” A girl named Abike commented.

“Not about the number of years lived abi? Oya make you go die at the age of 27 na. See ya mouth 😏😏!” A young man named Bobby attacked Abike.

“RIP bro” Some other persons commented and the Pastor dropped the phone and looked up at Sade.
“Sit down sister Sade” the Pastor said and watched her in her protruding stomach with pity….

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