Story Time: Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter V [ 5 ].

I’m so busy with my phone when I notice someone standing before my desk. I look up to see who it is. Things can’t get any worse! It’s Tina and she is glaring at me. I wonder why she is like that and I have done nothing bad to her.

I want to give her a piece of my mind but I decide against it. I don’t want to get into fights with the boss’ girlfriend. More so over a man I have not even kissed. I ignore her and focus on my phone. She doesn’t leave. She is still standing there and I know she is sneering at me.

“What have you done to my man?” I stare at her and she sneers. I decide to ignore her completely but she grabs my phone and glares at me. That’s it! She has crossed the line.

“Excuse me madam? What do you want from me?”
“I asked what you did to my man! He is not the same from the day you started working here.”

She is a b##ch but I decide to be more b##chy.
“What man are we talking about?”
“Don’t go that line with me b##ch! I’m talking about Chris here.”
“Which Chris? I know of many men by that name and I snatched them away from their women. So you better be specific.” I don’t flinch.

She can do her worse but what I won’t have is some lady come to disturb my peace over some man I have not slept with left alone kissing. I decide to be like Ellen. She has taught me many things including defending myself and being more b##chy.

“I’m talking about your boss!” She is glaring at me.
“Look here madam. I have nothing to do with your boyfriend. He is inside there. Why don’t you go and ask him why he is like that. I’m not to blame for your disagreements.”
“You have been rude to me and I will make sure he sacks you.” She says in a sneer.
“Do your worst. I’m not scared of you.

There are many jobs out there and I will get one just like the way I got this one. I was having peaceful moment when you decided to come in and interrupt my peace with the claim that I have done something to your man. I decided to ignore you but you snatched my phone from my hands. Who do you think you are? Just because you are my boss’ girlfriend doesn’t give you the right to treat people this way. Just go in there and talk to your man! I have not asked whether you have any appointment today just because you are his girlfriend.”

I’m done giving her a piece of my mind. She can go to hell for all I care.
I grab my phone from her hands and plug in my earphones. I put it on full blast. I want to ignore her completely. I won’t allow her to spoil my day. They can as well sack me. That has been done before and it doesn’t scare me.

She sneers at me and gets into Chris’ office banging the door behind her.
I decide to text Ellen.
“Hey darling! Having a bad day at work.” I send the message and wait for her response. She replies almost immediately.
“Hey love! What’s up?”

“Chris’ girlfriend has just spoilt my day. She is claiming that Chris has been so indifferent to her since he hired me. She is even threatening to have me sacked.” I send the message and smile in anticipation. My phone rings and it is her.

“Yes dear!”
“This one can’t wait for a text. I hope you have given her a piece of your mind Amelia.”
“Yeah, I have. Just waiting for my AZZ to be thrown out in the streets. I know he will sack me.”

“I don’t think he will sack you but if he does there are many jobs out there. We just have to look for one. You can’t booty lick people because of a job! Remember you are highly qualified for another job and you are doing him a favour working as his PA. It’s not every time one gets to work with a beautiful woman like you. I laugh. She is always vulgar and good at exaggerating things.

“Thanks darling!”
“And tell her that you will sleep with her man so that she can accuse you of something you have done.” I chuckle on the phone. Trust her to come up with crazy ideas.
“Don’t laugh Amelia! I’m damn serious! Make sure you tell her that.”
“I will Ellen.”
“ update me if there is any development. Why don’t you give me your work address Amelia? I can come visit you there.” I smile.

I know what she wants but I won’t have her come to my workplace at such a time. She will strangle Tina and I can’t have her locked in.

“I know what you want Ellen! I will give it to you later.” She chuckles and hangs up.
I wonder what is going on in there. She has been there for eternity. Can’t wait for her to come out but again I know I will be sacked. The door finally opens and she comes to my desk and glares down at me. I don’t know how it went in there but I can tell she is so angry.

“I’m warning you b##ch! Leave my man alone!”
“Or else what?”
“Or else I will do something so bad to you.”
“Oooh! I’m so scared!” in a sarcastic manner.
“Don’t be sarcastic on me! You don’t want to try me.”

“Look here Tina or whatever your name is. I told you he is not my type but you are pushing me to the wall. Maybe I should go in there, seduce him and sleep with him then you can have something to accuse me of because I’m innocent here.” I have said what Ellen wanted me to say. She raises her hand to slap me but I grip it and glare at her.

“Don’t you dare Tina!” She pulls her hand from my grip and gives me a murderous look. She then leaves making sure she has dropped all the files on my desk. I want to run after her and strangle her but I just control myself. I pull myself together and collect them cursing her but the office phone rings before I’m done.

