Novels: I Don’t Want Popularity. Short Story II

Sun_Nim’s POV

I just don’t get it.
I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about what Shin Park could be hiding, oh it makes me mad.
I tried following him when we closed but he confused me and I didn’t see him again.
Aish! That guy.
I do have an idea, I’m going to get close to him.

That way I can find out what he’s hiding, I am good at investigating things. Why didn’t I notice this before?

‘Shin Park can you solve this?’ Miss Hye Bin our maths teacher said and I came back to reality.
I forgot I’m in maths class, I rolled my eyes

She’s always going to ask him to solve a problem, after all he’s the nerd. He got to the board and solved the problem very fast.
‘That’s very correct Shin Park!’ she said smiling.
The rest of class was just so boring, Lucy’s not in school today.


I carried my tray and walked to Jimin and Shin Park’s table, they look surprised to see me.
‘Hi, mind if I sit at your table?’ I asked smiling.
‘Ummm… Are you sure that’s safe?’ Jimin asked back.
‘That’s rude Jimin, I’m so bored and I don’t want to sit alone’ I made the most innocent face.
‘Alright sorry, yes you can’ he replied, I sit smiling.

Shin Park is busy eating without looking at me, what’s up with this guy?
‘Hi Shin Park’ I said.
His fork dropped, ‘Uh?’
Jimin laughed and covered his mouth, Shin Park scratched his head and clears his throat.
‘Nothing’ they both said, they’re acting like I’m some kind of plague they should avoid.

I feel so horrible, I poured my food on them and walked out of the cafeteria angrily.
I am going to find out what he’s hiding and I’m going to reveal it in front of the whole school.

I wiped my tears, I don’t know why I’m even crying.
I’m so angry.
Most people wanna avoid me, I’m not a bad person. I just don’t like strange things and I can hardly keep a secret.
I will make you pay Kang Shin Park!
#Shin_Park’s POV
what is happening this week? Why’s that nosy busy body bothering me? I’ve been attending school quietly and very fine.
What does she want now? I saw her trying to follow me with a taxi yesterday, I had to pass through a shortcut to dodge her.

Now I’m here in the cafeteria decorated with vegetables, thanks to Sun Nim.
I guess she’s so angry that Jimin and I made fun of her, I didn’t mean to really.
It’s just that she has never spoken to me before, I wonder why she said hi.

I almost choked on my food, no way. A greeting from her means trouble, help from her means trouble, even a smile means trouble.
I can’t imagine hugging or shaking her hand, I should be dead by now. I will just call my parents to prepare my casket because I’m going to walk in myself.

But still it was rude, she left almost crying. I left for the restroom, I can’t clean up here.
After cleaning up and checking myself, I went to class.
We had our remaining lessons, I didn’t see her in class all through. I guess she’s really hurt, I should probably apologize to reduce my death sentence. 😃

I looked for her everywhere, I found her sitting by the lake behind the school.
Her eyes are so red and puffy, I suddenly feel so bad. This is not my personality, I make girls smile not cry.

‘Hi’ I said sitting beside her.
‘if you’re here to laugh at me, just do it and go’ she replied without looking at me.
‘I’m sorry I made you cry, I didn’t mean to please forgive me’ I said and she looked at me.

‘Is this a joke?’
‘No… I actually think you’re a cool girl and someone everyone will like to be friends with’ okay what made me say that.
‘Really?’ her face lit up.
‘Yes… We can even be friends… If don’t mind’
She smiled, ‘Sure’
Why is she so excited to be friends with me? So this is it guys.

My time is up, I am coming to meet my royal ancestors. Cuz this girl is a trouble.
‘Okay then we’ll see tomorrow, I have errands to run’ I said leaving.
‘Wait! No friends hug?’
Oh God, save me from this pit of hell I’m about to enter.
She hugged me before I could say anything, I almost choked but her body’s warm and I feel somehow.

I disengaged, ‘ummm… I have to go now’
‘Bye’ she waved and I waved back.
I quickly picked up my bicycle and ran off, her royal troublesome is about to kill me.
I need to run.

May God save me from this hole I got myself in.. Amen.
I got home and the gate opened, I dropped my bicycle and a maid came to take it away.
I went up to my room to quickly have a cleansing, but I saw something strange.
Part of my makeup is not on my face, yes I’m wearing makeup.

How did this happen anyways? I hope no one saw this or else I’m in trouble…again.

To be continued…

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