She Is Cold K!ller! Lady K!lls Another By Gun To Her Head

If not for ‘she 4king my man’ or ‘she tryna 4ck with me’, what else will be the reason for a lady to pull the trigger on a fellow woman at such a short distance?

A viral video has caught the eyes of, and in the video, a lady who was partying with colleagues or friends met an unexpected end of her life after a lady who alighted from a white rover walked to her and shoot her straight in the head.

It was a cold scene at an open club in New York City. And she drove off safely with no report of arrest yet.

According to a little inlook we did, the deceased use to live with the ‘assassin and the mother before whatever happened and caused the break which spread bad blood among the two. And the whatever is, the deceased took slept and still sleeping with the ‘assassin’s lover boy.

What do you profit when you win a man’s heart but lost your life so early? Food for thought. Watch the video below and FOLLOW US ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK


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