Best Way To Check If Your Phone Is 4G Enabled – Is My Phone 4G?

How To Check If Your Phone Is 4G Enabled – Is My Phone 4G? – There are two ways to check if you have been wondering whether or not your phone is 4G compatible or if the network area has 4G coverage? To answer the question ‘Is My Phone 4G’, we present you with two steps in checking and upgrading your phone to 4G.

In the surfing space currently, you must be up to the speed to be up to the task, hence the high quest for a good internet connection like the 4G in every feed of endeavor unless you don’t deal with the internet.

Now, to have that speed of the internet to speed up your task, you must be on a service provider that renders the 4G services as well as a device that supports the 4G speed. Ideally, it is not advisable to be walking around with a handset that doesn’t support a 4G network in this current social media space. So when you walk into any shop from now onwards, be sure what you are going in for. What if you have one already and would like to know if it is 4G compatible?

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Well, there is no general answer to this as to where to find the 4G compatibility as handset manufacturers have different ways of indicating this set-up in their handsets. So you will have to try more than one exploit and see which one works for you:

1. How To Check If Your Phone Is 4G Enabled In Manual, Phone Website, And GSM Arena Website.

  • The first easiest thing you can do is to check the phone’s manual that comes with it. Go to the specifications section of the manual and if there is a mention of 4G or LTE, you’re in luck, Your phone is 4G supported.
  • The second is to head to the website of the phone.[ example: ]. Most of these handset manufacturing companies have PDF copies of the user manual online for download. You must find it there.
  • If that fails you, then try this option of going to the GSM Arena website and searching for your mobile handset. You will surely get the specifications. Here, look for the Network section to check if your phone is 4G enabled.

You can also use the most general way of checking if your phone is 4G enabled. This procedure is not guaranteed for every phone because different manufacturers have different ways of making their phones in settings layout.

For Android Phones –¬†Go to the settings of the phone¬† >> Mobile Networks >> Network Mode. Over there you will see whether your phone has options of selecting between 3G/4G/LTE. That is obviously a confirmation that your phone is 4G enabled.

For iPhone Users – Go to the settings of the phone >> General >> Cellular. Here, if you see enable 4G LTE mode, that’s all your iPhone supports 4G [ most versions do ]

For Windows Phone Users – Go to the settings of the phone >> Celular + sim >> Highest connection speed. If the phone supports 4G, you should see LTE in the list of connection speeds. That is a sign that your phone is 4G enabled.

How To Upgrade Your Phone To 4G

Let us move to the service provider section, whether your provider provides you with 4G coverage in your zone or not. So, enabling 4G in settings alone can not make your phone faster enough if you are not on 4G from your service provider. Many of the service providers have ways of announcing that to their customers, through SMSs, gazettes, or shortcodes to check if the 4G coverage is in your zone.

Through whichever means you get to know about it, the only option is to get the 4G SIM card for your phone to enjoy the full speed of the 4G. Or you switch to other service providers that offer the 4G service.

2. How To Check If Your Phone Is 4G Enabled With IMEI Number

To verify if your phone is 4G enabled with an IMEI number, follow the steps below.

1. Dial the short code *#06# on your device to display your IMEI number.

2. Head to and enter your IMEI number and click on the check button.

3. A report page will be rendered after the check is done successfully. On the report page, look for the LTE section. It will list all the frequencies that your device can use.

Now the website’s 4G service runs on the 800MHz and 1800MHz frequencies, so therefore if you see 800 or 1800 in the LTE section of the report page it means your phone supports 4G. Also, their 3G service runs the 2100MHz frequency so if you see 2100 in the LTE section of the report page, it means your device supports 3G.

These are the best two to check if your phone is 4G enabled. And l hope this helps you answer your quest Is ‘My Phone 4G’

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