I Don’t Want Popularity VIII And IX

Episode 8

#Shin_Park’s POV

She fainted seriously.
I smiled at her beautiful funny face, just look at her. Fainting suits her a lot. Just because I said be my girlfriend, it’s not new to me anyway.
Some girls faint just by looking at me, yeah she did yesterday.
I stared at her perfectly pink lips, why am I noticing all this now and why do I even care about her?

I wanted to wake her up… But then I ended up filling my curiosity, I kissed her.
Her eyes fluttered open, she stared at me wide eyed.
I smiled at her, she sat up scratching her hair and touching her lips.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Oppa did you kiss me?” she replied with a question.
“I think I did” her eyes widened more, she covered her mouth.
“I’m dreaming… Dreaming” she slapped herself, I laughed she’s very funny.
“Please be my girlfriend and… Don’t faint please” I said.

She looks like she’s going to cry, “But… Why the sudden change Oppa? You said I’m not your type”
I sighed, I might as well just tell her the truth.
“I actually need your help with this… ” I explained everything to her, she nodded in disappointment even though she still smiled.

“I will help you Shin Park” she said.
“Really? Thanks a lot… You deserve a kiss” I said and she blushed.
“Well.. I’m not really experienced in kissing Oppa” she said shyly.
Now that’s interesting.
“So… I’m your first boyfriend?” I asked and she nods.
Wow… Sun Nim?

Of all girls I thought she was just like her mouth, loose.
I moved closer to her, I suddenly feel like tasting her lips before anyone does.
“What if I kissed you now?” I teased.
“I’d be in heaven” she said then covered her mouth, “I mean… I’d be in hell… No I meant I’d like to…oh my God I’m going crazy”
I laughed, “I’ll kiss you then”

Before she could say Jack, I k*ssed her and damn I love her lips.
She opened her mouth and I gained full access to it, she’s not good enough but she’s a fast learner.
I pulled her by the waist, her hands went to my hair. I’m going crazy, I deepened the k*ss this time more hot and intense.

We are making out on the grass, and I don’t think I’d like to stop. I haven’t really kissed a girl in like two years.
I stopped and stared at her, “You’re gonna make a good girlfriend”
She blushed, I sat up and dragged her beside me.

“Don’t worry… I won’t force you to do anything with me if you don’t want to” I said because she’s silent and her face is down.
I brought her face up with my fingers, “Stop being so shy with me… Just act like I’m the same Shin Park you’ve known in your class”

She nodded, “So we’ll be fake dating from now on…”
“Yes… I’m sorry if I’m hurting you”
She shakes her head, “No don’t say that… You’re not forcing me… I agreed to do it so don’t worry”
I checked the time, lunch break will soon be over in five minutes.

“We should get going now” I said standing up.
“If you get to class late, no teacher can question you. So stay and have lunch with me” she dragged me back.
I watched as she brought out the food, will I be able to eat this?

But there’s so much fish like she produces them or something.
“Here have some” she gave me some, I tasted it and it’s so delicious.
“Wow… Who made this?” I asked.
“I made it myself” she said shyly.
I smiled, “You’re a great cook”

#Sun_Nim’s POV

I can’t believe I just had my first k*ss with such an amazing person, wow I’m so lucky.

He asked me to be his fake girlfriend, I know he’s just doing this because of his parents but I love it.
I will just enjoy it while it lasts.
I can’t stop touching my lips, his k*ss is so romantic and sweet. I didn’t know he could kiss so well, I learnt fast.

But the way he kissed me, like he’s hungry for something or not.
“Sun Nim are you Okay?” Miss Anna asked, I smiled and realised the whole class is looking at me.

“Yes ma’am” I said embarrassed, she went back to teaching.
Shin Park looked back and winked at me, gosh this is all still a dream and I don’t wanna wake up.
“Are you sure you’re Okay bestie?” Lucy asked worried.
“Sure… I am super” I replied smiling.
“Where did you go to during lunch break?”
“I quickly went home for some fish” I lied, she raised her brow.
“Really? Since when did you start running out of fish?”
“Since today… I felt so hungry Okay” I said facing the board.

She rolled her eyes and continued writing, if only you know how happy I am.
As soon as school closed, I said goodbye to Lucy because I feel like going home alone today.

An expensive car suddenly stops in front of me on my way home, Two heavy men came out.
“We have an order from our boss to come get you” one said.
I got scared moving backwards, “No I don’t know your boss… So I’m not coming”

My phone started ringing, I ran off and hid at a corner. I saw the caller ID, it’s Shin Park.
“Oppa please help me… Some men are trying to kidnap me” I said scared and he laughed.
He’s laughing when my life is in danger, I frowned.
“Relax baby girl… They’re my men and I sent them to get you” he said still laughing.

