4 Characters Of Ghanaian Drivers Worth Highlighting

Troski – the Ghanaian name for a taxi is the most patronized means of transportation in Ghana but there is always something about Ghanaian drivers that everyone has to say whether good or bad.

Unless you have your personal car which prevents you from experiencing the dramas and traumas that comes with boarding troski in Ghana. While some come with humour, some come with regrets you would never wish upon yourself again.

1. They Respect Grown Ups and Ladies More Than Men In Traffic

When there is no traffic jam and you want quick to cross the road, Ghanaian drivers have a good record of stopping for you and even signalling vehicles behind to stop for you but that comes mostly for the feminine than the masculine. I don know whether they perceive men to be spider-men [ not hurtable, fear-free etc ] but I think they believe as a man, you must be quick and faster when crossing the road.

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While some will be signalling you to cross, some can only blow their horns to alert you that they are coming on top speed.

2. They Don’t Spare Change

Most drivers don’t spare change, even if it demands him to alight and go look for your change, he will, without caring much about what the remaining passengers who might even be late to their destination would say. Yes, they are working for the money so what is the point in letting you go with the money?

It is either, your fellow passengers help you get the change early and go or, you wait for the co-driver [ mate ] to go round searching. And that doesn’t mean you will walk way if they don’t get it, you will either leave them with your balance or remain in the car to the next bus stop where they will continue the change hunt.

3. They Always Don’t Have Much Time

Mind you, they don’t have much time to spare if the delay is coming from you, you will suddenly become a master and the voice tonation changes. You will hear something like ‘masa masa, make u no come waste wanna time oo, ahh!! you no check your pocket before you comot house’.

Even, at times when you are rather doing them favor by trying to board their vehicle [ because there are many on the road ]. They will go like, ‘masa y3 nt3m, why u dey sick!?’ They always have more on their mind than what they are conveying on the bus. And that is worth emulating because as a human being or let me say any good worker, you must demand more of yourself.

4. Only Neatly Dressed Are Offered The Front Seat ( Beside The Driver ).

I know few of you that has white colour jobs experience this, I am not saying only white colour jobbers dress neat, but mostly, that is the reality. As soon as you stop the troski, the driver or the co-driver, [ mate ] opens the front door for you. Some of us always turn it down because we don’t prefer it. But so far as you are looking neat and tidy, you will have an offer of sharing the front row with the driver, hence motoring how the vehicle is being manipulated.

Ghanaian drivers are one of the coolest on this part of the continent if you have ever travelled to some countries like Togo, Nigeria, Niger and other neighbouring countries.

This is my personal experience and observation, I will allow the comment section, so you can drop some corrections or share your experiences in the comment section. Don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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