8 Smart Phone Battery Myths About Charging.

You have heard enough of the bad charging practices and phone battery myths. But have you done enough research to know which is true to false?

Like how we used to listen to tales at the fireside, most of these have no grounds and are based on our imaginative safety precautions.

We thought it wise to wake you up from these myths by debunking them in this article and letting you where they came from.

Phone Battery Myths Debunked.

Charging Phone Overnight Causes Explosion

Charging your smartphone overnight is super cool and the best way to go. This is because you won’t be tempted to be using it as it charges.

The tale about phone batteries exploding when you charge them overnight is not true. Smartphones are built to cease any future intake of power as soon they hit 100%.

Gone were those days when you see lithium-ion batteries swell up due to incomplete chemical reactions as the battery ages and overcharge.

This has been rectified by manufacturers. There is no further intake of current for chemical reactions when the battery reaches 100%.

We are assuming that you have a good wiring system in your room, and your phone and chargers are not generic to cause overheating.

Charge Your Phone Only When It Hits 0%.

This is false! Do you know about battery circles? Read our article about charging mistakes

Battery circles determine the holding capacity of your battery. A complete circle is from 0 to 100% charge and this circle is numbered. So if you always run a 0 to 100% charge of your battery, you exhaust the circle faster and after that, your battery’s ability to retain power diminished greatly.

The best range to keep your battery is from 30% to 80% and you must plug in your phone as soon as it drops beyond 20%.

Off-Brand Chargers Destroy Your Phone.

This is false. Well, let me explain an off-brand charger and a generic charger. An off-brand charger is one manufactured by a different company but very good and recommended to use for your phone. While a generic charger is an imitation made to look just like an original one from your phone’s manufacturer. They always have low qualities.

Some companies like Oraimo are good manufacturers of these accessories but they don’t make phones and some companies also specialize in producing fakes.

So, you can use an original Oraimo charger for Samsung and have no problem, but be careful of the generics.

It Is Okay To Leave Your On 24/7 For 364 Days.

Another charging of phone battery myths. Once in a week or two shut down your phone for some minutes and reboot it. This helps in improving the performance and the lifespan of the battery.

Unplugging Your Charger Right After Use

Most people leave their chargers in the sockets after use. It is ideal to unplug it and keep it in a safer place. While there is no wrong or right to say about this practice, I will leave you with some points to consider.

  • Do you have power fluctuations, surges, or no lightning protector in your area?
  • Do you have water leakages in your house, home, or area?
  • Do you have animals or pets roaming freely in your house? They can bite the cords or trip over them when it’s connected to a device.
  • Does your charge heat up quickly or make rattling noises whether or not in use? Buy a new charger.

Using Your Phone While Plugged In

If your charger is the originally manufactured one, you can use the phone while it’s plugged in however, remember the charging time will reduce – that doesn’t spoil anything.

As we addressed in a point stated above, off-brand and generic chargers come from legitimate and illegitimate manufacturers. Make sure your phone is plugged in with an original or legitimate off-brand charger if you going to use it on charge.

Freeze Phones To Prevent Battery Explosion And Overheating.

Don’t ever put your phone in a freezer. Lithium-ion batteries have two things:  extreme cold and extreme heat.

With the cold, frequent charging of your phone below freezing temperatures will create a permanent plating of metallic lithium at the anodes of the battery, which is unfixable according to battery university. Or part of the battery can crack up and get separated from other materials that it is made up of hence reducing its electric storage capacity.

In all, good battery charging practices ‘prolongs’ your phone’s charging circle. You can read annuals and reviews before ordering or buying these accessories so you don’t fall for any of these phone battery myths.

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