Novel: Rosetta Chapter VIII ( 8 )

Rosetta ran through the dark and hid whenever she saw someone approaching. She kept moving till she got to the place Eugene was. The thug was still standing there

She thought of shooting him but it would be obvious that something was happening and someone might come.
She looked around for anything that she could use to hit him. She found a brick and took it then quietly moved to the back of the thug. Just as she was about to hit him, the second thug came so she retreated

“Old Rob asked me to join you so no one crosses this lane” he said
“that’s a relief. I was gonna sleep because of boredom” the first one said and they laughed

There’s no way she would be able to knock out two huge guys. Before she could succeed with one, the other one would kill her

“Now what I’m I going to do? Shoot them?” she thought to herself

She didn’t want any harm to come to her. She was scared that if she shoots them they might shoot back.

She decided to go and come back very late into the night, at the beat sleeping hour when they’ll be tired.

She began to move backwards while looking at them. She stepped on a twig and it broke
They looked back immediately and flashed their lights at her face

“hey!” one shouted and she took off. The two idiots ran after her instead of one staying while the other pursuing. . She was witty took them in a circle then came back to the same place. She quickly picked up two bricks and threw it at their noses. They both fell and I she breathed out heavily
That was too close

She gently walked to them, studying them and making sure they were really unconscious. She then took their flashlights. She also took two ropes from the roof of a closed shop and tied them to each other. They would be conscious in the next ten minutes and she didn’t want to be there by then

She looked at the door to the place Eugene was kept
It was locked

She again, checked their bodies but didn’t see any key.

“It must be with Old Rob” she thought.

She picked up one of the bricks again and began to hit it on the lock. She kept hitting it until it broke open. She then breathed out in relief and entered inside

“Eugene” she whispered then moved to him and touched his face. She tried to help him up but couldn’t. She needed him to wake up so they both would walk out

She tapped his face with a little force and he stirred

“hmm hmm”
“please wake up. We gotta get out of here” she pleaded as she tapped his face. He was still slightly unconscious

Rosetta stood up and pulled him up. She held unto him with all the energy she had and walked out of the place with him. She kept on walking through the dark part because the road had lights and some shops were lit up

They got to an empty store that the door was opened. It was pretty dusty and the light was faulty. Since it was getting so late and she was getting so tired, I
she decided to stop and stay there for some time

She dropped Eugene on a bench and went to the door
She flashed a dull light in so as not to attract people that something was going on there. She then surveyed the dusty room. It didn’t have any sharp objects or anything harmful. Just bugs and creeping insects.

She went outside and pulled Eugene up. Her feeble arms were shaking but she didn’t care. Her objective there was just to make sure Eugene was safe.

She pulled him inside and locked the door. She used to a big stone to hold it in that position even if wind wouldn’t stop blowing

It was cold and her veins had absorbed lots of cold. She sat down beside Eugene and pulled him to herself. She cuddled up with him and allowed their heat warm her up

After a few minutes, Eugene finally woke up.

“Eugene” she muttered

“are you okay?” she sat up and cupped his face
“yeah. Where are we?” he asked, sitting properly

“Gene, we’re not safe. Old Rob is planning to kill you and still ask ransom from your dad” she said

“I knew that old man was up to something” he said with gritted teeth

“I had to fight my way to bring you here. I texted your dad and brought the money that you said I should get you” she brought out a bundle of money. That was what he whispered to her and she nearly forgot to bring it if not for Brandon’s assault.

“thanks. I have to get out of here Rosetta” he said
“I agree but… What about Old Rob and Lady Joan, they’re in this together and I’m dragged in. Do you know Old Rob sent Brandon and some boys to get me?”


“they opened your room and saw me. Instead of them to just take me away, Brandon decided to finish what he started” she said and his eyes widened

”that b*stard. What happened? Did he?”
“of course not. Well his boys excused us and I hit him in the…” she lifted her brows and he chuckled, knowing what that meant

“then I sat on him and covered his mouth. The boys opened the door when they heard him scream but I was on top of him so you know, they excused us” she added and he laughed gently

“and I choked him with his belt and shot him on the leg”

“where did you get a gun?”
“I took yours when you fell”
She told him the rest of her adventures and he couldn’t help but admire her bravery

He took his phone and gun and decided to call his dad. As he spoke to his father in phone, she crept into his arms and hugged him sideways, playing her head on his shoulder blade and closing her eyes. He smiled and placed his arm around her then kissed her forehead. She smiled and slept off

His father was going to bring DEA agents and some policemen with him the next day.
Fortunately, Rob had sent them a text that they should pay a sum of $5,000,000
Now, that’s a lot of money
Capable of getting two private jets, lots of mansions and lots of other expensive things

Dollar has a lot of value and 5 million dollars would be too much for an old lazy man. There’s no way he wouldn’t be asked where he got his money from. Except if he spends it stealthily

The best part was that his father had tracked down the sender using signals from the phone.

