Story Time: Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter VII [ 7 ]

I wake up to a room filled with light. The curtains have been drawn and the sun rays are piercing my eyes. I touch Chris’ side and he is not in bed. I sigh heavily when I notice him on the couch working on something on the laptop.

He notices I’m awake and he smiles at me his eyes burning into mine. I shift on the bed uncomfortably and sit supporting my head with the pillow.

He puts the laptop on the table and comes to sit on the bed. He is so close and his body wash is intoxicating. He smells fresh and I just want to lunge at him but I control myself. I don’t want to be embarrassed. You can never predict his next move. He is so unpredictable.

He stares into my eyes his gaze darkening with time. I’m so uncomfortable and I need to interrupt all that before I get carried. I remind myself that I’m still mad at him.

“Good morning?” I don’t know why my question is in a whisper. He notices it and smiles but I shift my gaze to something else.
“Good morning too Amelia! So you are finally awake!” his level of sarcasm!
“No. I’m still sleeping as you can see.” I’m playing his game. Let’s be sarcastic on each other.

“Mmmh! I see you choose sarcasm. How far can you get with it?”
“As far as you want Mr. CEO!”
“Mr. CEO! That’s a new one!”
“Why did you bring me here Chris?”
“Because I can! How about you start by telling me why you were grinding your ass on some stranger!” His eyes are so intense.

“And how about if you tell me what I’m doing in a stranger’s house, and to top it all, in his bedroom, on his bed!” I don’t flinch as I say the words. I’m enjoying it. It looks like a game.

“Really? You want to play this game with me Amelia? We can bet you won’t win.”
“It’s not a game Mr. Arrogant. Just answer the question.

“So Mr. Arrogant is my new name. Okay! Let’s see how far this can get. You were drunk and grinding yourself on some stranger and I had to bring you here, in a stranger’s house like you put it. Just like last time Amelia. Do you remember it?”

“You would have taken me to my place. How did you find me by the way?”
“I needed some drinks and I saw you dancing with a stranger and I forgot I was supposed to have my fun. Do you want to know what I think of all that? For lack of a better word, it was pathetic.”

“In the same club? There are many clubs out there.”
“Let’s say it was just coincidence.”
“And you expect me to believe that?”
“I have not said you should. Take it as you want Amelia. Now, why were you dancing with some damn stranger!” I like how he is cursing.

“And what is it to you? How does it concern you?”
“It does because I had to stop having fun and bring you here. You spoilt my night.”
“Oooh! Really? Did I force you to bring me here Chris? I could have figured out my way home without you being involved!”
“Do you know how pathetic it was?”
“It’s my body we are talking about! I can dance with whoever I want and even get laid by anyone. It’s my damn body!” His eyes turn red and I can tell he is angry. He holds my chin and tips my head back to look at him.

“No one will ever touch you again Amelia. They try it and they will be dead!” The words are said in a threatening manner but I don’t tremble. He is so complicated.
“Why does it bother you Chris? It’s my life anyway.”
“No questions Amelia! If anyone touches you again, not even touching but attempts to touch you again, even an inch from you, I will strangle the AZZhole!”

“What’s wrong with you Chris? Hello! I’m not Tina! I’m not your girlfriend and you can’t control me!” I say waving my hand over his face to bring him back to his senses. Maybe he is high on something. He grabs my hand and pins it on the bed.

“ I don’t see how Tina comes in our conversation Amelia.”
“Because she is the one you should be controlling and not me!”
“This is about you not her. Don’t make me have someone follow you everywhere.”
“Well, you wouldn’t dare!”
“You want to try me?”
“Maybe!” I say shrugging.
“It will be done. This conversation is over! I will run you a bath and you can join me for breakfast. Sam has bought you some shoes and a dress. We are going somewhere after breakfast.”

“I’m going nowhere with you Chris. I’m going home!”
“We will see about that!” He wafts to the bathroom and I can hear him humming to some love song. I can give everything to hear him sing. He comes back to the bedroom and has a hard gaze on me.

“Your bath is ready. I will be waiting downstairs.”
“Thanks a lot for the warm hospitality sir. I really appreciate.” He notices my sarcasm and smiles.

“I like your level of sarcasm Amelia. Don’t take long in the bathroom. Remember we are going somewhere.”

He quickly leaves the room and leaves me there cursing him.
He is so arrogant and arrogant men are not my type. I can try and put up with him though. He has his soft side though. I’m elated that he picked me from the club but I can’t show it. Let him continue believing I’m mad at him.

I walk into the bathroom and get into the bathtub. I feel the water caressing my skin and it’s soothing. I just want to be there forever, using his body wash again and again.
I finally decide to get out and I find a yellow cotton dress and black knickers on the bed. A new pair of black wedges is on the bed.

I must admit Sam has taste when it comes to buying clothes. I quickly dress up and go to join Chris on the table. A smile forms on his face when he sees me.

“You look amazing Amelia.”
“Thanks sir! I’m flattered.” I sit directly opposite him and avoid looking at him throughout. We eat in silence but I can feel his eyes on me. I help the house help to clear the table. I don’t know her name yet and Chris doesn’t bother introducing us. I get into the kitchen and she smiles at me warmly.

“Hey! I’m Amelia!”
“I’m Alice. Thanks for helping me with that. You are not like some people I know.” I know she is referring to Tina but I want to know more. She looks like she is willing to give me a lot of information about the b##ch.

“I know you are talking about Tina.” I smile at her warmly to make her feel at ease.
“Yes! Sorry to say this but she is a real pain in the neck. She is bossy and rude. I don’t like her at all.”
“I guess that makes both of us. I have seen how rude she can get. How is her relationship with Chris?”
“I can’t say it’s that good. I guess they are together for formalities. The boss doesn’t look like he is into her. Sorry! I’m talking too much.”

“No Alice. Just feel free with me.” I want her to tell me everything. I’m not interested in knowing about Tina but I want to know the extent of their relationship. I have to admit I’m jealous.

“ When I saw you I was so happy. You looked nice and I was disappointed to see her here again. You are good for the boss Amelia. You two look good together.”

“No Alice. We hate each other.” I say laughing and she joins in.
“That doesn’t look like hate to me. Chris doesn’t bring just any lady here. There is something special about you.”

“Amelia!” I tremble at his voice.
“I’m helping Alice with the dishes.”
“We are running late.”
“I’m not….” I stop midway when he glares at me. I don’t want to argue with him. Not in Alice’s presence.

He offers his hand and I take it. We walk hand in hand to a different Audi from the previous night. Sam opens the back door and I get in. Chris walks to the other side and settles down beside me. Sam is so serious focusing on the road and I notice he has earphones on.

I later learn he does so not to listen to his boss’ conversations.
‘What was that about Amelia?”
“What exactly?”
“You and Alice.”
“Girls stuff! It doesn’t concern you.”
“Mmmh! Okay!”
“So where are we going?”
“Chris’ stuff! Doesn’t concern you!” he says winking and I glare at him. He chuckles and pulls me to him holding me tightly.
The heck! How do you deal with such a person!

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