Novels: I Don’t Want Popularity VII

#Shin_Park’s POV

She came to sit beside touching my hair lightly, I suddenly want to puke because of her closeness.
“Ummm… Eva can you please… move a little?”
“Closer?” She asked smirking.
“No not close I mean… please stop this Eva you’re making me uncomfortable with you” I blurted out.

She stared at me hurt visible in her eyes, “You know how much I want you Shin Park, why can’t you just do the same?”
I sighed, “Eva you’re very beautiful and you deserve better, besides I have someone I love”

I know I lied, but what could I do? I don’t want to mislead her by pretending to love her. It leads to unending trouble.
Her eyes are teary, “I don’t believe that… Everyone knows you don’t have a girlfriend at all”
“You’re wrong Eva… I do, I just don’t want to make it official yet” I said.
She stood up in anger, “She can never love you the way I do”
“Eva I’m sorry…” She wiped her tears and walked out.

I palmed my face, what to do now?
She’s going to tell her father and he’ll tell my parents about this, who do I present as my girlfriend now?
My mind immediately went to Sun Nim.. not her, why am I still thinking about her?
I can’t make her my girlfriend… This is just a stupid idea.
I won’t have a good night sleep at all tonight.

I went to school the next morning as usual, I walked straight to class.
I sat on my seat trying to study my notes when Jimin jumped in front of me, seriously dude it’s too early.

“Tell me all about it” he said raising his brows in a funny way.
I glared at him, “It’s too early for this Jimin… maybe later”
He took my book and faced me, “now spill”
I sighed, “She already knows my identity but she promised to keep it hidden”
His mouth dropped open, “And world war viii began”
“Eva came also”
“Wait… what? Was it during or after the visit?” He asked.

He shook his head, “That’s not good”
“That’s not the worse part… in order to get rid of Eva, I told her I have a girlfriend. And you know what it means… I don’t know what to do” I said frustrated.
“That’s difficult… which girl are we gonna use?” He asked, just then Sun Nim and Lucy walked in.

My eyes met with hers, she smiled at me as she walked to her seat. Jimin noticed and gave me a weird look, I don’t have a choice.
“She’s not your type” Jimin whispered.
“I don’t have a choice… she’s my only option… for the pretense” I said and collected my book from him.

He shakes his head and went to his seat, I looked back at Sun Nim and she blushed smiling.
I faced my front and continued studying my book, I just wonder how I’m going to tell her.
I don’t want her to freak out or take it too serious, although nowadays I don’t understand why I am excited to see her.

After classes during lunch break, I went to the riverside to sit alone hoping to meet Sun Nim there. I just wanna see her or even touch her, did I just say that?
I got disappointed, she isn’t there. But I sat down throwing stones at the river and thinking about what to do.
Maybe I should just forget about it and not ask her? She might feel bad if she knows I’m trying to use her.

“Who?” I heard a voice and turned abruptly.
Sun Nim, she’s holding a lunch box and is standing behind me.
Did I say that out? I never noticed.
“Ummm… Nothing” I said.
She sat beside me and dropped the lunch box on the floor, “I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about how I’ve been close to you and I never knew you… It’s just so hard to take in… but it’s okay. What’s bothering you?” She asked staring at my face.

“Like I said it’s nothing… Never mind”
She sighed quietly, “Everyone seems to think I’m a bad person… so they don’t want to share anything with me”
She had her face down, I moved closer to her and brought her face up.
I looked into her eyes which showed hurt, “I don’t think you’re bad”

“You don’t have to worry… I know my mouth runs a lot and I’m very nosy”
My eyes went to her lips as she talked, I want to stop her from talking. This is my opportunity to ask her to help me.
I shut her up by placing my lips on hers, her eyes fluttered open as she stared blankly and shocked.

I think she’s inexperienced with this because she doesn’t seem to know what to do.
I disengaged and stared into her eyes, she blinked rapidly. She blushed and looked away, I think she’s embarrassed.
“I’m sorry… I didn’t know you…”
She closed her eyes, “Don’t apologize please… I’m… I’m so shocked and confused”

I held her shoulders, “I need your help with something” I said to her.
She scratched her head, “I will do anything for you… I mean what do you want me to do?”
“Please be my girlfriend” I said and she fainted..

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