Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 10

“You are cheating on me and you are denying it right before my eyes. I never knew you were this cheap Sade. You are a cheap woman!” Kolade fired at Sade in a heated argument.

“I’m not cheating on you and there’s nothing between me and Kehinde. We are just friends” she defended herself.

“Then tell him to stay away from you. You can’t be seen together every now and then and still deny that you are not dating him. Tell him to stop calling you or coming to see you because you are my wife” he argued.

“No way! I can’t tell Kehinde to stay away from me because he makes more impact in my life than you do. You ignored me and never answered my calls for close to a month only for you to show up today and accuse me of something that does not exist. I won’t tell him anything” she protested.

“Really? I see you have gone very far with him and it’s obvious in the way you are not ready to break up your relationship with him. Who knows whether you have not even started sleeping with him…” He said and Sade flared up in anger and began to cry.

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing? Do I look like a whore? I won’t have you talk to me that way am not a p r o stitute ” she cried.

“If you are not a p r o stitute then end whatever you are doing with Kenny. I can’t share my woman with another man” he blurted out the more as she cried.

Their quarrel was later resolved in their mummy in the lord’s house where they both expressed their grievances and Sade was asked to apologise to Kola for walking him out of her house.

The church mummy also advised her to reduce her closeness with Kehinde in order for peace to reign.
Kola revealed all the shortcomings of Sade but Sade covered him so the church mummy channeled all the faults and advice towards her.

“Sister Sade, the best time to learn submission in marriage is now that you are still single. Learn to do whatever your fiancé tells you to do and through your submission, he will in turn love and care for you.

So go back to whom you used to be when you both started and do what he likes. Spend those times you spend with the so called Kehinde with your fiancé Sade…” The church mummy counselled her and she nodded her head agreeably in everything she said.

“Did you hear me?”the church mummy asked.
” beni ma, yes ma” she answered and bent down as a sign of respect

Kola and Sade got back together and she began to even visit him regularly in order to make him happy and did everything he asked her to do but she still maintain her friendship with Kehinde secretly but couldn’t go out with him the way they used to do before in order to avoid suspicions and troubles.

“How far with you and Kehinde? It’s been a while I saw him here. I hope you two are still together?” Sade’s roommate asked her one evening while they were eating.

“Kola found out about my closeness with Kehinde and accused me of cheating on him. We had a quarrel over it but our church mummy settled it and asked me to reduce my closeness with Kehinde. So, we only talk on phone once in a while.” Sade explained innocently.

Her roommate feigned a frown before speaking up,
“Sometimes I wonder what you even see in that Kolade of a guy. He is so annoying and full of himself. He’s just doing fine boy up and down with no money in his pocket.

If I were you, I will just ditch him and follow Kehinde” she said with contempt.
“My dear, it’s already late now. Our wedding is just six months away” Sade chipped in as she chewed the meat in her mouth.

“Six months is still very far na. People even call off wedding on the very day of their wedding and you are here talking…” She argued the more,trying to get words from her mouth.
“Shee you love Kehinde abi?” She continued,

“I can help you sort out things so that you can continue with Kehinde” she said searching Sade’s eyes to know what her response and reaction will be but Sade waved at her to forget about her relationship with Kehinde , she picked up her plate and entered the kitchen and she bit her finger in disappointment.

When Sade informed Kola of her plans to release an album, he discouraged her and told her to wait till after their wedding because they needed enough money for their wedding coming up in January.

” Hello brother kehinde, please I want to pay you a visit, there’s something I want to discuss with you ” Sade said over the phone almost in a whisper.

Her instincts have been telling her that her roommate was the one who informed Kola about her closeness with Kehinde and she have been trying everything possible to keep information that has to do with Kehinde and herself a secret from her.

“Where? In my house?” Kehinde was heard at the other end.
“Yes sir” she replied, looking behind to make sure that her roommate who was the kitchen was not hearing her.
“Okay, let me come and pick you up…” He was replying but she quickly interrupted him.
“No!… No!” She objected then continued,
“Just send me the address of your house and I will take a cab.

I want to come Nicodemusly and go back Nicodemusly without being noticed. I don’t want Kola’s trouble” she said and he agreed.

A prophecy broke out in a revival prayer meeting held in Sade’s parish, as a little girl who had never prophesied before was overpowered by the spirit of God and began to prophesy to the surprise of the church members.

“I am the Lord, I know you and your works. I sees even the secret things that are done behind closed doors and in the dark. I love righteousness and hates iniquity but you have abandoned the righteous ways, the ancient paths and have joined workers of iniquity to do wrong. You have begun to defile your self yet you say, ” I’m still clean”.

When I speak to your conscience you suppressed me and continued with your uncleanness because you are more eager to please men than you are to please me.

Therefore, your disgrace will come from those whom you are always eager to please unless you repent and return back to me in total holiness and devotion. I am the Lord, I will hasten my words and bring them to pass…

”The little girl prophesied and some of the church members broke down in tears and began to ask for mercy. Sade shivered in fear as each words of prophecy came forth from that little girl’s mouth and her tears flowed down with out ease…

To be continued