Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

You must have a list of the best tech websites in the world bookmarked because this is the 21st century and everything out there is powered by technology. Our businesses are moving online and life is being dictated by technology, therefore these tech blogs are necessary for you to know about.

Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

30 Best Tech Websites 2022 [ Worldwide ]

Best Tech Websites 2022

The Verge is a popular tech news blog with active and frequent updates for its 31.8 million monthly readers worldwide with its main source of traffic from the United States at 49.8% of its total users. The Verge is niched on tech news, product reviews, product information, and guides about technology and how it affects lives positively and negatively.

Techcrunch is one of the most popular and best tech websites blog online with over 11 million monthly users or readers mainly from the United States with 44.7%. This blog website is niched in the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and computer electronics. Techcrunch Inc. makes an average annual revenue between $200million to $ 1 billion.

Best Tech Websites 2022

Gizmodo is a hub for tech gadget lovers. With over 15 million users of which 56% are from the United States, the website blog makes not less than $2 million and not more than $ 5 million from its contents annually. And that is highly believed to grow bigger because is one of the youngest growing blog websites on this list compared to others. – founded in 2016.

Gizmodo blends tech, science, and culture perfectly well with entertainment stories such as movies and more for its users.

Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

Mashable is niched on tech, science, and entertainment with its top categories as video games consoles and accessories, streaming movies, computer electronics and tech, news, and media. Mashable is a well-known blog in the tech space educating and updating geeks like me since 2005. makes between $50 to $70 million every year with traffic of over 15 million visitors monthly mainly from the US on  49%. The blog website is part of a vertically focused digital media and internet company called Ziff Davies worth $1.4billion in annual revenue.

Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

Engadget is made our list of best tech websites blogs in 2022 with its consistency in covering topics such as gaming, tech news, tech product reviews, gears, and cars. Engadget amasses between 13million to 15 million monthly visitors mainly from the US and makes between $ 30 million to $ 50 million annually.

Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

Business Insider Inc. is more of a general blog that covers almost every niche as they have subdomains all over the world which gives them more than 88 million monthly visitors giving the company between $150 to $200 million in annual revenue.

Business Insider Inc is niched in finance, lifestyle, and other industry vertical but have the most tech stories ranging from cars to tech news, gears, and other tech products you can ask for. Its social media pages have huge numbers compared to most tech blog sites on this list.

This is a similar blog website to Business Insider, they are niched on almost anything you can search for on the internet. However, the tech category on focuses on cars, tech deals and reviews, mobile phones, computing, software and services, and gaming.

Founded in 1994, boasts of over 50 million monthly visitors generating between $200million to $1 billion annually. 57% of its readers come from the US followed by Japan with 5% of its readers.

Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

40 years old pcmag [ at the time of this article ] is owned by a digital media company Ziff Davies that owns and runs some of the top tech blog websites including,,,, and more.

PCMag with over 20 million monthly visitors mainly from the US and the UK generates more than $50 million from affiliates and AdSense with top categories such as laptops, watches, mobile phones, gears, reviews, how-tos, and tech news.

This tech blog website is niched on tech product reviews, top picks, and how-tos. With over 26 million monthly visitors, Tomsguide generates between 70 to $75million annually.

Tom’s Guide upgrades your life by helping you decide what products to buy, showing you how to get the most out of them, and solving problems as they arise. The site makes its revenue from affiliate sales and Adsense.


Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

As the name suggests, this blog website is all about Apple and Mac products, Mac news, product reviews, and breaking coverage for iPhone, iPad, and everything Apple. 9to5 is mainly known for breaking and explaining rumors about Apple products and releases.

With over 12 million monthly visitors, 9to5mac makes $20 to $25million annually. 9to5mac also has a sister website called

MacRumors is one of the most popular Apple news and rumor site on the internet. With breaking news, live event coverage, discussion forums, tutorials, and a buyer’s guide, commands the attention of individual customers and industry watchers alike.

MacRumors has over 10 million visitors every month converting into over $40 to $ 50 million each year. The top sources of traffic are the US and the UK.


Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

As the name suggests, the android authority blog site keeps you updated with android tech as an imprint of Authority Media.

Beyond their expertise in mobile tech, their coverage has expanded to include everything from robot vacuums to streaming services to innovations in artificial intelligence. Their presence on social media, Google search results, and newsletter subscriptions moved the needle for 50+ million users and hundreds of brands every month. Thus converting into more than $20 million through Adsense and affiliate marketing.


Best Tech Websites & Blogs 2022

GSMArena is a telecommunication blog website headquartered in Bulgaria but has its majority traffic sources from India and Indonesia. It is niched in mobile reviews and telecommunication education, how-tos, and tech news.  That is to say, the website offers information about various mobile brands, including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, and more. It enables its users to get to know about the latest and real-time mobile phone trends and other related information. GSMArena’s blog offers its users articles about mobile phones and software, gaming applications, operating systems, social networks, web browsers, network operators, and many others.

With almost 83 million monthly visitors to Gsmarena, it is estimated according to that the company makes more than $15 million per annum.


TechRadar is an Indian technology website that provides its users with gadget news, previews, comprehensive reviews, and much more. The platform also delivers news covering the world of personal and enterprise technology sectors. With 29% of its traffic coming from India followed by the US with 26%, Techradar makes between $25 million to $ 50 million per annum.

TechRadar has announcements from various genres, such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, cameras, tablets, laptops, apps, and music players. It also intends to investigate the issues around IT and managing information that faces companies in the SMB sector.

Wired is an American magazine that is always published in print and online with focuses on how evolving technology affects culture, the economy, and the political life of people. Just like some of the websites on this list, blends culture, tech, science, gears, and business for its users.

With 20 million of its 29 million monthly users coming from the US, the website is ranked number 1,280 by SemRush with an estimated revenue of $25 million per year. also has sister websites that focus on parenting and lifestyle called GeekDad and GeekMom

Tech websites and blogs have become our refuge in keeping up pace with the speed at which technology is evolving. Just imagine how 15 years ago Instagram, Snapchat, Alexa, Google Drive, Ring, Slack, and many others don’t exist only for us to have them as integral parts of our lives and businesses today. And you have to keep getting yourself updated every passing day to know your way through these platforms.

And if you find yourself in the tech space or just a tech geek, then l trust this list is for your research and education as keeping up the pace is your job. I hope this article provides your quest for the list of the best tech websites and blogs that you need in your research.

Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK