Novel: Rosetta Chapter VI ( 6 )

Eugene climbed his horse and went to all the places he knew in the farm looking for Rosetta. He checked the stable, the cow stable, the piggery, the crop farm and the coffee shop. She was not at any of those places.

He was scared to check her house because of Lady Joan but then he saw her entering a taxi and heading into town. He hurried back to the farm house and he met Uncle Ben locking their front door.

He climbed down the horse and held the string, walking towards Ben

He tipped his hat
“good day sir” he hailed. Uncle Ben smiled and stepped down the facade

“how are you doing Eugene? I see you’ve finally fitted in” Ben said

“I’m doing very well sir. And the farm is actually not bad at all” Eugene remarked and the older man was quite thrilled to hear that news

“I’m glad you see it that way young master” Ben grinned

“thank you sir. Please have you seen the farm girl? Your niece I guess” Eugene asked, not wanting to make it seem like he knew Rosetta in person so as to clear off unnecessary suspicion

“aye! I haven’t seen Rosetta today. I’ve been busy lately. Why do you want to see her?”

He smiled “I owe her a thank you for helping me learn how to race properly”

“OH that, well Rosetta would be pleased to hear that. Why don’t you come around in the evening? She’d be home by then”

“I certainly will sir. Thank you” he tipped his hat and hopped on the horse. He smiled at Uncle Ben then rocked the horse away.

When the house was out of sight, he stopped and looked. No sign of Rosetta. Where would she had run to? And where hasn’t he checked?
Does she have friends in town? Maybe she ran off to one of them in town. And he didn’t even know anywhere outside the farm

He decided to check the place he saw her playing a Spanish guitar few days ago. He rode his horse there and dropped.

“Rosetta!” he yelled out. He walked round the place but she was not there.

He decided to check the stream and if she wasn’t there, then he’d give up and wait for her at home.

He rode to the stream and got down. Took a walk through the bank and heard whimpers from a tree side. He gently walked there and there she was, sitting on the ground with her head resting on her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs

“Rosetta” he gently bent down beside her as she raised her head slowly. She has been crying

“go away” she said and tried to resume her position but he held her face up with his palms holding unto her cheek

“I’m sorry for what you saw. I sincerely apologize”

“you didn’t do anything”
She removed his hands and stood up. He stood up too

She dusted the leaves and earth from her body and walked to the water. She washed her face and stood up

“Rosetta” he walked to her and pulled her arm

“Eugene let me go” she said gently
“you’re not happy with me” he said and smoothed her cheek with his thumb. She breathed out

“it’s nothing. I’m sorry I overreacted” she apologized
“I’m sorry I did that” he apologized

“you don’t have to be sorry. You were having fun” she said and smiled

He bit his lip. He thought she was hurt with that, the same way he felt hurt when he slept with the girl in the first place.

“you’re not angry?” he asked, hoping she was though he didn’t know why he wanted her to be angry

“I don’t have any right to be angry Eugene” she replied and he sighed and ran his fingers through the length of her hair

“I still wanna apologize for making out with another girl.”

She chuckled
“it’s normal” she simply stated

“do you want to stay here. It’s really quiet” Eugene said
“let’s sit at the edge of the water”
He nodded and they went there and sat down

There was an awkward silence. None of them talked. And they both were thinking about the same thing. If the other liked them.

Rosetta wondered why Eugene apologized. Whether he felt bad for making out with a girl. And why he was sincerely apologizing to her, like she was his girlfriend
She wondered if he liked her

Eugene was wondering why she had a look of hurt in her eyes. Why she ran off and sat alone crying. He wondered if she actually liked him and felt hurt seeing him with another girl

Her next questions got him thinking even more

”do you know the girl?” she asked, fiddling her fingers and not sparing him a look

“not really” he replied, looking at her face which was without a single freckle

“and you wanted to sleep with her” she said and swallowed a lump.

