A Letter From An Afghanistan Girl

The Taliban takeover has reversed a progressing life of a little Afghanistan girl.

They don’t have the right to speak ( which goes harder on females ) so this little Afghanistan girl wrote a letter.

The heartbreaking letter she titled Fear Of Taliban, addressed no one but a whole community of social media with pleas to hide her identity.

‘I am ( name withheld ), a young girl from Afghanistan, I live ( withheld), Afghanistan. Before Taliban in…, we are want to school, work and… live properly. We have had rights and we were able to defend our rights freely.

But when they came, we are all afraid of them, and we think all our dreams are gone. We think our rights have been violated, we can not get out. Studying and worming are too far away.

Though some people say the Taliban has changed, I do not think so, because they had a very bad past.

One day they came to our school and we were all scared and after that day, I think about what time l shout go to school in the morning because of their existence and when l should come home after courses.

Previously, even in the dark, l could go home easily after courses but l now l can’t even go to course, and l think the course will be closed down soon.

Maybe we can go back to the last 20 years, where we have no rights and our lives were all in dark.

We all lost our freedom and we are imprisoned again” She wrote. You can read the original below.

A Letter From An Afghanistan Girl
The original version by little Afghanistan girl

The Taliban rule frowns against female education, female right of speech, movement, and also what to wear. And since the coup in Afghanistan weeks ago, almost all odds are against the feminine figure.

They are been sacked from classes, threatened to death for their attire, and being pushed back into the kitchen. Hence the question what is the future of women in Afghanistan?

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What Is The Future Of Women In Afghanistan As Taliban Take Over .