“Oh” I frowned, “It’s not funny, you scared me” I turned to see those men panting and glaring at me.
I shrugged and laughed nervously, I followed them into the car.
They took me to his house, I entered the mansion and ran into his arms without thinking.

“It’s okay baby girl… I sent them to get you so don’t panic” he surprisingly consoled me.
He keeps calling me baby girl, how sweet.
“I’m sorry… I overreacted” I said.
I stared into his eyes, so sparkly and so alluring.

“Eva has told my parents… And they demanded that I bring you tomorrow… So what do you think?” he said making my heart jump.
The president wants to meet me?…

Episode 9

#Sun_Nim’s POV

The president of this country wants to see me?
My palms became sweaty, I’m so nervous and scared. What if they don’t like me? I know I’m not his real girlfriend but still I have to make a good impression right.
“Don’t worry yourself too much… My parents are not really difficult” he said reassuring me.

I nod, we sat on the couch and a maid served me some juice.
My phone started ringing again, I checked it and this time it’s Do Kyung. A very cute guy in Lucy’s neighbourhood, he likes me but I don’t think I want to date him.
I just like him as a friend, he’s so nice and cool.

I picked it up, Shin Park just stared at me like I’m acting a movie.
“Hey… No I’m not home… Sure we can meet up…. Alright I’ll call you… Bye” I said and hung up.
He stared at me like I owe him an explanation, I sighed.

“That’s Kim Do Kyung… He’s a good friend” I said, he nods and I don’t think he’s happy somehow.
“Well… Is that all you wanted to tell me?” I asked.
“I think… You wanna leave so early?”
“Not really but I have to go change and prepare for… ”
“Your date?” he cuts me off.
“Yes… I don’t understand why you’re sounding mad” I said.
“Well… He’s your boyfriend isn’t he?”
“He’s just a friend who wants to be but I didn’t accept… Because I..” I stopped, I thought we’re supposed to be fake dating.

Why is he sounding like he’s angry.
“Never mind… I’m not your boyfriend anyways” He said and walked upstairs.
Huh? Is he gonna leave me alone and stay in his room? No, I won’t accept.

I went upstairs and located his room, he was pacing up and down like he’s confused about something.
He turned on sighting my shadow, I moved closer to him and stopped.
“Why are you mad at me?” I asked.
“I’m not mad at you… So you’re free” he replied smiling.
“So I can go on the date?”
“We can hug”
“We can kiss?”

He stopped and glared at me, I moved back trying to escape but he caught me at the door and pinned me to the door.
“don’t joke with me Sun Nim… Fake or not, you have to act like its real. So No… He can’t kiss you, understand” he said in a very scary possessive tone.

I nodded quickly and he smiled, he touched my lips and suddenly kissed me again.
This time I’m more experience than before, my heart is threatening to jump out of my chest.

“I just can’t get enough of your lips” he said in between the kiss and continued again.
He pulled away, “You can’t let anyone else in, at least not while we’re still fake dating”
I nodded unable to talk, he smirked and brushed my hair with his warm hands.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked him.
“Sure…go ahead”
“What happens if the whole world were to find out you’re dating someone like me?”
“The world’s opinion doesn’t matter to me… As long as I want to date you… I will” he said.
“Okay… ” he just said that like he really wants to date me.

We went down and had lunch, he wanted to know more about me and I ended up saying the truth about myself.
He looks surprised, well I act like I’m from some kind of rich family. Lucy told me its the only way to survive, and I still managed to keep it a secret.

“We’re just gonna tell dad something else until I think of what to do” he suggested.
“Whatever you say is fine by me”
I don’t know why I’m suddenly nervous and excited around him, the person I used to call a milking goat because of his weirdness.

He made some call, after that he escorted me home actually wearing a mask this time.
As soon as I got in, my two big sisters Kim Han and Kim Nana rushed to me.
Time for interrogation.
“Who’s that masked guy who dropped you off?” Kim Nana asked.
“He’s a friend from school” I replied.
“A friend Uh? He must be very rich and I know he’s your boyfriend” Kim Han teased.

I jumped up, “Leave me alone girls… I need to prepare for something important”
“Like a date?”
“Aish you’re so nosy” I said and ran upstairs, mom and dad must be at the market.
Well… I have a date to get to.

Kim Do Kyung is really nice, he took me to a very important and expensive place.
I think he really likes me, maybe I could give him a chance after this fake dating is over.

Oppa can’t date me, I’m not his type.
So I can seek for simpler people like him.
Just when he’s about to tell me something important, I saw Oppa coming in with his mask on.
Is he following me?…

To be continued…

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