”I met her yesterday night at a bar” he said. She quickly looked at him

“did you…”
“yeah, I slept with her. In a dark corner”

“but… You didn’t know her. You don’t know if she has STI’s or all those diseases” her voice was full of concern

“come on. I used protection” he said and she sighed and fiddled with her fingers.

He began to wonder what she was thinking

“I’m sorry I kind of… Well I… I was hurt when I saw you with her. I’m sorry because I didn’t have the right to get hurt. I wasn’t supposed to get hurt but I was and it was foolish. I thought maybe you’d like… Well, those cowgirls aren’t really good. I know they’re so beautiful. And really hot. I don’t know why cowgirls are always hot with their outfits that expose them. I don’t blame you for liking one of them but, they’re not good. Though I’m not saying you should not like her, I’m just saying you should be careful” she swallowed hard and breathed too fast, like she ran a race. Eugene was looking at her all the while she was talking

“I know what I said really doesn’t make much sense” she added and chuckled

Eugene took her hand and squeezed it

“I understand. I should be careful” he said calmly, not taking his eyes off her

She looked at him and smiled
“that’s the spirit” she said with a beautiful smile. He was forced to smile too, her smile pushed out his

“come” he said calmly
“what?” she asked

“let me see your hair” he said and held her hand up. She stood up and sat in front of him. He removed her hat and straightened the hair with his fingers

“hair modelling would suit you Setta” he whispered behind her ear

She chuckled and he smiled. He divided the hair into two long halves and braided each side down. Two lovely rows.

“let me see your pretty face” he said and gently used his finger to tint her head to his side. He looked at her face

“my Mexican beauty” he whispered and tapped her forehead. Her cheeks turned red

“maybe you should stop doing that” she stated as she placed her hands on her raised knees

“stop what? Calling you Mexican beauty?”

“no, I love it when you call me Mexican beauty”

“then what do you want me to stop” he asked gently
“ugh never mind that” she said, fiddling her fingers

“I braided your hair” he said though she knew he did. She ran her hand on them

“how did you learn this?”

He placed his hands over her shoulder

“I have a kid sister who loves braids. I had to learn” he replied

She smiled

“Setta, why did you run into my room the other time. Was someone pursuing you?” he asked as he recalled the way she entered the room

“oh Lady Joan wasn’t looking so I just had to come and see you. I was missing your company” she said and played with her long braids

“okay dear. Are you hungry? Should we go get some lunch?” he asked

“let’s just eat some cakes and milk. Is that okay?” she asked and looked up at his face. He stared back at her

“okay” he cooed

She stood up and helped him up. Because she didn’t have much stamina, she almost fell but he caught her

“gotcha” he said after he caught her

She smiled and wrapped an arm about him. He did the same and they walked to the horse

“so what’s your full name Eugene?” she asked as she climbs the horse. He climbs too and holds the string with her

“Eugene Grey” he replied

“I’m Rosetta Manuel” she stated
“and how old is the beauty?” he asked and that made her crack

“I’m eighteen. Turned eighteen three weeks ago”

“wow, young adult” he nuzzled into her neck and she chuckled

“how about you?” she asked

”turned twenty a month ago. I’m supposed to be in college but dad insisted I spend a year here”

“you still wish to leave?”
“I really want to leave” he replied

She hummed and bit her inner lip.

“I don’t want you to leave” she finally stated after two minutes of silence with only the horse’s hoofing.

“you’re my only friend here. The cowgirls don’t like me cause I’m not like them and the cowboys all want me to pull their briefs down” she added.

