Best Universities With Merit Scholarship 2022

In these best universities with merit scholarships, you rest assured that your potential/merits will be fully nursed and hatched.

The list consists of colleges as well.

Merit scholarships may come in handy mostly but you must still be selective of the institutions offering them to you.

Some colleges may not be in place to develop your potential with which you won their merit while others are willing to go extra for you.

Best universities With Merit Scholarships

This list consists of the best colleges with merit scholarships that will cover your tuition and also award the most merit awards in 2022.

1. University Of California – Berkeley.

Best Universities With Merit Scholarship 2022

This university offers both merit and need-based scholarships.

However, their merit-based scholarships are strictly based on academic excellence.

2. Georgia Tech In Atlanta

They offer several merit-based scholarships. Among them is the most prestigious and largest: the Stamps President’s scholarship.

The Stamps President merit scholarship is Georgia Tech’s premium merit scholarship.

Winners are tested and selected from the top applications for admission to Georgia Tech based on demonstrated excellence in leadership, progress, and service.

The Stamps President Scholarship covers food, housing, tuition and fees, books, and funds for personal expenses.

3. Duke University ( Durham )

This university offers 9 merit aid programs with full tuition, mandatory fees, room and board for fours years of full-time undergraduate studies.

4. Leigh University ( Bethlehem, PA )

With 11 and more merit scholarships available at Lehigh University, Lehigh looks beyond the numbers from the academics works, by a holistic look at what the applicant can offer outside the classroom as well as looking at recommendations and scholarship essays.

5. Southern Methodist University ( Dallas )

SMU offers college-specific scholarships and university scholarships to outstanding students in academic achievement and many other qualifying factors.

Some of their awards such as the President’s Scholars Program covers full tuition and study abroad.

6. University of Miami

Students are automatically considered when they apply for admission to the University of Miami – there is no separate application required.

The university awards students based on their achievements regardless of citizenship.

7. University Of Virginia

Several merit programs are offered by the University of Virginia, among them is the prestigious Jefferson Merit program which covers the entire cost of attendance for 4 years.

For the Jefferson scholars program, in-state scholars receive $26,000 a year while out-of-state scholars receive an annual stipend of over $53,000.

8. College Of William And Mary

This university runs 3 types of undergraduate merit-based aids. They are; the 1693 Scholars Program, the William and Mary Scholars Award, and the James Monroe Scholars program.

All applicants to William and Mary College are automatically considered for these aids.

9. University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama offers automatic scholarships to freshers who are qualifying main campus students through December 15 if enrolling in the spring semester and through May 1st if enrolling in the summer or fall semester.

As a first-time freshman, to be considered for this aid, you have to submit the following details during application submission. Aside from your application for admission,

  • Official High School Transcript
  • Official ACT or SAT test score – optional.

10. Arizona State University

With about 4 merit scholarships offered at the University of Arizona with some awards amount reaching up to $10,000.

ASU is one of the best universities with merit scholarships.

However, their merit scholarships are based more on academics excellence.

One thing to know is, the requirements for merit scholarships vary from organization to organization. But most candidates are accessed per:

  • High School Transcript
  • Standardized test scores
  • Essays
  • Letters of recommendation.

This is the list of the 10 best universities with merit scholarships if you are looking for one. Do the necessary searches on their websites to know your stand before investing your time and energy in applying.

Note: No colleges or university sends money before offering an aid in any way. Don’t give out your bank details before and during your filing.

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