How To Create A New FB Account | Steps To Create A Facebook Account 2022

New age, new things. You will need to know how to create a new FB account if you want to feel belonged and meet your old friends you’ve missed. Facebook does this by matching your profile information with other users’ similar information and also considering the number of mutual friends you have

Social media platforms like Facebook and others are making life simpler and easier not just connecting you to your old friends and creating new mutuals, they are also helping businesses and establishing brands, and even becoming famous has become much easier compared to the stone age. This is because Facebook has over 2.9 billion monthly active users ready to buy into whatever you have to give.

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This is why one must know to create a Facebook account or sign up on Facebook. Creating a new Facebook account is really easy and simple. It is the same procedure if you lost your old Facebook account and want to create a new one.

Steps To Create A New FB Account.

How To Create A New FB Account | Steps To Create A Facebook Account 2022
By this diagram, you can fill in all details needed to create a new FB account.


1. Launch your browser and type in

2. Click create an account and use the diagram above to fill in the spaces provided. If you have a Facebook account already, log out and click on create a new Facebook account [ if you are on mobile or app ]

3. Click Sign Up after you are done putting in all your details as illustrated above

4. You will receive an SMS verification via the mobile provided or if you provided an email account, you will receive an email verification from Facebook. Click on the link in the mail to confirm your email. You will now have access to your account with the password and name provided.

Facebook email or mobile number? Whichever you choose will have you create an account successfully and can be changed later on in the settings of your Facebook account. But to make this process simpler for you, use mobile and later change your contact details in Settings

5. Finding friends on your newly created Facebook account can be done by searching your previous or current institution names or specifically searching a friend’s name in the search bar. While Facebook algorithms will try to bring friends your way per your geo-location, profile details, and contacts.

6. You have successfully created a new Facebook account but that is not the end. You can visit profile settings and make it more updated with school names, workplace, job, movies, hobbies, location, contact info, and even drop your details in your bio in case you are looking job or offers a service.

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How To Login Into Facebook Account

As soon as you log in to Facebook on a new device, you will be prompted with a pop that demands to save your info for easy login in the future. If that doesn’t happen, you can keep your details written in a diary.

Logging into Facebook on a desktop is easier when using Chrome Browser, the browser will automatically save your login details after prompting you. And all you have to do when trying login into your Facebook account on a desktop or laptop is click on the spaces provided and choose your details from the pop-up. Better still, type in your username and password to log in.

I hope you are able to create a new FB account with these simple steps, you can refer to the diagram for a guide. I will advise you to use an email to sign up if you have one or create one here How To Create Email Without Phone Number