What Is TikTok Secret Against Facebook And Others?

You must have read an article in the Guardian and Forbes blog stating why Facebook is believed to be losing the battle of social media supremacy against the rising giant TikTok. There are many things TikTok is taking advantage of that Facebook and other social media platforms are ignoring.

TikTok’s secret against Facebook and others lies in the face of these giants but the self-acclaimed veto feeling is what is paving way for TikTok to overtake. If you ask in what aspects is TikTok winning against other giants already, well, I will tell you in the numbers [ users ], ads income, user average time spent on the app, and last but not least, the simple addictive nature of TikTok. I will go deeper into that later in this article.

The Best Way To Connect TikTok To Facebook 2022

What Is TikTok Doing Better Than Facebook | TikTok Secret Against Facebook And Others?

1. Allowed Direct Sharing Of TikTok Videos To Facebook.

Apart from Meta-owned platforms, no other platform’s video has been directly shared on Facebook. Trying to post a video from YouTube, Twitter, or Snapchat will only leave you with the permalink of the content which takes people away from Facebook. However, TikTok has ‘bought’ the right to share its videos directly onto Facebook.

This may seem like a win-win game but l bet TikTok is having the upper hand here. Instagram once tried to lure TikTok creators onto its reels after paying some creators with huge numbers like Khabib Lame to use Instagram reels instead of TikTok. In defense, TikTok launched a $ 2 billion creator fund. 

Facebook is finding it difficult in improving on time spent on its platform since the explosion of TikTok. And the best way out is to encourage more video content, that is where TikTok comes in. TikTok is using what it has to get what it wants. Blog websites such as USAToday, Indiatimes, and newshub.co have all predicted more than 200 million users lost for Facebook between 2020 and 2025 as TikTok is increasingly recording huge growth rates.

The big question is will sharing direct videos from TikTok onto Facebook stop users from leaving the latter? To me, NO! is the answer. Per my experience and research from Facebook, video content lovers will always want to be where they can enjoy this content with no break nor interference and that is TikTok.

The Best Way To Connect TikTok To Facebook 2022

2. The Focus On Video

The internet in general is favoring video content with its algorithms over written content. Even Google does. In a research conducted by businessupside.com, 94% of internet and social media users who voted on the poll claim video content influences their buying decisions more than written content. That clearly shows that the growth in demand for video content is the main push behind TikTok’s rolling wheels.

You may want to ask me why not Youtube but TikTok since the former has been in existence for a long. Well, you must be quite familiar with the ‘hurdles’ that come with creating a Youtube account while you can just enjoy TikTok without even creating an account on the platform.

What Is TikTok Secret Against Facebook And Others?

In simpler words, TikTok is closely niched on short and lip-syncing videos, trends everyone is looking for at a particular time. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube videos can be anything short, long, boring, educative, and more, etc.

3. Sole Target Is The Gen Zs And Less-busies

The past week has TikTok owner Zhang Yimming trending after he disclosed that TikTok is for jobless and unstable people. You can bear with me that most Gen Zs are jobless, 90% of Gen Zs are students. And who are unstable people? According to webmd.com, unstable and unbalance life issues begin after 50. In other words, these are people with nowhere to go or out on retirement, and all they can do is sit in one place and have some entertainment.

This is the biggest TikTok secret against Facebook and other social media platforms. And the timing was very right [ perhaps fortunate ] – a time the world was forced into ‘laziness’ and boredom due to the viral coronavirus. At this point, everyone was unstable and jobless. Those who were still working, work from home.

4. The Simply Addictive Nature Of TikTok.

This final point is not the least on the list. It is equally one of the biggest winning TikTok secrets against Facebook and co.

The first thing you see when you launch your TikTok app is a video, your next possible action is to scroll up, and another video awaits there. Obviously, all the owner of TikTok has in mind while developing this app was entertainment. Hence, before your third possible action, you are far lost in funny and captivating videos. And this brings us to my previous points on areas TikTok is already winning Facebook and co.

Areas TikTok is Winning Against Facebook And Others

1. Ads Income

Last year TikTok overtook the ads take of Snapchat and by the end of this year, it is predicted to overtake Twitter and even triple the worldwide ad revenues to $11.6 billion more than the $10.44 billion for Snapchat and Twitter combined. And by 2024, it is predicted to catch up with the mighty YouTube at $23.6 billion in ad revenue.

And Facebook will be the next target after Youtube. The reason l voted TikTok to be winning against all these giants already is based on how long they have been in the system compared to 5 years of TikTok’s existence. 18, 17, and 16 years for Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter respectively.

2. Number Of Users

TikTok landed its billionth user in 2021, four years after its global launch, half the time it took Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, and three years faster than WhatsApp. Earlier last month, analysts at data.ai revised a prediction that TikTok would hit 1.5 billion monthly active users this year after its analysis revealed it had surpassed that milestone by 100 million users within the first three months. According to the Guardian

The company is winning the battle for the “sweet spot” of social media users, those in the 18- to 25-year-old demographic where Facebook is seeing its biggest declines, with parent company Meta trying to stem the exodus by attracting them to stablemate Instagram reels.

TikTok is also becoming increasingly addictive. Despite the platform supposedly being restricted to those aged 13 and over, about 16% of three- and four-year-olds view TikTok content, according to research commissioned by media regulator Ofcom. This rose to 29% of all children in the five- to seven-year-old age group. Everyone is enjoying TikTok and it is gradually becoming a force to reckon with. Best Apps You Must Use As TikToK For Kids

On this note, I can say you can foresee the growing giant TikTok is and why it is here to stay despite all the attacks on it. These TikTok upper hands will help the platform live longer and hopefully replace some of the giants from space. Must-Know Pros And Cons of TikTok Business Account 2022