Top 2 Merit Scholarships ASU

The merit scholarships ASU offers are enormous.  There is one for everyone that yearns to break that college barrier.

One of the significant life-changing events in the life of every student both national and international would be a dream of having merit scholarships at ASU

Merit scholarships at ASU are awarded by the Arizona State University to incoming first-year students with excellent academic ability upon admission to the school each fall semester.

ASU is an abbreviation for Arizona State University which was established in the year 1885 about 137 years ago.

It is a public research university in Phoenix metropolitan area. The University is one of the largest public universities in terms of enrollment in the United States.

ASU has about 150,000 students attending classes, 38,000 students attending online classes, 90,000 undergraduates, and 20,000 postgraduate students learning across five campuses and four regional learning centers in Arizona.

ASU, also known as Sun Devils offer a lot of degree courses for their colleges, and postgraduates with suitable courses for them all in their diverse field of studies.

Beyond the efficiency in environmental learning capacity, the merit scholarships ASU gives have more than 80% of Students receiving financial aid yearly.

In this article, detailed information about Arizona State University from how to access and apply for its merit scholarships will be provided.

Merit Scholarships ASU

Top 2 Merit Scholarships ASU

ASU has various scholarships for US and international students who are eligible, starting from high school senior students, transfer students, freshmen, undergraduates, master’s and Ph.D. students.

The ASU scholarships come in various forms such as merit-based, need-based, etc. You are advised to constantly visit the ASU website for updates

How to apply for Merit Scholarships ASU

Before any student would think of applying for the ASU merit scholarship, he/she as a matter of necessity must have their documents thoroughly checked.

The essence of the thorough examination of the candidates’ documents is to make sure their high school academic record based on GPA, and test scores, meet up the standards for the scholarship before they can apply.

Applying for a general merit scholarship at ASU has to do with the financial aid bodies responsible for scholarships, grants, fellowships, internships, stipends, and tuition waivers.

Application Processes Of The ASU Merit Scholarship

• For you to apply, you must visit the school application website to send your details at

• Make sure to set ASU as the sponsor of the Merit Scholarships ASU
• Click on enter onwards search bar
• Choose an area of your interest
• Select degree area type
• After you have filled in your required information
• You click on submit

How Does ASU Offer Merit Scholarships To Interested Students?

Arizona State University offers merit scholarships based on exceptional, outstanding academic performances, special interests, talents, rare performance in athletics, and artistic abilities to candidates.

Thus, some merit Scholarships recognize financial needs but the basic criteria for awarding Scholarships is rewarding excellence in students.

The more of the above criteria of the ASU you possess, the likely you stand to receive the scholarship

Eligibility for Merit Scholarship ASU

For you to be fully eligible for Arizona State University scholarships awards, you must possess an outstanding academic ability as an incoming first-year student.

Beyond this, the following criteria are the most factors to consider as an eligible candidate for the ASU merits scholarship for each fall semester.

• You must present or possess official academic credentials of your school at the time of your admission to ASU for the award of the scholarship.

• With or without ACT or SAT scores, you will still qualify for Arizona University Scholarship award based on your GPA and high school core competencies.

• You must as a matter of urgency, submit your received test scores to the institution’s scholarship department as soon as possible for you to be considered as an eligible candidate.

• The merit scholarships are only accessible by new first-year students entering ASU in the fall.

• Prospective Students of the Arizona University are evaluated for ASU merit scholarships from May 1st.

Nature and Types of Scholarships offered by ASU

ASU does offer full-ride Scholarships. They offer full-ride scholarships to students who are gifted with academic excellence and mostly the ones in their first academic years.

The most common types of scholarships offered by ASU are the New American University Scholarships and Financial Aid programs scholarship.

ASU Scholarships: New American University.

This type of Scholarship is restricted only to students who have exceptional academic performances.

They are students who have been able to meet the academic standards of ASU and join the school in meeting challenges making difference in the world.

Those Students who are qualified for this step will have to enter their academic GPA scores, ACT/SAT scores, into the ASU Scholarships estimator to make sure they are qualified or not.

Also beware that it is just an estimation of your scores, just to give you an idea of whether or not you are likely to be granted a scholarship opportunity


ASU Scholarships For Colleges And Departments:

They all have different criteria for scholarship application in different departments and colleges at ASU.

So they offer Scholarships according to how they proposed it for those departments and colleges and so students must contact the departments or keep checking their portal for updates on new avenues and deadlines

In addition to the above merit scholarships mentioned, another good financial aid Arizona State offers to prospective students is the Barack Obama Scholarship Program.

Thus, students can as well qualify for need-based grants such as the Pell Grant, federal student loans, and work-study which are other aspects of merit scholarship at ASU.

Portal for ASU Scholarship application: The online portal receives one’s application and saves it so as not for an individual to have multiple application details and information.

Most Scholarships on this platform are available from September 1st to February 1st every year so you are advised to always visit the site for updates.

So your two largest groups of which scholarships are offered at ASU are the New American University Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs.

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