Worst Charging Mistakes You Must Stop Committing

Let us talk about some charging mistakes or errors we have been committing unknowingly which destroy the lifespan of our mobile phones or other chargeable electrical gadgets.

You will forever be the seller’s favorite customer if you keep doing these few things to your phones before, during, or after charging.

Most chargeable devices especially mobile phones are built on charging circles.

Apple products show you the life expectancy of their cells but android doesn’t. ( There are apps for that on android but be careful you don’t download something that rather kills your battery).

iPhones using lithium-ion batteries have 500 charge circles ( up to 3 years ) before they start degrading to 80 and less. And android has between 400 to 500 ( between 2 to 3 years). That is how most modern smartphones are built.

Note: This doesn’t mean how the number of times you plugged your phone in. Your phone is not having a memory to keep counts, just that capacity diminishes over time.

However, you can destroy the batteries faster if you keep charging your phone to 100% and run it down to 0% before another charge.

The article below highlights a few mobile phone charging mistakes you must stop ASAP!

11 Charging Mistakes To Stop.

Don’t Keep Your Phone Case On During Charging.

Heat is one big enemy of electrical gadgets. It is normal to be hot but extremely hot is a red flag.

Keeping your phone in its case during charge traps electromagnetic radiation. This is not only unhealthy to the battery but also to every internal component of your phone.

Unless you have a metal case or a special case that aids in charging your phone, you can give the phone a little ‘breathing space’ by taking the case off.

Do not stack pieces of papers, IDs, etc at the back of your phone.

Having Unknown Battery Saver Apps On Your Phone

Some of these apps developers just want to run ads and make money. So don’t download anything that serves too much ad and end up draining and stressing your battery more.

What l recommend is turning the battery saver mode ON in your phone settings. This way, android regulates your phone’s performance by killing running background apps, stopping vibration, etc to save up your battery.

Note: Battery Savers are exclusively created to help you save battery and track your phone energy consumption. So they do better than just turning on your Battery Saver Mode.

In case you insist on downloading one, the most recommended battery saver out there is DU Battery Saver.

Charging Phones From The Laptop

Charging phones from a laptop does not activate the fast charging option of the battery, that is why it always takes longer to charge on laptops.

To charge your phone faster while keeping the battery’s lifespan in mind, the best way is the wall socket.

Do Not Use Generic Chargers For Your Phone.

Generic chargers are still compatible but are made by different manufacturers, they are not from the original manufacturers of your phone.

What happens is, is either the energy these fake chargers transmit is too little or too much for your phone, leading to slow charging or overheating respectively.

It is always best to safeguard the charger that came with your brand new phone. Even if you lose it, go for ( order ) another one but make it is the same model number.

And also, instead of buying any charger by the roadside, why don’t you go to your phone’s nearest shop to buy originally manufactured chargers?

Do Not Leave Your Charger In The Socket If Not In Use.

The transformer in your charger is always pulling electrical current whenever it is plugged on in the socket whether the phone is connected or not.

The transformer can get heated gradually and cause fire or if the air in the room is humid enough, it can short circuit the transformer causing a fire.

This is not a charging mistake per se but your electricity bill will go higher.

So it is better to turn off and unplug the charger when not in use.

You Always Charge Your Phone To 100%

As stated earlier, every battery has a charge circle. Therefore charging your phone to 100% always will exhaust this circle sooner than it is supposed to be hence shortening the lifespan.

The mobile phone charging rule is to charge to 100% once a month and keep it between 20 to 80 throughout.

Do Not Let Phone Battery Die Flat ( 0% ) Before You Charge.

From the point stated above, you can understand why is it not good to use your phone to 0% before charging.

The more you do this, your phone’s holding capacity diminishes faster.

Do You Leave Your Phone On Charge OverNight?

That is a bad health practice for your phone. Though most smartphones are designed to stop taking in anymore after 100%.

You also waste electricity. And finally, your battery charging circle is under attack.

Using Your Phone When It Is On Charge.

This overstresses the battery. This habit, in the long run, weakens your battery’s charging speed.

Don’t play games, make calls, edit anything, use the camera or light when charging the phone. You can always plug it back when you are done using it.

Charging Your Phone When It Is Above 30%

The best time to plug your phone on charge is when it is below 30% but above 15%. This is because constant and frequent charging of the phone makes the battery last less than it should in the long run.

Not Leaving Your iPhone With An Extra Power

Do not leave your unused iPhone with below 50% power. This is apple recommended. Why is this? When you leave your unused iPhone with no power, the phone will drain into a ‘deep discharge state’ where it will be incapable of holding a charge in the future.

So before you ‘throw away’ that old iPhone or iPad because you got a new one, make sure it is between 50% to 65% charged.

In conclusion, every chargeable device you buy has a manual that shows how to use the device to last longer. Make sure you read these manuals and do little research about the devices so you can avoid some little charging mistakes that can ruin your devices’ life.

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