What Is Good Or Bad About Truth Social?

The good and bad about Truth Social lies ahead. We will find out more when it is time for America to go to the polls. This is because the platform was built by former US President Donald Trump to controvert his ban from prominent social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter and also give the former his ‘old megaphone’.

The Truth Social is believed to be heavily after Twitter as it has its users creating posts called Truths [ Tweets ] and ReTruths [ retweets] which are Truths shared by other users.

What Is Truth Social?

This is a politically influenced social media platform where it is believed that there is no discrimination against political ideologies thereby promoting free, open, and honest global conversation about political ideologies.

The platform founded in October 2021 and launched in February 2022 is currently available for only USA and Canada users while they effort to make it available worldwide. Truth Social is described as s perfect competitor in the alt-tech fields that include Parler and Gab.

The Truth Social is induced as a politically influenced social media platform after reporters and journalists from top new sources review and share their thoughts on the user activity and conversations on the platform with concerns about antisemitism and looming threats to democracy.

BBC Journalist Clayton labeled the platform a more successful field than already existing alt-tech media platforms like Parler and Gab which are geared towards giving Donald Trump his voice and audience, especially in the US. CNN’s Chris Cillizza also wrote the platform was doomed to fail and The Independent writer Noah Berlartsky described it as a threat to democracy.

Good Or Bad About Truth Social

So far, the most discussed odd about Truth Social is the antisemitism – hatred for the Jewish people. The Foward Newspaper raised high concerns about antisemitism after they reviewed the platform. Trump’s anti-semite comments are not new. He mostly goes anti-semite anytime he is given the chance. And there is the belief that the Truth Social and other alt-tech platforms will be his breeding ground for more of it in his attempt to grab his second term as President of the US.

Another possible sign of threat and looming political disaster about the Truth Social app is the fact that a clause in the platform’s Terms of Service states that ‘users cannot disparage the service’ of the platform.

And this has thrown the dust and doubt on Truth Social’s ability to stand up to its rival – the main reason it was founded.