After the phone call, he stared down at Rosetta using the dim light from his phone.

Her face seemed so angelic to him. With lips as attractive as strawberry and perfectly shaped. Her lashes, dark and long. Her cheek, full and white. He wanted to keep staring at her but then he heard a stern voice outside
He listened and knew they were looking for them

“search every place! It’s your fault they got away, make sure you find them tonight or I’ll kill you both!” that was Old Rob’s voice

Eugene tapped Rosetta gently on her arm. She woke up immediately because she wasn’t deep-rooted in sleep yet

“babe, we have to leave here. Old Rob and his men are coming” he whispered

“what?” she said and rubbed her eyes. Eugene stood up and pulled her up

He first pulled her to himself, his hands encircling her waist

“I’m sorry I have to put you through all this. You shouldn’t be dragged into this” he said
She placed her arms over his shoulders

“it’s nothing. We’re friends and I can do anything for you. I’m not regretting any of this” she said and he smiled and kissed her

“I love you Setta. I really do. You’re the exact definition of an angel. My guardian angel”

She smiled brightly and looked into his green eyes. It’s quite certain she loves him too

“I love you too Eugene. You’re my knight in shining armor” she said and he chuckled
“and that Knight promises to protect his angel” he said and they stared into their eyes, wallowing in sweet ecstasy of their love. Then a falling of a metal bar brought them to the reality of danger around them

Eugene pulled her and took her to stand beside the door. He picked his gun and gave her his phone and the money

He gently removed the stone and the door came swinging open noiselessly.

Eugene peeped and saw them searching two stores a few metres away

He held Rosetta’s arm and they dashed out of the shop. As they ran to the side of it, one of the men saw Rosetta’s dress

“there they are!” he shouted and they left Old Rob behind and ran there

When they arrived, they saw an old red cloth flying with the wind on a table.

“what?” one said in frustration
“Old Rob’s definitely gonna kill us” the other one said. They saw Old Rob approaching

“Sir, it’s not them. It’s just an old cloth” the first one said

“well, go on and find them. I’m going home. Make sure you come back with them before the sun rises” with that, he turned back and left.

“let’s go find them” the second one said and they went back into the road.

Rosetta and Eugene heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. They were under that table and that old cloth was their savior

They crept out and looked into the road, the men were long gone.

“are you okay?” he asked Rosetta who was clinging to his body

“yeah. You?” she asked looking at his face

“I’m good” he said with a smile
“let’s go to a place, they won’t search there” she said and Eugene nodded

They walked quietly and entered into a farm.

“whose farm is this?” Eugene asked
“Old Rob’s farm” she replied

“the last place they’d search is his farm.” she said and shrugged

“what if he has a security guard?” Eugene asked and Rosetta pointed to a man sleeping and snoring soundly under a shade

“we’re going that way. That’s his stable” she said and they walked there. He had only two horses and they were resting

“he would be here tomorrow morning” Eugene stated as he sat down beside Rosetta

“we can take his horses at dawn and run off after tying his guard” she replied and rubbed her hands together. She was feeling cold.
Eugene pulled her and pecked her forehead.

“don’t worry, we’ll get out of this soon” he assured her and she nodded and placed her head on his shoulder

By 4am, he got a text from his dad that they were in Corpus Christi already. He texted back that they should are in his farm.

His father drove straight to Old Rob’s house with his company. An agent knocked on the door.

Old Rob’s had seen their cars and suspected something. He ran through the back door to Ben’s farm. Lady Joan met him outside and they knew that Eugene had called his father

Ben suspected something was going on so he eavesdropped on their conversation. He got angry when he found out what they have been up to. Rob had confessed that they was no way they would elope with the money since they couldn’t get it.

Ben felt betrayed. He took out his gun and went to them, pointing it at the both.

“so this it it Joan? Is this how you plan on repaying me?” he yelled at them

“calm down Ben, you heard wrong” she pleaded and Rob stood behind her
He pushed her forward and Ben shot his gun. It met her shoulder and she fell down. Old Rob began to run and Ben followed him. What made him most angry is that they planned to hurt Rosetta, the girl he cared so much about

He shot at him but it didn’t meet him. He kept running and he unknowingly ran into the agents with Mr Grey
They knocked him down and cornered him

Ben shook hands with Mr Grey as Rob was being handcuffed and put into a van

He then told them that Lady Joan was his accomplice and two men went to get her from his farm.

