Novels: I Don’t Want Popularity IV

#Sun_Nim’s POV

I can’t believe I’m getting so popular in Heavens Hill.
Almost everyone even boys in school wants the president’s son number, and I had to start lying I didn’t have it.
He might not like that, and I don’t want to get him into more trouble than I already have.
Only one thing still baffled me, why are their feature and voice so alike.

Myun Shin Park and Kang Shin Park.
They even bear the same name only their surname is different, and that’s so strange.
He touched me and I still remember how it feels, I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it. He’s one in a million, I wish I could see him again.
I am sitting by the river again, I like being alone here if I’m bored. People hardly come here, well except that strange guy.

I followed him to this spot one day and found it so cool, Shin Park’s one hell of a weirdo.
Speaking of a weirdo, here comes Shin Park looking all grumpy and sad, I started singing pretending not to see him coming.

I was singing a song by Adele hello actually, I faced the river.
‘Stop singing that’ he said as he got to where I was.
‘What? Why?’
‘Just stop singing it!’ he replied leaving.
‘Well you just can’t ask me to stop singing weirdo without a good reason so I won’t stop’ I said and continued singing.

He jerked me up and I saw his eyes clearly, they’re so beautiful and angry.
‘It reminds me of someone so please stop singing it!’
His touch I swear it’s so familiar, he quickly let me go and sits on the floor.
‘I’m so sorry… I got out of control’ he said.
I sat beside him, ‘It’s someone you love right?’

He sighed, ‘My girlfriend loves this particular singer and the song, it reminds me of her’
‘Oh..did you break up?’
I never knew someone as weird as Shin Park could actually have a girlfriend.
‘She died, she killed herself because she thought I was cheating on her’ he said and I feel tears drop.

I guess he’s been trying to fight back those tears.
‘I’m sorry…i didn’t know… I won’t sing it again, it’s just that I also like her’ I said, I feel so sorry for him.
He carefully wiped his tears, I saw something on his wrist. A band, I think I’ve seen this before but where.
And why does his story about a dead girlfriend match with Myun Shin Park’s own?

I knew it! He’s hiding something and I’m going to find out what.
‘It’s okay… I should probably go now’ he said.
‘I used to crush on someone who doesn’t even know I exist, can you believe I’ve met him two days ago?’
‘Really? That’s good’
‘He’s the president’s son, you must have seen it on the news. I almost got him killed and I took lots of pictures, it’s a lifetime memory’

He stared at me like I’m crazy, his look is now so different.
‘You better stop dreaming about him because you’re not his type’ he replied and I got angry.
‘How do you know his type’ I asked angrily, how dare he say that to me.
‘because he only likes beautiful, rich and less troublesome girls’
I felt a tear slide down my face, how dare he treat me this way?

‘I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… ‘
‘Get lost milking goat! How can you say such a disgusting thing to me? Am I that bad?’ I cried.
He tried to touch me but I slapped his hand away, ‘Thanks a lot, I was only trying to make you feel better’
I started walking away and he dragged me back, the way I turned, our lips touched.
His body is so close and I feel so strange, why does it feel like… I looked up at him and I swear he looks different.

‘I’m sorry… I never meant to make you feel bad. I don’t like making girls cry’ he said.
I feel so numb, that’s exactly what the president’s son always says.
And all he’s been doing makes it look like he’s the one, even his touch.. No it’s not.
I’m just going crazy over nothing.
‘Excuse me’ I said and left hurriedly.
I need a cool shower because I’m going crazy.

#Shin_Park’s POV

What is wrong with me? I didn’t get a good night sleep because of what happened.
And now hugging her feels like… I don’t know, I feel weird.
Our lips touched and I didn’t want that to happen at all, now I can’t get the memory off my head.

I didn’t mean to make her cry, but I can’t date a girl like her. I only wanted her to stop reminding me of Hannah my dead girlfriend.
Look where it has landed me, I tossed and turned on the bed. I can’t sleep.
A call came through to my phone, it’s a strange number.
I picked it and heard sniffling, ‘Hey it’s me, Sun Nim the girl who you met at the park’

‘Oh… The one that almost got me killed’ I said.
‘I’m sorry… Can I ask you for a favor?’ she asked.
‘I don’t think so’
‘Then I’m going to give your number to everyone in Korea today’ she threatened.
‘No wait… Alright ask’ I can’t change my number now because of some things.

‘Can I see you at least for a day?’ she asked.
‘but why… I can’t go out’ I lied.
‘I’ll come to your house… Just give me the address, and I know you don’t live with your parents’
‘Fine… Tomorrow then… But please don’t forget to delete my number after tomorrow’
‘I’ll see about that, I’ll call you tomorrow’ she hung up.
What did I ever do to deserve this from Sun Nim?
Seeing her is like going to hell, and worse is I can’t even concentrate well’
I should probably shower again.

.The next day she avoided me all through, not that I’m not happy.
I told Jimin about her visit and he advised me to be careful with her.
As soon as school closed, I rushed home and sent my driver to go pick her up in a simple car.

I quickly bath and changed my clothes, I saw them drive in.
I went downstairs to meet her, she was looking at the pictures and designs in the house.
‘Sun Nim right’ I said and she looked back.
‘OMG! It’s really you!’ she said breathlessly.
Tell me this is not happening, I quickly caught her as she fainted.
Why should this happen now?
Sun Nim is in my house, I’m dead.