How To Download Videos From Facebook, Twitter, IG In 2021

Do you want to know how to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other platforms where those eye-catching videos are? Let me walk you through how l do it.

Downloading those videos is no rocket science but as the saying always goes, knowledge is power – having the know-how about something puts you ahead of everyone doing it or trying to do it.

First, let us begin with how to download videos from Facebook. As said earlier, you just have to follow these steps I am about to drop and have all your wanted videos on your cell phone or drive.

For Facebook videos, I used a website called I think the name is self-descriptive. ( Any Facebook video link you put there is going down into your phone or device ).

All you have to do is get the link to the video you want to download from Facebook. If you don’t know how to get the video link on Facebook, check out the images below.

How To Download Videos From Facebook

After getting or copying the link, head straight to the aforementioned website ( ) and paste the link in the provided space there, and hit download.

You will be presented with video quality types to choose from. Chose the one your phone will support or you want ( I always choose the normal quality, but there is HD and more you can choose from ). By clicking to select the video format you want, your video starts downloading.

How To Download Videos From Twitter.

Just like Facebook, Twitter video downloading is one of the quickest and easier.

Get the tweet that contains the video you want to download and copy the link to it. You can do that by either clicking on the tweet that contains the video and copying the URL from the address bar or clicking on the 3 dots ( … ) in the right corner of the tweet to see ‘copy link to tweet ‘.

That is if you are using accessing the Twitter platform with a browser or a laptop. But on the app, you will have to click the share button on the tweet containing the video and select the copy link.

Now head to and paste the copied link in the ‘paste tweet URL here’ box provided and hit download.

How To Download Videos From Instagram

For me downloading videos or photos from Instagram comes in only one shape, that is by using the app. I have tried the app and the website and my choice is the app ( that’s doesn’t mean the website won’t get the job done for you ). The app is faster and it automatically picks the URL of the video as soon as you copy it to your clipboard but with the website (,  you will have to visit the site and follow procedures just it is done for Twitter to get the video downloaded.

Download the app from this link and enjoy or use the website. Whichever you prefer.

How To Download Videos From Youtube

YouTube’s download bottom doesn’t download the video to your phone or device but saves it on the platform for offline access. So what do you do when you want to have the file on your phone or SD card? Let me show you.

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Naturally, youtube videos are not meant to be downloaded, so most downloading websites including the return the error ‘ no link found ‘ anytime you copy a youtube link to download.

But you can force it, yes, so to force it, you have to use YouTube through a chrome browser. Search for the video you want to download, click on it, and as it plays, head to the address bar where the URL of the video is and edit it.

Thereafter clicking the edit link ( on phone ) you will have to put two ‘ss’ between the m. and youtube. Check the image below. Note: on PC, you will just have to move your cursor in between the m. and YouTube in the address bar and add the ‘ss’ before hitting go or continue.

How To Download Videos From Facebook

Meanwhile, there is a report that the website is no more functioning for android phones. So you can try to download the app via this link and try it ( it worked for me though ). The app is not from a trusted source ( it’s an apk file to be installed and not on the play store ), so I will urge you to use a screen recorder if you are using an Apple phone or download any better screen recorder to record your Youtube videos.

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