He looked at her even though he couldn’t see her full face

“you like my company?” he asked. Hoping She loved more than just his company

“I really do. I wonder if you like mine too”

“are you kidding me. I love you and your company. It’s so fun to be with you”

That made her blush again. Her mind settled on the first words ‘I love you…’

“Rosetta” he called out and rested his chin on her shoulder. The horse was going real slow so they weren’t close to the farm yet

He inhaled her scent that was like fresh lilies

“I like you” he said and she froze. The horse was still moving and if she doesn’t hold on tight, she’d fall over

He was looking at her and he felt her getting tensed

She cleared her throat
“of course you like me. I thought you how to race and even won a race for you” she said, trying to cover up her thoughts

He chuckled and held her hands on the string
“it’s not that type of like”

“what type of like?” she asked
“figure that out Setta”

They then were silent for the rest of the ride. They got to the farm and Eugene jumped down and helped her down

“are we still gonna have lunch together?” he asked, touching her face
“sure, if Lady Joan isn’t around”

“I saw her entering a taxi earlier”

“a taxi? Maybe she’s going to the other town” she wore her hat

“I’ll go get some things from the main town for the lunch. Is that okay?” she asked

“let me come with you”

“no, I can’t stand the cowgirls around you”

He smiled to that realization
“then they won’t be around me”

“okay, let’s go together then” she agreed. They first went to take a shower before going into town

Rosetta now wore a red short flared dress and had red ribbons šŸŽ€ tied into the ends of her braid.
She didn’t carry a hat

Eugene loved her outfit, so simple yet suiting. He held her hand and helped her up her horse. He climbed his and they raced to the local market. Of course Rosetta won

They bought some stuff for lunch and some already made cakes. As they were to return to the farm, they decided to get some drinks.
Rosetta went in and bought two bottles of bitter lemon soda and as she came out, she saw a girl flirting with Eugene

“hey Eugene… King of the boys” the girl said and ran her fingers on his chest

“hey, stop doing that” he said and removed her hand
She giggled

“how about I come visit you tonight when you’re really tired. So I can give you a massage” she said and licked her lips seductively

He smirked and saw Rosetta looking at them from the front of the shop. He looked back at the girl

“I already have someone doing that. Someone prettier than you” he whispered

“I bet she’s not as good as I am” the girl said, not willing to give up. The other girl Eugene made out with had brought rumors about Eugene’s filled pockets and each girl wanted to try her luck

Eugene cracked and walked away from the girl to Rosetta who gulped as she landed eyes with him. He pecked her forehead and took the drinks from here

“let’s go” he said and they walked to their horses, passed the embarrassed cowgirl.

“she was touching you” Rosetta said and pouted
He faced her
“I told her that I don’t want her massage cause I’ve got someone doing that. Someone who’s prettier and sexier than her”

Her face changed
“who’s that?” she asked

Her eyes widened but went back to normal immediately. She twitched her lips and he laughed

“let’s go home. I’m hungry. And you owe me a massage” he announced and she smiled. Got on her horse and took off leaving him to try and catch up on her

Their lunch was fun. It was just them and they felt free after finding out that Lady Joan would be out of town for a few days.

Rosetta kept glancing at Eugene. She thought he was the most handsome man she’d ever laid her eyes on. So much handsome than any Mexican boy she’s seen.

Her imagination wouldn’t let her be. She kept imagining Eugene cuddling her and playing with her hair. She wanted him to do that. She just wanted to be close to him always.
At a time, she laughed at how she suddenly got attracted to the once rude rich boy who insulted her uncle

“you’re done checking me out?” Eugene said, resting his leg on her little stool

They were in her room

She chuckled and stroke her kitten.
“you’re really handsome” she stated, not looking at him

He stood up and sat beside her on the rug. He lifted her face to look at him

“you’re very beautiful. So beautiful. I can’t even explain it” he said, staring at her eyes

“thanks Eugene” she said and looked down

“Rosetta” he called gently
“yes” she answered

He was still holding her face. He pulled it up and lowered his face to hers. He gently took her lips in his and closed his eyes. He kissed her sweet and slow with his hands cupping her jaws.
She let go of the cat and her hands tugged unto his shirt

Both were glad that neither of them stopped the kiss but instead, gave way for more
To Be Continued

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