The day was already lighting up. Rosetta and Eugene rode on a horse to the front of Rob’s house.
His father was so glad to see him alive and well
Rosetta went to hug her uncle and they watched as Lady Joan was rolled into a van on a stretcher. She was bleeding from her arm

“Eugene, go get your things. Two policemen will accompany you. You’re going with me and never coming back here. Maybe you really don’t belong here for real” Mr Grey said and Eugene nodded. He looked and saw Rosetta. She smiled faintly at him and his heart fell

“Rosetta, let’s go” her uncle said to her and held her as they turned

“Rosetta wait!” Eugene yelled out and she stopped and looked back. He walked to her and her uncle left her

“would you like it if I stay here or go?” he asked with her hands in his

She smiled
“you have to go Eugene. This place isn’t too safe for you. We don’t know who else hates you here” she said

“then come with me to Dallas. You can get into college and still work in my father’s ranch.” he pleaded

“what? No. I… I can’t leave my uncle” she said and her uncle walked forward

“you know, you really need to get educated Rosetta. I’m sure your dad would understand that” he said

“so I should go?” she asked her uncle
“if he wants you to come with him, you should. It’s good for you” he said and they smiled

Eugene hugged her and she held unto him tight. They unlocked and stared into each others eyes. His father cleared his throat behind them and Eugene turned

“OH, dad. This is my… friend. Rosetta. She helped me escape from Old Rob” he said, looking at Rosetta

“so this is the young beauty who swept you off your feet” Mr Grey said and they laughed

“thanks for helping my son” he added
“it’s my pleasure sir” she replied

“dad, she’s coming with me to Dallas” he stated and his dad looked at the both of them

“of course. It’s okay with me” he said and she smiled

“thanks sir” she appreciated and he nodded with a smile and walked to the detective

Eugene lifted Rosetta up in the air and she laughed and pinched him to drop her. He did and they hugged


Rosetta brushed her hair down and wore her shoes and hung her handbag across her body. She was wearing a cream dress.

She walked out of her bedroom and walked through the living room too. She came outside and locked the door then walked out of the ranch house. She came outside and saw Eugene resting on his car. She smiled and walked to him

“hey” she, hailed. He walked to her
“hey” he replied and pulled her in a hug

“I’ve missed you” he cooed and stroke her hair
“you saw me last morning” she said

“that’s 24 hours ago”
“you’re crazy” she said and hit his chest. He brought out a bracelet. A charm bracelet with animals as the tiny charms hanging from it

“give me your arm” he said and she lifted her arm

“I want you to have this babe. Always wearing except when bathing cause there’s a camera in it” he said and she laughed

“I just want you to know that I love you. And I care about you. And I’m willing to hold you tight and sweet. If you see this, just know I love you” he said and wore it for her

“OH my God!” she exclaimed

“you love me too right?” he asked
“you know I do. I love you Gene” she said and hugged him

“so how are we gonna celebrate your two weeks anniversary?” he asked as they disengaged from the hug

“by taking me to school” she replied and he laughed

He opened the door to his car and she was about entering when someone called him

“Eugene” she called again

“Alexis” he called back. She ran to him and hugged him

“you’re back. That’s really amazing. I’ve missed you, you know. I just left your house, they said you were at the ranch so I came here to see you” she said

“wow” he muttered
“babe, I know you’re angry with me for breaking up with you. I’m really sorry. I overreacted and you know how I behave when I overreact. I miss you so much babe, I know you miss me too. Let’s get back together” she said

“uh sorry girl. Too late, I have a new girlfriend” he said

“what? Come on baby, you’re just joking. You don’t date ugly girls and you once said I was the prettiest lady you know. So there’s no way you would have seen a prettier lady in just four weeks”

“well, I didn’t really say you were the prettiest lady. I said you were the prettiest lady with make up and highlights. Also, you see this beauty, that’s my girlfriend and you know she’s prettier than you” he said and pecked Rosetta’s lips. Alexis jaw dropped open

“sorry” Eugene said and closed the door after Rosetta sat in. He went through the other side and sat in then drove off

While in the car, he held her hand, the one with the charm bracelet

“so you really put a camera in it?” she, asked, not wanting to talk about Alexis and Eugene was glad about that

“hahaha, you believed that?” he asked
“well, there’s nothing you rich kids don’t do” she replied and he smiled

He smoothed her palm and drove out of his father’s ranch
*The End*

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