3 Best Instagram New Updates 2021

The year 2021 is almost over but Instagram has given its billion-plus users a glimpse of what awaits them under the meta umbrella come 2022.

Three of Instagram new updates to crown 2021 are very difficult to ignore as they make the use of the platform easier on all devices; laptops and mobile phones. Not only that, but many other reasons.

Starting this year, features like reels, professional dashboard, Instagram story stickers were not there but they are here with us and more are bound to remain to make the platform more difficult to exit anytime one login.

One big fact is, it is very difficult to keep up with the changes that keep happening in the app. Changes occur on these platforms almost every week if not every day, but until you are notified to update or wanted to update these social media apps ( Instagram inclusive ), you will not know about the changes. Instagram keeps evolving.

In this article, I am highlighting only 3 Instagram new updates that can help you enjoy the platform, make it faster, and even appear in more hashtags, security etc. They worth it!

Instagram New Updates 2021.

  • The use alt text.

How does that sound? If you happen to be a copywriter or blogger, you will get that without any further explanation. But if you are not, alt text in images helps images uploaded in content rank better on arch engines and also helps avoid copyright issues if the image you are using is ‘a stolen’ image ( that, we all use ). That is the work or alt text.

Now, Instagram has alt text introduced on the platform, we know the purpose of it which is to help visually impaired users, but I also think Instagram wants every user to be responsible for whatever he/she uploads. Also, it can help you appear in searches, hashtags, etc.

How To Fix Instagram alt Text – This is simple, but easy to ignore or skip. Just follow the steps below:

When uploading an image, at the level where you are to put in the caption for your image, look right down the settings, you will see advance settings, tap on it and have the work down there.

3 Best Instagram New Update 2021
Setting alt text for Instagram images
  • Restriction Of Users.

This feature was introduced in the fight against cyberbullying but l think it is not helping the case enough. You can only restrict the abuser after he/she has abused you. I suggest a pro action against all accounts who are known for doing that. A challenge for Mark and his techies of Meta.

How this works is that, after you restrict the person, he or she will still be able to comment under your post, but only you and the commenter will see the comment ( no third party and it will appear as a restrict comment, you choose to approve it or not ), they can still DM you ( it will also appear as a restricted account ). This is the more reason l think this feature must be bettered.

3 Best Instagram New Update 2021
Restricted comment under a post
  • The Use Of The Instagram On PC.

Last but the most wanted and appreciated is how the platform had been updated for PC usage. I address that topic about Instagram use on PC here.

As said in that article, using an Instagram app on PC requires a little technical knowledge at the beginning of this year, thanks to goodness posting, messaging, and every other thing you can do on Instagram with your phone is now doable on a laptop or PC.

As l told you at the beginning of this article, all these social media platforms keep evolving, and there are more updates that we can list for but those three excite us the most. However, I can show you how to check for new Instagram update anytime you want. Not only Instagram but any other app.

How To Check New App Update.

You can check an update of an app to know what is new about the app or to update. You must be looking for an update for your app anytime you visit the play store and enter the ‘My Apps’ column.

One thing you must know is, it is not always necessary to update your app, perhaps the new features added will not be of any use to you, to what is new about your app before updating, follow the steps below:

Visit the play store >> tap on your profile  >> go to manage apps and device >> on the next page, you will see updates available ( if there are any ) among other options. Click on it, there you will see apps that need to be updated.  However, you can check what the new update is about before clicking update.

3 Best Instagram New Update 2021
I clicked on the drop-down arrow in the red circle and l can see what the new update of audiomack is about.
3 Best Instagram New Update 2021

That is how to go about it. And about the Instagram updates, you can drop any change or update you’ve noticed in the comment session. Thanks.

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