“Come to my office Amelia!” no greetings, no nothing! Just a command that is said in anger.
“Right away sir!” he clicks and hangs up. He is so angry.

Maybe it’s high time I start packing. I’m going to be thrown out like a dog. I knock softly on his door and walk in. I can see anger on his face. I’m sure this is my last day working here.

“Sit down!” He says in a commanding voice but I choose to stand.
“I’m okay standing sir!”
“Just sit down Amelia! Get your AZZ on that seat! Do as you are told for once!”

Jeez! He is so angry! I flinch and quickly sit down. He stares at me for about five minutes without saying anything.

“What happened outside there?” he finally manages to speak.
“She came to my desk…”
“Who came? I like details Amelia.” He says interrupting me.
“Okay! You girlfriend came to my desk and started asking what I have done to you because you have changed.”
“I chose to ignore her but she decided to grab my phone from me to get my attention.”
“Why were you using your phone instead of working in the first place?” He is so angry at me.

“I was checking up on my mother.” I had to lie about that.
“At work? Anyway, continue.”
“I told her to come in here and ask you.” I feel like a teenager being interrogated on some mischief and I don’t feel good about it.
“So you decided to be rude on my girlfriend? Do you think she is one of the workers here Amelia? Why didn’t you tell me she was here in the first place?”
“Because she is your girlfriend and she doesn’t need any appointments. Remember it was an issue last time.”

“Look here Amelia, Tina is my girlfriend and if you mess with her you are messing with me. You can’t be rude on my girlfriend and expect me to allow you to work here. That does not happen in my company. You are sacked Amelia.” He is glaring at me.

“okay sir! I expected that. I now understand why you keep on hiring a PA every time. If she is the type of a girlfriend you have I pity you. I don’t allow people to step on me. She is not different in any way. She is so wicked! I will leave but she will soon get what is coming to her. Both of you!”

There we go! There is no way I’m leaving without giving him a piece of my mind.
“Get out of my office Amelia!” He bellows and I tremble with fear.
I turn to leave but he calls me back.

“ I will have Ann write you a termination letter. You can pick it from there.”
“There is no need for that. I will be on my way. Everything will be on my desk and in case anything is missing just tell me and I will replace it. And before I leave, maybe you should look at the mess your girlfriend made on that desk!”

I walk towards the door without looking back. I get my bag and phone and quickly leave the building. I walk to the parking lot and get into the car. I fold my hand into a fist and bang the steering wheel furiously. I feel tears threatening to fall but I fight them back. I’m not going to cry over a man who is like a stranger to me. I decide to call Ellen and she picks immediately.

“I have been sacked Ellen.”
“That b##ch! Don’t worry dear. I will try get you a job in Kelvin’s company. I’m sure he will have something to offer.”

Kelvin is her brother and he is f##king rich. He has been making moves on me but I can’t date my friend’s brother. To top it all he is a womanizer. His own sister has always warned me against getting involved with him. I’m sure he has something to offer in his company.

“Thanks dear!”
“ You will get me at your place. I can’t let you deal with this alone.”
“I’m actually headed for home now. I will see you there.”
“okay darling. Drive safely!” I smile weakly and hang up. That’s my best friend. Always there for me.

I get home and she is already there. She hugs me tightly and rubs my back.
“I will get you some wine.”
“No, get me some whiskey.”
“This is not a heartbreak b##ch. You have just lost a meaningless job and you will get a well-paying one soon.” She is chuckling and I join in. It can’t be that serious. She gives me a glass of wine.

“It feels like a heartbreak to me.”
“Are you in love with Chris by any chance?” I choke on the wine and she bursts out laughing.
“What! No way! I’m not.”
“Okay then! If you say so! Maybe we should revenge on his girlfriend.” Ellen and revenge!
“No Ellen! She is not worth it.

I will get a job soon and she won’t be there to make my life miserable. Let’s deal with Vincent first.”

“You are right girl. Let me give Kelvin a call.” I shrug and she goes to the bedroom to make the call. She takes a lot of time and when she shows up she is beaming.

“Good news girlfriend! Kelvin has a vacancy for you and you can start working on Monday!”
“Thanks dear but please tell me I’m not going to be his PA.” we burst out laughing.

“Not at all. If you become his PA he will disturb you for nothing. You know how he is. You will be a project manager.” She has a wide smile on her face. I smile back at her.

“This is crazy, right? Working in two companies in a duration of two week!” I say chuckling.
“I know! No one should mess with you just because he has employed you. You can always get a good job as long as you know people who know people. So Chris thinks you will go to beg in the streets? He will be in for a rude shock.”

I smile and we click our glasses in a toast….. End of chapter V [ 5].


Well, we decided to post two chapters, so you can continue redaiong chapter VI [ 6 ] of the story here.

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