Prophet Badu Kobi Reacted To His Failed US Election Prophecy

Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International Emmanuel Badu Kobi rubished claims that he prophesied a victory for Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 US Election.

Prophet Badu Kobi, known for prophesying deaths and victories celebrated personalities was seen a video stating that 2020 there will no change in USA’s government, thus Trump will rule the US for another 4 years.


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However, after the projected results of US Election suggested that Joe Biden is the winner and the next president of US, Badu Kobi made took a U-turn on his utter in that video with reasons he explained below:

“I have not reacted to the US elections as bloggers are misleading the public by taking my previous post out of context.
The post is referring to a question asked by a follower
“Can God change his mind” . Concerning the America elections I will talk about it in my church service tomorrow”. Bless you all – Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Badu Kobi


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