How To Reverse Wrong MTN MOMO Transaction

To reverse wrong MTN MOMO transaction is no rocket science and the mistake doesn’t merit the cross of Jesus to save it.

The introduction of MTN Mobile money has really impacted the business transaction life and sending and receiving money for business or alms has been smoother since the introduction of this scheme.

However, in a time in the life of every human being, we do mistakes, yes, to err is the confirmation to the reality that we are humans and as such if you have ever made a wrong MTN MOMO transaction, that is a quest that brought you here, we got you covered from head to toe.

In this article, we are going to discuss procedures to take in recovering your money if you mistakenly sent your hard-earned money to the wrong person.

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As soon as you realised that you have mistakenly sent an amount of money to the wrong person, the first recommended approach is to call MTN Customer Care.

  1. Call 100 [ this must be done within the first 15 days of losing the money, after the 15 days, your request may not be traceable ]
  2. Choose your language
  3. Choose Mobile Money
  4. Choose wrongful mobile money transaction.
  5. Choose ‘to speak to an agent.’
  6. Wait patiently as the call is relegated to an agent and explain the ordeal to the agent in your prefered language.
  7. Mention the original account that you were supposed to send the money to.
  8. Mention the account you mistakenly sent the money to.
  9. State the exact amount involved.
  10. MTN will give you 15 days to work on the ordeal. And once the person approves, you should have your money back.


In case you think the maximum of 15 days that MTN will use to investigate your wrong transaction is too long, you can contact the number you made the wrong transaction to. This will depend on how you can convince the person into believing you are not a fraudster trying to fraud him/her.

  1. Firstly, get the number you mistakenly sent the money to [ it must be in your SMS inbox in a confirmation message]
  2. Call the wrongful receiver, convince him through your talk and explanation mentioning the amount, time and date you did the transaction into his/her account.
  3. Plead with them to temper justice with mercy and refund you through the right number and the name on the number. If they confirm the amount in their MOMO wallet, you MAY receive your money [ TIP: offer them a token as a way of appreciating their benevolence.

The least of helping you can offer yourself when sending money is to double-check the number whenever you are transacting a momo.

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