Simple Ways To Charge Your Phone To 100% In Minutes

You are late to an event and your phone battery is below 20% – a higher chance of having a discharged phone before or during the climax of events. What will you do to get your phone charged faster in minutes?

You are fortunate l have got these great simple ways to charge your phone to 100% in minutes listed.

Take your time to read the top 8 myths about charging a phone battery we debunked. 

Best Steps To Charge Your Phone To 100% In Minutes

1. Clean Your Phone’s Charging Port

Clean Your Phone's Charging Ports

Over time, lint and dust accumulate in your phone charging ports and this may be the main reason your phone charges so slow always.

So before you plug in for a quick charge, make sure there is no external hindrance to that. So put off your phone and pick a toothpick, remove the debris and dust that may be seated in your charging port

It is advisable to send your phone to screening once in a while. With this too won’t have to use a toothpick that may cause another problem.

2. Switch To Airplane Mode Or Turn It Off.

Simple Ways To Charge Your Phone To 100

There is no better to make sure that all the energies remain in your battery than switching it off or putting it on airplane mode.

Smartphones are made to automatically search for good reception or WIFI in your area. So to prevent this auto search from draining your battery, do the two dos.

3. Take The Case Off

Rubber or plastic phone cases generate extra what for your phone, the battery and it’s internal components and it can affect the battery holding capability and the phone performance as a whole.

To rectify that, taken your phone case off when charging.

4. Plug Your Phone In A Wall Socket.

You charge your device 40% faster when plugged into a wall outlet and not an electric extension cable.

So after cleaning your phone ports, get a wall outlet and plug in your phone.

5. Use Manufacturer Approved Chargers Only

If you want to have your phone charge faster, use a charger that came with the phone from the manufacturer. There are other off-brand manufacturer-approved chargers too but generic chargers won’t do the job for you.

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6. Use A Powerful Wall Charger

As said earlier, not every charger will do the job for you. Off brands like oraimo and HTC rapid charger will do the work but generics will never do it.

Any original charger that can work as best or even better than the me that cane with the phone is good enough for this job.

7. Get A Powerful Wireless Charger.

If you fancy the wireless charger, get a powerful one. The higher the number of watts, the faster your phone charges.

The typical chargers that come with iPhones and older Android phones carry one amp of current and produce five watts of power, according to the consumer blog Techlicious. But “new rapid chargers with technology such as Quick Charge support two amps and 12 watts or more, potentially charging.

8. Have A Portable Charger.

Aside from all the above-listed points, you must have a portable charger, with this you can still charge your phone while on the road.

Note: To charge your phone to 100% is not a good practice and to drain to 0% is worst. I use the word 100% in this article as an expression. The best range to keep your android or apple devices is from 20% to 80.

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