Best Tech Blogs In Ghana 2021

Best Tech blogs in Ghana may vary according to who and what criteria every writer or critic uses in rating the blogs. Same way has used their criteria in presenting the best tech blogs in Ghana. The list contains tech blogs that has one way or the other knew and can refer for a tech reader.

As a tech blog, we always come across new local tech blogs anytime we embarked on research to curate our articles hence this list will  virtually grow. But for now, below is what we have.

Tech blogging in Ghana has been on the rise as new tech blogs join the list every day due to Ghana’s gradual exposure to big tech and more education and query about simple life hacks, how-tos, are hitting search engines from this part, thus on high demand.

Below is the list of blogs that are specialized in the tech niche according to in no particular order.


Mfidie was founded in 2015 as a question and answer group before it was transitioned into a blog in 2017 having gained ground on the tech topic in and outside Ghana.

Mfidie is undoubtedly among the top 3 tech blogs with a team of writers with in-depth writing skills and content curation on basic tech questions on daily basis. The blog has anvery high number of visitors or readers since its transition in the Ghanaian space of over 10million and a record of over 1 million recurring monthly visits at a time.

While many attributes its huge success to how it started as a general question and answer group, the CEO and founder Shepherd Morttey is a genius in SEO Optimisation and an IT specialist, the main grease in the elbows of the blog and other blogs and online businesses that calls on him for the job.


This is another top best tech blog in Ghana. John Buanya Klutse whose initials formed the domain name is a known name in blogging in Ghana. To be frank, l know the name before the blog.

This tech website was founded in 2015 and since, has remained a top one with accurate and informative content, gadgets reviews which makes the blog an international one with 200k visitors every month and also 300k+ email subscribers.

With a mission of providing insightful tech coverage and helping enthusiasts across the globe to get the most of their digital lives, they are best at simply delivering the message with a keen eye on the future.


Founded in 2017 by Joseph-Albert Kuuire who also doubles as a founding member of Labari Media group, the blog boasts a strong foot in tech news that focuses on the application of technology in government, finance, transportation, and more.

They also feature written reviews of mobile apps and the tech gears, opinions, and stories about people and start-ups.

They have a huge number of visitors of more than half a million that constantly visit the site.


One of the oldest among the aforementioned. Birthed in the early 2013s under the name before gradually landing the name as an independent website in 2015.

Gharage is a DevCongress initiative that holds news items about Ghanaian tech space and startups.


This blog site focuses on anything tech, from gadgets reviews to IT jobs to IT Scholarships, news, and more. I think the name defines that blog. Everything ICT is on ICTCATALOGUE.COM.

Founder and CEO Emmanuel Atigah is specialized in Digital Marketing, Web Content Writing, and Content Management Systems.


This blog is a personal blog that shares personal opinions and well-curated articles on fintech, digital innovations, and start-ups from sub-Saharan markets and emerging ones.

This blog covers this spot in this article as one of those that put tech-driven hubs that offer everything you could be looking for on e-commerce, mobile technology, apps, and telecommunications at the front.

Mac Jordan Degadzor is a consultant in mobile app and website development.


Tech Voice Africa is an online media house with the blog site as their information base where they update news in tech while highlighting the key players, policymakers, startups, products, and relevant information that is one needs to keep updated in an ever-changing world of technology.


Another full tech blog that also digs into tutorials of advanced tasks on PC, Mac, Linux, mobile phones.

Established in 2017 by an SEO guru called Francis MacCarthy popularly known as PC Boss, the plays a huge role in educating its numerous local and foreign readers on designs and reviews in Ghana, tech reviews, entrepreneurship, business, and innovation. has been well established in its field or niche thanks to the founder’s deep knowledge and 5years of experience as a Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) expert. And he can also help improve establish your online authority through SEO. Just a call away

This list will be updated continually as we get to know more about more tech blogs in Ghana. Note: This is not a verdict but’s list of best tech blogs in Ghana.

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